Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Season 1 Episode 4

Eye Spy

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 15, 2013 on ABC

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  • silly episode

    Another stupid episode, How on earth could he fool whoever was watching that he was Akela by wearing the glasses? Would they not see his face in the car mirror, would they not notice the large white mans hands on the steering wheel did not belong to a petite black woman or that the hand inserting the access card were not hers, did they not notice he was taller than her, so the viewpoint would have changed? Silly episode.
  • Murderer?

    Did my eyes deceieve me or did Ward just up and murder three innocent people in this episode?
  • Dropping the show

    Episode after episode it gets more and more disappointing, this show just looks like another boring "good secret agents chasing the bad guys" story, SHIELD looks like much too close to NSA (and all the evil that goes with it) than to a superhero management agency.
  • another good episode

    the hell with all the bad critics been paid to give bad reviews to see a show fail..

    i think this show is getting better with every episode.
  • Eye Spy

    Did not really love this episode. The eye that was being controlled just felt like a thrown together at the last minute idea by the writers.

    You can't win every week, and the episode certainly had its moments, but this was a letdown after the first three episodes were solid.
  • No Fitz-Simmons

    The scenes with Fitz-Simmons are almost unbearable to watch... they are not cute, they are not funny... just very annoying.

    I don't know about you guys but 'The Asset' and 'Eye Spy' have really reminded me of Sydney and the gang at APO you know the post-awesome era of Alias and that's not a good thing.

    Skye = Sydney except way less badass and doesn't really seem to know what her purpose in life is.

    Agent Ward = Agent Vaughn you know because it's obvious that Skye and him are going to hook up eventually but I assume it's going to be way less epic than Syd and Vaughn making out while sparks fly in the wake of SD-6 destruction

    Agent Coulson = Arvin Sloane obviously way less cool as a leader of a rogue black ops group come on Coulson grow some balls!

    Melinda May = Either Nadia or Lauren both are strong women that kick ass!

    Fitz Simmons = obviously a way more annoying nerd tag team of Marshall who can't even create sweet gadgets then demonstrate them with massive swagger.

    I love the premise of SHIELD, from setup in the pilot I thought we would be seeing more undercover type heroes but instead it's a pretty boring procedural which is exactly what Alias turned into start of season 4. Would love to see a mythology set up that would carry throughout the series but I have a feeling that's going to be a while.
  • The best yet.

    I was very close to dropping the show, but this was the best episode yet and it made me want to stick with the show on a weekly basis. The characters were given a space to breathe and it flowed naturally, unlike the previous episodes. Also, Skye is the best thing to happen to the show.
  • a small step up

    the 1st episode that could peak my interest in what else was a very mediocre show.

    a shield agent presumed dead pops up and turns out to be controlled through some high tech eye with a build in killswitch.

    the interesting part however was that her handler also was controlled and turned out to be a british agent gone missing.

    so there's some bad guy outhere that seems to use missing/presumed dead agents as his tool.

    i hope their going to do something with this storyline,because i was close to giving up on this show.
  • Skye is the limit

    So skye really wants to be a field agent. It's nice to she her finally opening up to the team and thanks to agent coulson she feels at home with the team. But, still i have my doubts about her and i think the writers will do a 180 on her but eventually they will return her to SHIELD...
  • Funny!

    Funny for me, im from Sweden.
  • Entertaining

    My love for Ward is growing with every episode. I like his sense of humor as well as his confidence and calm. His little cry for help was hilarious as well. Hew and Skye work so well together. They don't really bother with subtle set up but I still enjoyed Ward's delivery regarding Skye's weapon training and her consequent show of the mentioned mistake. I also really liked that last scene with the attempted poker scam and a little perviness was a nice touch and a lovely curtain for an entertaining episode.

    Fitz and his squeamishness was amusing. It's interesting to see the different ways he and Simmons react to situations and how well they work together.

    I like Akela's story and the Big Bad it introduced. BB has a lot of potential. I hoped she won't be a bad guy and I liked her interaction with May who keeps being intriguing.

    Agent C. keeps on annoying me. I just can't connect with him. And his scenes with Skye just rang false and forced. If it's intentional set up then kudos but he is one part of the show I can't enjoy.
  • What? I'm Sorry I Couldn't Pay Attnetion

    I wanted to watch and like this but 8 minutes into it I fell asleep from boredom. Luckily I woke up just in time of SOA!
  • Akela and the Eye

    Cold Open: In Stockholm, a group of twenty-five men in red masks and sporting briefcases handcuffed to their wrists march out of a building, and some of them board a subway; a youngish woman who's been tailing them and who also looks perhaps not quite right kills the lights in the car; when the police later inspect it, they find all the men incapacitated or dead and, in one man's case, his arm severed at the wrist and his briefcase gone. In Belarus, the woman sells the diamonds for a simple proximity card, which seems like maybe she got the exchange rate wrong?

    . is brought in because a casino hired the men to transport the precious gems, and they went to such lengths that no one, not even the casino people, knew which of the twenty-five briefcases contained the diamonds yet the thief figured it out; also, she seems to tap into some great power when she closes her eyes. Skye suggests the woman has some kind of second sight, and Coulson soon confesses that he got them this assignment because the thief, "Akela Amador," is someone he trained. She was presumed killed on a mission seven years earlier on which two other agents died, but Coulson was never convinced. He also confesses to Skye that he pushed Amador hard and might be responsible for whatever she's become.

    With Coulson and Ward off looking for Amador, she attacks the van in which Skye, Fitz, and Simmons are waiting, but she only shakes them up. Skye then figures out how to back-trace the feed Amador was using to monitor them, and they realize that one of Amador's eyes is actually some kind of tiny sophisticated camera that's beyond any technology . has. Coulson then realizes Amador is being controlled, or at least coerced, somehow, so over the objections of May and Ward, who want to take her out, he says they'll watch Amador in shifts to figure out where she is. May takes the first watch, only to go rogue and confront Amador herself, who tells her now that she's there, either she kills May or her controllers will kill her via a switch in her eye. They fight, and when Amador kills the lights and turns on her X-ray vision, she's ready to shoot May but Coulson arrives just in time and knocks Amador out with a new version of the night-night gun. When she comes to, Coulson tells her they hijacked her feed, so as far as her remote captors know, she's off on a mission for them. They have a little heart-to-heart in which Amador confesses that "VanChat" wouldn't have caught them if she'd done her job and trusted her team like Coulson taught her.

    Ward takes on Amador's mission to keep the feed going while Fitz and Simmons race to extract the kill switch from Amador; Ward eventually finds his way into a room in which there's something on a chalkboard that even once they later see it, can't recognize. But whether it's design plans, alien writing, or some kind of equation, Ward gets a message from Amador's handler saying the mission is complete, and with Skye's help, he escapes. Fitz/Simmons are also successful in removing the eye before the handler pulls the kill switch but when Coulson then confronts him, his own kill switch is activated and he drops dead right there. In the end, Amador gets taken off to trial but not before telling May that Coulson is different and wondering what . did to him. Whatever it is, it seems to be making him and Skye bond, which is a solid emotional development even if Coulson is a robot.
  • Help?

    That is so completely unfair. She knows and she didn't say anything about it beside that one commend in passing to Melinda. I'm so sticking by my RobotCoulson theory. Beyond that, this felt like a rather tame episode even though it did so much. It set up a larger villain we're sure to see again down the line. It introduced the idea that a backscatter will show what's up with Coulson, it showed that Coulson doesn't really fit in with his team or possibly SHIELD, as he started the episode in the cockpit with Melinda and ended it in the backseat with Skye - he's looking for somewhere to be. And there was just enough playfulness between the "seduce him" exchange and the poker game. This was a delightful, if slow, episode.
  • A slight improvement.

    This episode was a slight improvement of what has come before. There was a pretty good story here where we got to see some background on Coulson. Also I think it was better because it was less Sky focused. I have to say I just do not buy that character. I can accept that she was a hacker living in a van. What is really keeping me from accepting her is that she looks like she just had a full blow out on her hair all the time. she just does not fit my expectation of the character she it trying to play. On top of that is this Sky and Agent Ward's relationship. Its clear the people running the show want these two character to have good chemistry and it really looks forced and is not believable. In any case I hope this episode was a step in the right direction and improved from here.
  • be Stockholm

    A former . agent has popped up and she's up to some bad stuff. Phil likes her and he believes there must be something more. Turns out the newer, less judgmental, Phil is right. She's been fitted with a high-tech vision device in her right eye and must take order from someone deeply black with motives to match less a "kill-switch" takes her out.

    This is a decent enough center from which to base an operation. Using her next mission in Belarus as a place to glean some kind of killer formula shield takes control of someone's set controlling the horizontal and vertical but not much else (this ain't The Outer Limits). Everything works pretty well with a nice nuance as to the Russian factory and native language until our agent carelessly glimpses into a mirror. Of course this will activate the kill switch, but wait our two doctors remove the "eye not in the Skye" from the turned agent in time to save her. The extraction is good and Phil locates the controller who is taken out immediately by his implanted kill switch. An almost complete success which will have to be visited again perhaps for the final solution.

    The episode, mostly, moved well. A few slow spots dealing with the human interest parts the writers like to add, but good overall. It can't help but be noticed the action sequences were a bit on the lower key side so not as good as the best the few previous episodes already delivered yet still entertaining as the opening sequence was quite creative.