Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Season 1 Episode 3

The Asset

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 08, 2013 on ABC

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  • Better than last week

    This episode was not great but better than last week, so there's still hope!
  • good

    bad ratings?

    how much did these people get paid to give bad critics?

    this was an awesome episode.
  • The Asset

    Skye is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters on TV and although she has been a major part of every episode thus far, this installment really focused on her learning and getting in the thick of things, and it was smart to have that kind of episode early on.

    Some funny lines surprisingly as well, but a lot of action and a good episode of SHIELD.
  • This episode was good... Finally...

    Well, I wasn't expecting it, but this episode was actually good. There were some moments that the show really wanted to pass something to you, didn't do it in the best way, but still...

    Acting and writing were improved but still far from satisfying (me). This thing where the "heroes" are popping out of nowhere and neutralize the "bad ones" need to stop, for example. And someone should be wounded to make the mission realistic. And the male nerd needs to stop talking about monkeys and become the adorable nerd he was on the first two episodes. Oh, and more guards for the bad guys, please.

    Aside from that, the episode was good. And with a nice and unexpected plot twist. Waiting for the next episode...
  • I liked it

    Maybe I have a really, really positive attitude about the show, because I'm a fan, but I did like it xD 2013/10/13/rewatch-a-second-time-and-re-reading-this-marvels-agents-of-s-h-i-e-l-d-3/
  • A slight improvement

    I enjoyed this episode a little better than the two previous ones. I still don't think it's very good, but I didn't cringe as much or nearly fall asleep multiple times like the last few weeks, so that's something. It did well enough to earn another week from me, but it's still got some serious problems to solve with acting, writing, directing, yeah, pretty much every aspect of it. The two comic-relief scientists are really annoying me.
  • Gravity Falls, Graviton Rises

    So if the . pilot was all about assembling the team and the second episode about teaching said team how to play nice together, Episode 3, "The Asset," is really the first business as usual outing in the show's young history, with Coulson's squad tackling a straightforward mission-of-the-week case as a functioning unit. It's more or less like what The Avengers sequel will probably be like since they took care of the assembling/infighting stuff in the first movie. Only, you know, with more money and better actors.

    This case of the week involves the kidnapping of a scientist by the name of Dr. Franklin Hall -- not to be confused with the hawkish Carter Hall, who flies the friendly skies for Marvel's Distinguished Competition -- retrieved from a disguised Mack Truck in a pretty great cold open that features lots of gravity-defying car flipping. Hall is than transported to the exotic European locale of Malta, where he comes face-to-face with former pal, Ian Quinn, a Rand Paul-meets-Steve Jobs entrepreneur with a taste for creating cutting edge technology and a firm belief in limited government oversight.

    Hall is none too pleased to see his old "friend," due to the fact that Quinn basically built his empire on Franklin's work, but his interest is piqued when Ian reveals he's finally harnessed an element that they had spent their previous collaboration looking for: Gravitonium, which apparently hails from the James Cameron Periodic Table of Elements. According to the crack Fitz/Simmons double act o' exposition, this particular bit of phlebotinum "distorts gravity fields within itself creating an undulating amorphous shape," that solidifies when it meets an electric current and results in explosions that "change the rules of Got all that? No? Don't worry, here's the important part: stuff goes boom, down becomes up.

    Our heroes' mission, which they have no real choice but to accept: infiltrate Quinn's compound and rescue Hall, whom Fitz/Simmons hold in very high regard. The plan they hit upon requires Skye to do her best Sydney Bristow impression -- complete with the cleavage-baring outfit -- and invite herself to a big Quinn-hosted party and distracting the host by pretending to be a Rising Tide follower as opposed to a . operative. For a brief moment, she appears to go off book, blowing her cover and contemplating switching over to Quinn's team, but that impulse quickly passes and she opts to run away instead. Clearly, her Sydney Bristow impression needs a lot of work. In everything but the wardrobe department.

    Meanwhile, Ward and Coulson sneak onto the grounds and split up, with Ward coming to Skye's rescue and Coulson confronting Hall, who has decided he doesn't want to leave Malta without seeing the lovely beaches up close and personal -- by using Quinn's Gravitanium device to sink the dude's house and lab in the ocean, thus sparing the world the havoc it might wreak. Hall wreaks a little havoc himself, setting off an explosion that knocks Coulson to the floor ceiling and, in general, talking like the kind of mad scientist who, it turns out, would set his own kidnapping in motion. Coulson's having none of it, though, opting to shoot out the window floor, causing Hall to plunge directly into the whirling, crackling Stargate-looking contraption below, from which he'll probably emerge as Graviton just in time for sweeps. Or a lot sooner if the ratings don't get a Gravitanium-assisted bounce.

    On the personal front, Ward and Skye continue their chemistry-free foreplay by indulging in a little game of "getting to know you" in between punching bag sessions; Fitz inadvertently reveals his favorite two things about Skye; Simmons continues her search for a personality; Melinda finally gets tired of having to stay on the plane all the time and volunteers for field duty; and Coulson talks a lot about being "rusty," which has nothing to do with the fact that he's almost certainly a robot AT ALL.
  • "She probably used

    This is the best episode of the show yet. And not just because of that red dress.

    The writing, the comedy, the character development, and the plot of the week was all drastically improved over the first 2 episodes. Granted, that is not a difficult thing to accomplish, but it is still good to see the show improving. I still find some of the characters (particularly the two scientists) very irritating. Those guys really annoy me and I want them to be killed off ASAP, or otherwise rewritten to be less annoying.

    I found Agent Ward less annoying this week, but still very much a stereotypical tough guy personality that I'm not a big fan of.

    Overall, the characters need much improvement. Next episode is when I decide if I'm going to continue watching or not. It will mark the end of the 4-episode test. As of now, I'll continue watching just for Skye and the potential the show is bringing in. Come on ABC, don't fuck this up any more.
  • Still Waiting

    Skye is the only interesting and charismatic character on the show. Other than her, everything is very predictable and derivative. Its not a bad show, but it isn't a good one either. This episode was better than the last one though.
  • And My Card Collection

    Super setting Skye up as a double agent. She's clearly going to be integral to the series, but putting her in that position will benefit one, one and a half seasons at most. I'm not sure it's a particularly compelling position, either, with the cliche notion attached to it. Why are they trying so hard to make SHIELD look like the bad guys? Why does the doc remind me so much of an older Sheldon Cooper? Did anyone else look at this and see bad super in the making (before the end scene)? Although we got some definite character development (Skye, Ward, Melinda), we also got a lot of unnecessary repetition of ideas. It wasn't a polished or particularly exciting episode.
  • Thanks for the fish, as for me - I'm off.

    Well that was a just a bucket of brown smelly stuff.

    Seriously this programme makes The Teletubbies and Fimbles seem intelligent and well thought out (which I suppose they are). Not since I had the misfortune of watching Independence Day in the cinema have I sat there and thought why I am I watching this cr*p for? It is just bad on every level. Acting, story, over doing simple things, rubbish characters, predicable stories and more.

    I mean Sky can hack the computer systems of someone who is supposed to be big, powerful and very tech savvy from her phone? Must be a hell of a phone as she did it in like 2 minutes whilst standing in a doorway!

    That's me done with this. I am switching this off and not watching any more of it. It is just... well I cannot find the words for my distaste of it. Thankfully I have Arrow back on this week, Revolution and Once Upon A Time to keep me entertained, and (another) remake of The Tomorrow People to watch so I am not going to miss this junk at all.

    I had high hopes for this. Frankly those who commissioned, wrote and made this should hang their heads in shame for you have created the biggest pile of sh**e in recent TV History. Well done!
  • Mediocrity Ensues

    So here we go with the single character focused episodes. This formula is now going to continue for the next 6 episodes. One character as the main focus and the rest reduced to minor support. Yes, Disney we see your lazy formula and are not surprised or pleased or interested. This show is about a handful of mediocre people doing mediocre tasks with a mediocre script. Slapping a "Marvel" sticker on it still makes it mediocre and we still aren't buying it.

    Let Joss step in and actually put some time on the show and see the improvements but as ti stands it will continue to be boring, hapless and unoriginal. In other words. Stop being "Disney" and let the real creative forces do what they do best, CREATE!
  • Thank you, but no thank you.

    I'm just glad that Arrow season 2 starts this week, as I can't stand to watch anymore of this drivel. Such a disappointment and an insult to the rest of the Marvel universe.

    I wouldn't bother making anymore episodes/seasons if that's the going to be standard of the show.
  • I just realized

    I hadn't thought about it until last night but these Marvel "super heroes" aren't really particularly super. They are normal people who have been trained to do amazing things and don't actually have super powers like Thor or the Hulk. That is actually rather cool. They do have some super equipment for sure and a couple of super brains. So last nights episode brought Skye into the limelight. It was a fairly decent plot line even as the previous reviewer berated it as a canned plot. Well to be honest most TV shows operate on canned plot lines to a certain extent. I enjoyed the plot. The bad guy wasn't exactly all bad and the story also played on the morality line of what is best for all or best for a single person. And the graviton machine was pretty cool. There was also a bit of further development of Ming-Na's involvement in the group. Overall a fairly good episode.
  • Wow that was Interesting. Enter Gravitonium.

    Any who the standard mission type episode, bad thing, go stop bad thing, lock bad thing away. This week's episode was a kidnapping by the world's worst kidnappers. They solved it in literally less than three minutes.

    On another note the death of agent Coulson, how often are they going to beat this dead horse, he died in the Avengers, He got over it why won't the writers? I know this is supposed to be some part of the arcing back story that is supposed to bring us back to watch SHIELD week after week. Frankly they haven't done a very good job of making me care.

    Frankly for one of the series that I had been really looking forward to, I am still unimpressed. There are no characters that I really like or gravitate to. There is no arcing back story that makes me want to see more. This show takes place in a marvel universe so there are literally tons of superheroes, villains, and cool technology that the writers can pull from.

    Stupid stuff that kind of annoyed me "spoilers".

    Let's use the substance that has random gravitational properties to kidnap the subject, that by the way we want alive. It's also like the rarest stuff on earth so let's not pick up the devices and take them with us.

    At about ten minutes into the episode there is a shot gun, it's a break action, and they have a sound effect for a pump action. lol. I think every kid who has played call of duty or any shooter knows the difference.

    Also I loved the secret agent girl, skye, in the Highlighter Pink dress. It just screamed covert op.

    ON a positive note I did like the last thirty seconds, yes it was totally predictable but it gives me some hope for the series.