Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2013 on ABC

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    MORE FITZSIMMONS!!!!!! WE LOVE FITZSIMMONS!!! So long as we have captioning to understand them and all the nuances of science-techno speak, we're good! Bring it on til the break o dawn! It was nice no person was out to murder fry these guys, but sad that the team couldn't help the poor victims that didn't even REMOTELY deserve to be fried. No child molesters/pornographers, no wild/farm/or domestic animal murderers, and not even an adulterer in the lot of the fire fry guys.
  • Too much Fitz Simmonds

    I'm not a fan of Fitz Simmonds, so an episode revolving around them was never going to be on my favourites list! I would have happily thrown them both out of the plane.
  • The Touchy Feely Episode

    At first I thought this was the Halloween ghost story show, soon it morphed into strictly MAoS. A mutant alien virus is unleashed with some deadly consequences. As our team closes in they're too late to save the man who unwittingly was partly responsible. Things get tougher though because the medical chick is infected. A race to find a vaccine ensues which, on first glance, is ineffective.

    A inner searching episode about love, loss, sacrifice, and ultimately healing anew is the gist of this one. It is more introspective and human than the usual fare. Though light with action (the excellent skydiving rescue is nice) it still comes off as a good episode. The team is now fully connected as a family who will pull together for one another. A slice 'o life as per .
  • You're the Hero

    I was scratching my head after the first fifteen minutes wondering how we were already done with the case of the week. This episode was very quiet, but gave us a lot for each of the characters. It was nice to have more focus on FitzSimmons and Coulson in this episode, as opposed to Skye and Ward. The case itself and its aftermath wasn't all that stunning, but it was moving and that's what I expect from Whedon. Decent episode this week. Coulson's suddenly become a much more cuddly Mr. Reese.
  • Fitz & Simmons FTW

    I love the episode Iain and Liz were incredible, they just fit so well together and play off of each other wonderfully. It was also kinda cute to see the 3 kids bond together over teasing their big brother.

    Speaking of which, I love ward more and more with each episode. They are really doing a wonderful job of establishing him as a character. He is a protector, he is professional, he knows what he is doing - I loved that he knew about teh gun, he is funny. And I loved how neither Leo nor Ward hesitated in jumping after Gemma, though Ward understandably was the wiser choice.

    There was real suspense, insight into the FitzSimmons relationship and some more team bonding.

    The only thing I still have issues with and feels separate from it all is Phil. I really hope they are actually going somewhere with his storyline because as it is it's just a hot mess full of pathos that makes me roll my eyes.
  • Fzzt Episode 106

    Solid episode here. They managed to create an emotional story, and even though we knew she would not die, they did have us on the edge of our seats wondering what would be of Simmons' fate.

    The writing is still sub-par though. The jokes fall flat, and there is not enough originality in any of the characters. They could've had a side storyline with Grant or Skye or something in the episode as well.

    Okay, but the show is still not living up to the hype.
  • Girl overboard

    Jemma gets infected by a virus from the alien invasion. The team has to try to save her, or at least delay killing her and risking infecting others before they land in the desert stronghold called the Sandbox. Leo, who started the episode out by flirting with Skye, comes to the realization that the one person who is always by his side is Jemma, so he rushes into her quarintined lab to come up with a techno solution to help her come up eith an anti-serum ( a bit of a running joke)

    Jemma thinks the solution failed, so she opens the cargo doors and throws herself out of the who had been feeling useless against an unseen virus, jumps in and grabs the parachute and antiserum (that did work,on a well timed delay) and saves Jemma midair.

    Colson spent the episode getting himself checked out because he had doubts about his health. And telling the SHIELD officials nothing. Apparently Coulson has doubts about the amount of time in his still unexplained recovery. Agent May feeds him a couple of platitudes to calm him down, and no doubt to keep what ever secret they used to recover him a secret.