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Some of us have been playing with the idea of Skye being an Inhuman and having her latent powers triggered by the GH365 (seemingly Kree blood?) for a while now so after having listened to Raina letting on that"her and Skye have something in common",my best guess is that they're both alien or half-alien:


That season finale's last scene (Skye's father) makes me think of her father as somebody important, a bigwig, so if we assume Skye's an Inhuman, could his father be Quelin? He's Inhuman Royalty and that'd make Skye be Medusa or Crystal. Personally, I like Crystal option, because that’d let the door open to go looking for her older sister (once she’s found out about her family and powers). BUT the thing's, MCU doesn't have legal right to use the Kree (so does it mean that the Blue Guy isn't a Kree? Could he be a Frost Giant?).


er words about having something in common with Skye could mean simply that they both are alien. It doesn’t mean necessarily that they both are from the same species. As I’m 80% sure that Skye’s an Inhuman, I’m not so sure about Raina. Her name does make me think of another possibility: she may be comic book’s Raina. (Notice that she and Crystal are from the same comic book universe: Earth 606).

Other people consider the possibility of Skye (and/or Raina) being a Skrull, Ms. Marvel (I also like this one) or even Spiderwoman (I find particularly interesting how Ward and Coulson instant affection for Skye could be explain by Spiderwoman's pheromone thing).

So what do you think?:

a) What do you think Skye is? Do you think the GH365 triggered some kind of dormant powers?

b) Is Raina the same thing as Skye? How do you interpret her words about Skye and evolution?

c) And what/who do you think Skye’s father is? Here you have some ideas.
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