Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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AIRED ON 5/17/2016

Season 3 : Episode 22

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Based on Marvel's fictional government organization, S.H.I.E.L.D.  It shows that not all heroes have to be super.

Agent Phil Coulson (The Avengers) recruits a new team to go into the field and handle any cases involving the strange and the bizarre. Accompanying him are solo field agent Grant Ward, field agent turned desk jockey Melinda May, and British scientists Leo Fitz and Gemma Simmons. Coulson soon recruits a civilian computer hacker known only as Skye, a mystery woman with an unknown past.


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    • Now it is getting boring

      For gods sake will they please kill of Ward .That,s all this show is about now .Get back to some some better story lines.
    • Season 3 Episode 17 - Sucks

      I have enjoyed the first 2 seasons but your idiot writers seem to think its good television to get rid of almost all of the heroes by either kicking them off the show or turning them into villains. Will Coulson be next. What a joke, now Daisy will become just as boring was Hanger on Ward has become. TV shows remain popular because the fans learn to like the characters and look forward to seeing them solve problems week to week. You have spent Season 3 tearing down almost all of these bonds. I'm thru watching you tear apart what was a good series. I hope you get cancelled. I'm sorry for all the good actors on the show that have to put up with such poor writing.moreless
    • Becoming very boring

      Season 1 was ok and season 2 was even better. But I'm really not enjoying season 3. It just doesn't have the same feel as 1 and 2. They're dragging the storyline on way too long that it's become boring. I'ts disappointing.

      I'm also not liking this Lincoln/Skye pairing. I can tell their trying to show chemistry between them, but there honestly is none. It's really cringe-worthy. I reckon they should just get rid of them both.

      And it seems to me that they're trying to keep Ward on the show and are coming up with new ways to keep him. First it was ok but now it's become laughable.

    • Just Finished Watching Season Online

      I had already committed to 2 other shows and wasn't able to record a 3rd during the regular season. So, I decided to look over shows I had missed, and am most pleased with Agents of SHIELD. Perhaps it is because I watched the entire season in less than a week, but those people who gave it a low score had too many expectations that this would be an existing Marvel comic scripted for TV. It is anything but boring. The only episode that was mildly disappointing was 0-8-0. Unexpected strengths in the team have emerged, and one can see the empathetic connections form between all the team members. The danger of trying to recreate comic book heroes/villains is having to work against preconceived notions about those characters. Previously unknown villains are easier to work into the Marvel universe, and this is a completely separate storyline. So, my advice is to not have any expectations, and enjoy the show. Both the characters and the story line are good and getting better.

      Update 2/29/16: I'm still a huge fan of this show. I still care about MAoS characters, and the coming season has chaos incarnate inside Grant Ward's body.moreless
    • Season 1 was awesome, 2 wasn't that great, 3 so far = ditto.

      This show started off just awesome!! It's gone downhill in my opinion and I am hoping that they turn it around soon. Agent Ward's character was the best so far, the most fun to watch, the most interesting, etc. And after season 1, we pretty much never saw the guy, except in a short clip or two. The new characters in season 2\3 aren't really interesting and are really just a waste of screen time. I wish they would focus on the storylines and characters that we initially invested in - and then the lives\developments around them with other minor cast members. Ward, Fitz, and Simmons are the best so far. Mae\Daisy = Meh.

      Marvel's Daredevil is an awesome show with a great storyline, the new Colony tv series is interesting to watch. Terra Nova, Firefly, Dracula (2013) tv series, Star-Crossed, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Switched at Birth = all awesome shows with good actors, good storylines.

      Fix this show people - writers, do a better job!! Go back to Season 1 writers!!!moreless
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