Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Season 1 Episode 5

Girl in the Flower Dress

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 22, 2013 on ABC
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The team travels to Asia to track down a girl in a flowered dress who holds the key to locating a young man with a dangerous power. Meanwhile, Skye's loyalties are divided between the team and Rising Tide.

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  • WOW - an actual super hero this week.

    This is the nearest they have come, so far, to showing an actual superhero in the show. Would have liked to have seen more of Scorch.
  • Underpants and commenting on the actual show

    Dear Car1,

    Pick me pick me! I know what soft porn is... really I do, I do...

    and as regular readers know... I have a witty answer for EVERYTHING so my answer for soft porn is... Have a look at Hugh Hefner in his undies at the age of 87!!!

    Now that I have sufficiently scared everyone (except bunny number zillion from thinking about soft porn)... actually I thought the episode was pretty good ;-) and moved both character development and the plot along nicely.moreless
  • getting good again

    SHow`s getting better with every episode..

    good stuff..

    and for car1 below me.... -- Do u even know what is porn?

    If u call the scene of this episode as porn clearly u dont belong in this generation. How old are you? 150?
  • Smokin' NOT Hot

    Girl in the Flower Dress was a lot less interesting than the title sad to say. The premise here is a street magician with one super power, fire at will under his command. A sinister group headed by the flowered dress one is building a "super soldier" and the ability to use fire as a weapon without bodily harm is too good to resist. Things could go any number of ways from here, but the whole was, sadly, down. Sky started out likable, but continues to be annoying in her role with SHIELD. She betrayed her team cloaking a hacker former boyfriend who happened to be the the sinister cabal's gateway. Lame? Yep! Not as lame as their "roll" however and subsequent coming out party. This one just felt drained of energy from the street magician on. The stories have got to get some meat on the bones with the SHIELD team actually doing something, well, awesome. This one just fell flat.moreless
  • Casting fail

    Ming-Na spoke Cantonese. The extra at the beginning commenting on the street performance spoke it. "Scorch" did not. It's so obvious he's some western actor with an Asian face. That exchange at the end between him and her just hurt my ears. Casting directors of the world please stop butchering other languages of the world in favor of chiseled good looks. "This is only a tv show" is a poor excuse.moreless

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