Tuesday 10:00 PM on ABC (Returning Summer 2019)
I recommend giving this show its fair chance to develop. Like any new series its needs time to gain audience. It is a bold attempt to show the agency behind the Avengers. It may need some spot appearances from superheroes to keep its relevance though. Maybe bring in one in the back ground or something. Even if not, it will develop into one of the greats if allowed to run the complete season.

The perhaps most popular question I have seen surrounds Agent Colson who took Loki's staff to the heart. Many don't know if he was revived because he seems to fade from the rest of the show and Tony, Steve and Agent Fury all talk like he had passed on. The dialogue in the corridor also seems to indicate this. But remember fans... S.H.I.E.L.D. is capable of amazing things and it should not be surprising that Colson be brought back and take charge of his own team.
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