Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Season 1 Episode 20

Nothing Personal

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 29, 2014 on ABC

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  • Coulson finds out that he's the man behind Tahiti

    Coulson finds out that he's the man behind Tahiti, but it still doesn't answer the questions on who have the order to test Tahiti on Coulson.
  • Nothing Personal

    They had character development here, but there also were a lot of logistical flaws. It was a necessary episode to build hype for the end of the season, but there's been better episodes this year.
  • Ward finally gets a character

    Now that Shield is in shambles this series finally gets interesting. Ward used to be a bland and boring character, but he finally gets into his own playing the bad guy. It is probably not the right thing to think, but he is much better as a bad guy and I hope he gets to be in series two as a regular and as a bad guy with some redeeming features ( his love for Skye and his loyalty to Garrett ), as a complex character is always much more interesting than either a good or an evil character.

    As someone who is new to the Shield universe I would have liked some more information about Hydra. All I know at the moment is that they are the bad guys and have infiltrated and brought down Shield. It would be great to have some flashback moments to fill in the blanks, esp in regard to Ward and Garrett. It would help to see what their motivations and goals are and why Ward thought it was a good idea to join them.

    I loved the scene in the diner, with all the dialogue which on the surface meant something other than the hidden meaning we knew was in there. That is the kind of dialogue I am expecting from Joss Whedon and I want more of it.

    Great coda at the end with Coulson finding out that he used to be charge of project Tahiti. Now we can wait with baited breath if Coulson and Skye will show any of the problems of the treatment that were mentioned. Still doesn't explain why Fury gave Coulson the treatment even though he knew that Coulson was against using it anymore on anyone.
  • .

    Finally Coulson see him self. Wow great episode
  • Awesome and Hilarious..

    Man this episode was awesome and also hilarious with the car flying out the plane.

    Skye`s messed up hair and did`nt buckle up scene was hilarious!
  • Hail Hill!

    As Coulson desperately tries to save a job that defines him, Maria Hill decides to save him from himself. The Tony Stark for Coulson's Pepper Potts, she's clever, resourceful and sets his world ablaze, making Phil question his method, change his course of action and challenge the government itself for the people he cares about. Perhaps not as cute as Pepper, Coulson is every bit as supportive, courageous and slightly uncomfortable with Maria Hill's choices, which helps the two colleagues reach their goal despite their are no longer colleages or pursuing the same goal.

    Bonus points go to Leo Fitz and his emotional breakdown, he can't take Ward being Hydra, he couldn't take if Simmons were too. Mostly because he doesn't know what he would do if that were the case, neither one of them wants to find out. Probably because, much like Ward and Garret, and Coulson and Hill, they would figure it out together too.
  • Now this was a heck of an episode

    Warming: spoiler alert.

    They are really hitting on all burners as the season nears the end. Hopefully that will seal the deal on a season 2. We had Skye dealing with Ward and setting him up while he was trying to get her to give him the information from her hard drive. And just when you thought she had escaped along comes Peterson to screw her plans up. Meanwhile Coulson and the other three discover what had happened in Fury's installation and are trying to find Skye and rescue her when they are interrupted by the army. They make their escape with the help of agent Hill and take on Ward in the aircraft. And it finishes up with Coulson taking Skye and escaping from the plane in flight in a wild landing. I am hoping they end the season with some good news about taking down Hydra and that should make the final two episodes very exciting.
  • Nothing personal

    This episode was really great and it showed why this show deserves a second season. It was fast-paced, full of action and it had the lovely kick ass Maria Hill. I love what they do with Ward and his betrayal and this episode dealt with the consequences of his actions towards his old team. It set up the tone for the final two episodes of this season and it sure looks like we're in for a heck of a ride.