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After seeing the last episode "Providence," one thing that seems sure is that Agent Ward is not a triple agent working for Coulson. His only loyalty lies with Garret, and that loyalty runs deep. There are many theories saying that he is brainwashed but I don't think thats the case .

Many of us want the show to redeem Ward.

What little we know about Ward's background is that he had a troubled childhood.
He told Reina that Garret pulled him out of hell , Garret saved him, he owes him everything. So maybe if we think about Why is Garret so important to him. What if Garret is not as bad as we think he is. What if he has his reasons for doing what he is is doing . What if its not all black, but its all gray. Like Winter Soldier in CA:TWS.

Now what do we know about Garret:
- Garret has a metal plate on his side/gut
- Garret did something for Ward, which made Ward loyal to Garret for life. He owes him everything. Maybe he got mortally injured trying to save ward, resulting in that metal plate on his side).
- Garret doesn't give a shit about Hydra, in this episode he even made fun of guy doing "Hail Hydra." Ward doesn't care about Hydra either.
- Since the start of the series, Garret/Clairvoyant is interested in only one thing, what happened after Coulson died. He ran projects like Centipede / Deathlock, giving the person superhuman abilities and giving them advanced prosthetics.

I have not read comics, but I read somewhere that Garret in comics is not Hydra, he is a SHIELD agent with questionable ways and morals, and doesn't know where the line is. AND HE IS A CYBORG


Garret got mortally wounded trying to save Ward. He got treated at shield, but that was not enough, he knew he was dying. SHIELD was not able to help him much and it dint wanna waste its resources just to save him. That's when Hydra approached him, promising him that they could cure him if he worked for them. He had no choice. Ward owes him everything and he will be there for him and with him no matter what. He doesn't care about SHIELD or HYDRA, all he cares about is Garret .

So Garret with resources of hydra started projects which can save his life along with helping Hydra , the whole super soldier program and Deathlock and his search for Miracle Drug, its all connected to his own survival. Deathlock will be able to provide him replacements for the body parts of him which are dying (making him cyborg as in comics, miracle drug will be able to fully regenerate his dying tissues and organs).
So it's all about survival, he is just using Hydra for his own survival.

Ward feels responsible for Garret's condition, so he is gonna do everything to save him .

So that way both of characters are redeemable .
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