Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Season 1 Episode 4

Eye Spy

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 2013 on ABC
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Coulson and the team go after a mysterious master thief, only to discover that she has connections to Coulson that could ruin his life.

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  • silly episode

    Another stupid episode, How on earth could he fool whoever was watching that he was Akela by wearing the glasses? Would they not see his face in the car mirror, would they not notice the large white mans hands on the steering wheel did not belong to a petite black woman or that the hand inserting the access card were not hers, did they not notice he was taller than her, so the viewpoint would have changed? Silly episode.moreless
  • Murderer?

    Did my eyes deceieve me or did Ward just up and murder three innocent people in this episode?
  • Dropping the show

    Episode after episode it gets more and more disappointing, this show just looks like another boring "good secret agents chasing the bad guys" story, SHIELD looks like much too close to NSA (and all the evil that goes with it) than to a superhero management agency.
  • another good episode

    the hell with all the bad critics been paid to give bad reviews to see a show fail..

    i think this show is getting better with every episode.
  • Eye Spy

    Did not really love this episode. The eye that was being controlled just felt like a thrown together at the last minute idea by the writers.

    You can't win every week, and the episode certainly had its moments, but this was a letdown after the first three episodes were solid.

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Although the episode is shot in actual location in the Stockholm subway, they are not using the correct train. When shot from the outside it's the real train but from inside it's not. Stockholm trains do not have the seats along the sides, so that people faces each other. An the seats are padded with real fabric. The chart of the subway lines looks to be the real lines but not the chart that is used in the real trains.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Coulson: Maybe I should learn to fly. It's not too late, right? I could learn. What do you like best--the freedom? The view?
      Melinda: The solitude.
      Coulson: Got it. See you in Sweden.

    • Coulson: You seen Skye?
      Grant: Not since weapons training.
      Coulson: She stop saying "bang" when she pulls the trigger?
      Grant: Mostly. Now, if she can just learn the difference between the safety release and the magazine release, we'll be making real progress.

    • Melinda: Bus to Short Bus
      Grant: Go for Short Bus.
      Coulson: Next time, I'll decide what we call ourselves, okay?

    • Skye: Not the water bottle?
      Grant: That's the one.
      Skye: Did you never learn the thing that boy parts and girl parts are different, and our parts aren't penises?

  • NOTES (1)