Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Season 1 Episode 5

Girl in the Flower Dress

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 22, 2013 on ABC

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  • WOW - an actual super hero this week.

    This is the nearest they have come, so far, to showing an actual superhero in the show. Would have liked to have seen more of Scorch.
  • Underpants and commenting on the actual show

    Dear Car1,

    Pick me pick me! I know what soft porn is... really I do, I do...

    and as regular readers know... I have a witty answer for EVERYTHING so my answer for soft porn is... Have a look at Hugh Hefner in his undies at the age of 87!!!

    Now that I have sufficiently scared everyone (except bunny number zillion from thinking about soft porn)... actually I thought the episode was pretty good ;-) and moved both character development and the plot along nicely.
  • getting good again

    SHow`s getting better with every episode..

    good stuff..

    and for car1 below me.... -- Do u even know what is porn?

    If u call the scene of this episode as porn clearly u dont belong in this generation. How old are you? 150?
  • Smokin' NOT Hot

    Girl in the Flower Dress was a lot less interesting than the title sad to say. The premise here is a street magician with one super power, fire at will under his command. A sinister group headed by the flowered dress one is building a "super soldier" and the ability to use fire as a weapon without bodily harm is too good to resist. Things could go any number of ways from here, but the whole was, sadly, down. Sky started out likable, but continues to be annoying in her role with SHIELD. She betrayed her team cloaking a hacker former boyfriend who happened to be the the sinister cabal's gateway. Lame? Yep! Not as lame as their "roll" however and subsequent coming out party. This one just felt drained of energy from the street magician on. The stories have got to get some meat on the bones with the SHIELD team actually doing something, well, awesome. This one just fell flat.
  • Casting fail

    Ming-Na spoke Cantonese. The extra at the beginning commenting on the street performance spoke it. "Scorch" did not. It's so obvious he's some western actor with an Asian face. That exchange at the end between him and her just hurt my ears. Casting directors of the world please stop butchering other languages of the world in favor of chiseled good looks. "This is only a tv show" is a poor excuse.
  • Girl in the Flower Dress

    The episode had its moments, I liked the bits with Scorch, but this just felt like an average episode of television. I was not moved by the development at the end either.

    Skye's a great character. I thought they made her a little unoriginal with the news now that she is looking for her parents, but I am anxious to see how the show handles it.

    SHIELD needs to be much better than this to build an audience.
  • The truth comes out

    Awesome episode! Probably the best so far. Compelling character developments, Rising Tide, interesting progress on the "Centipede" story arch, impressive fire effects and a perfect balance between drama and humor that made it extremely fun to watch, because it was able to be more intense while still not taking itself too seriously, IMHO.
  • Love it, AND Hate it

    I'm torn on the ep (really loved some of the stuff and got really irritated w/others);

    The Really Good: 1) ALL the character stuff with the team was just perfectly done, 2) introduction of some new evil science mastermind (hope she's an AIM scientist supreme; come on we need to see AIM turn into their more recognizable form and this show could do that), 3) all the May and Coulson dialogue esp the "Oh no they named him" bit lol

    The Really Bad:

    1)continuing to have the shadowy adversaries just make/enhance/kill super people for vaguely defined reasons (that we still are completely in the dark on as viewers) this way is reminding me of all of the other awful live action superhero shows that we had over the past few years thankfully died: Heroes, No Ordinary just stop w/that tv execs it's always so boring! [also whoever at ABC keeps causing this; I hope they get canned] connected overarching plots across episodes=good; vague "mystery" that strains patience b/c it takes forever to get anywhere=bad; its not that hard.

    2)killing off evil scientist from pilot w/o having any reason/point thematically (though given concurrence w/Supernatural maybe the actor just needed a break/has another commitment) if your gonna kill someone who's not an extra off at least use it for something more than "look that person got incinerated" FX-shot

    3) the plug-and-play biology on display in this episode was just painful [learn some decent and actually believable science, please!] if the people running this show don't want to learn at least as much science as a middle schooler'd know than they should at least do as Stan Lee et al have done and keep the non-science vague so that it doesn't shatter suspension of disbelief, the Marvel films (even the pre-Marvel movie-verse ones) have done this right and honestly even if they'd gone w/Radioactive Spider Bite instead of the more modern Genetically Engineered Spider Bite for Spidey films I'd believe that more than this episodes attempts at science :(

    4)yes the actress playing Skye is physically attractive; doesn't mean that her breasts must always get screen-time (now that I think of it the mentality of trying to work in showing the cleavage of the most endowed person around is probably the most faithful thing adapted from actual comics; pathetic) Sorry if that last bothers anyone, it probably also has to do with how I can't read through a comment page w/o seeing tons of "omg Skye's so hot" (and other less eloquent terminology) again yes we get it; now please shut up about it.
  • Scorch

    This whole relationship of Skye's was completely out of the blue, the tone didn't feel right at all and that it "confirmed" she's still working for the Rising Tide (read: betraying SHIELD). It also didn't make a lot of sense (but it did make a little) to clip her wings, as it were, and restricting the electronics she's able to use. It felt like there was an episode missing leading up to this or that this was meant to be a two-parter. It just wasn't satisfying (even if it felt about half as long as it was). A pretty meh week overall.
  • The Girl Who Played with Fire

    In Hong Kong, a street performer named Chan Ho Yin catches the eye of a woman named Raina, who gets Yin to take her back to his apartment under the guise of being a wide-eyed fan. Once there, though, she confirms he can produce and manipulate fire and then has a couple men in silver fire-***ing suits capture him. When he comes to, Raina tells Yin she'd like to help nurture his "gift" and to introduce him to the world as a superhero. Her scientists give him a serum designed to strengthen his powers -- but he's unaware that it contains Extremis, and that Centipede, including that red-haired doctor from the pilot, wants to use his fire-resistant blood platelets to stabilize the Extremis serum and keep their test subjects from combusting; to that end, they drain his blood, leaving him defenseless against his own power.

    Back on the plane, after Ward compliments Skye's recent performance and Coulson gloats that she's fitting in, we learn that . knew about Yin, whose powers after a nearby decommissioned nuclear plant caught fire, and told him to keep his ability under wraps. The report comes in from Hong Kong that Yin was taken by people who left behind a shred of fireproof clothing, suggesting they're professionals -- and not only that, they got their information from the Rising Tide. Naturally, this casts suspicion on Skye, but Ward sticks up for her, so Coulson allows her to try to trace the hack to clear her name, and she comes up with a famous hacker named "Miles Lydon," so . heads to Austin in pursuit. Lydon manages to give Ward and Coulson the slip -- only to find Skye at his apartment waiting for him. She berates him for attacking . when she's already safely inside, but recriminations quickly give way to the knowledge that he taught her everything she knows and these two are lovers and have not enjoyed each other's company for a while, if you take my meaning.

    No sooner have they refreshed their memories of each other, though, than does . track her down; she tries to tell Coulson that she and Miles look out for each other and she wasn't aiming to betray but Coulson's like, well, I guess having May follow you was a solid idea, traitor. including a very disappointed Ward, take Lydon and Skye in cuffs to Hong Kong, and on the way, the two hackers fight over Skye's softening toward . Ward is convinced Lydon is dirty rather than an idealist -- and this proves to be the case, as Lydon was paid to the tune of seven figures for his leak. Caught, he explains to them he was paid by an eco-lab studying centipedes, which prompts Skye and Ward to give each other a look of extreme recognition. Skye expresses her disillusionment with Lydon while . tries to save Yin -- but when they do, he turns on them, as without the platelets to stabilize him he's going rage-insane just like the other super-soldier subjects. With the part of the lab in which May and Coulson are in lockdown, Ward is forced to bring Skye into the building to try to open it up, and she succeeds, while elsewhere, Raina coldly leaves Dr. Redhead to be combustible fodder for Yin. Having tried and failed to use the night-night gun on him, which you'll remember was the only possibility to save a subject heading for Extremis explosion, Coulson and May are forced to paralyze him, seal the lab, and allow him to detonate. Downer!

    In the end, after sending Lydon away with a gizmo that will prevent him from using electronic devices for a while, Coulson gives Skye his verdict -- she's been lying the whole time, and she still is, so either she tells him why she's really there or he's done with her. In response, Skye hands over the chip we saw her hide in her bra in the pilot and tells Coulson it contains everything she has -- on herself. She learned to hack and joined the Rising Tide, as it happens, to find out anything she could about her parents, but there's nothing out there but one document redacted -- by . Coulson tells her she might not like what she eventually finds, but even though he gives her a gizmo of her own to stop her hackery for the moment, he does concede that he might be able to help. But not next week, because that's a rerun of the pilot.

    Oh, and in the very end, Raina visits a guy in prison and tells him with the stable virus, Stage Two of the super-soldier projects should be possible -- but she'd like him to get in touch with "The Clairvoyant" for insights on Stage Three. While he's up, maybe he can let us know about the ratings for November sweeps.
  • Momentum

    The show is now getting it's momentum and even if I thought that the writers would pull off a double agent stunt i never thought that it was because of skye's parents... maybe her parents worked with tony stark or bruce banner. Also skye's boobs are getting a lot of exposure lately, keep that up...
  • Talk about Truth and Consequences.....

    This beat 'Eye Spy' hands down. Something I didn't think would be possible at this point. The interactions at the beginning between Ward and Skye were fun. As was the back and forth between Coulson and May.

    Then from a understated start, we went to full tilt story. This has to have been some of the best character and story development I've seen in quite some time. I don't think revealing Skye's secret this early in the game detracts from the story at all.

    You could definitely tell that Coulson felt betrayed. Skye is an idealist. She BELIEVES in what she does. But she can make distinctions between her idealism and the common good. Like her ex says, she has changed, she isn't who she was. She wasn't trying to betray Coulson, or his team.

    I do think it's a good that there are consequences for what she's done. Given that it's a live action comic book, the consequences for her will probably be short. Her ex on the other hand. Something tells me it's going to take him a long time to get back to Texas.
  • Keep This Train Going!

    Tonight's episode was the best so far in the season! Hopefully SHIELD keeps up with this train of progression. There wasn't a ton of cheesy humor but some nice humorous moments. There was good action and an episode that dealt not only with superpower BUT dealing with the overall arc of this season "CENTIPEDE"!

    There was great interaction between all the cast and especially between Coulson and Skye. It was also nice to see the inner dealings of the opposing party and how they deal with each other!!! I was getting worried about this show but this episode has restore my faith. Looking forward to the next episode in two weeks!
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