Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 24, 2013 on ABC

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  • watch free!?!?!

    Can't figure out how to actually watch anything here!!!!?!?!?!!?
  • Yuck!

    This is not Joss Whedon!!
  • Nope.

    So let's analyse what happened here. They made a comic-book movie. It does well. They say, "yay! we made a ton of money, but that's a one-shot deal and even with DVDs and foreign showings, the money from the movie will dry up soon; let's turn it into a TV show so that we can continue to milk it for every cent we can on an ongoing basis". They figure that it would be too expensive to have any actual superheroes, so they decide to make the show about a bunch of ordinary human spies instead of superheroes, thus making the show have almost nothing to do with the movie or Marvel in general other than six disjoint letters. Then they realize that they cannot afford to have one of the high-profile, high-paycheck actors from the movie be in the show, and look to the cheaper actors. Cobie is already in an annoying show, so they hire Old Christine's ex to be the leader (I actually do like Clark, but he's not exactly an "a-lister"). Oh wait; Phill died! So how do they handle that? He magically survived. How? Meh, somehow. Why did they not show that in the movie then? or in the credits? or after the credits? Because they had intended to kill him off (after being in several Marvel movies) and hadn't intended to resurrect him, but now that they need a cheap actor, they revive him and say he survived in the movie but they kept it a secret to "motivate" the Avengers. Sure, whatever. One might be tempted to call that a deus-ex-machina, but that would be too generous. So what are we left with? A boring show about a bunch of ordinary humans running around and watching some people with mild superpowers and some shadowy rival agency. Gee, how original. As if we haven't seen no less than a dozen shows and movies just like (and better than) this in the past decade alone. This is just another example of how overrated Joss Whedon and . Abrams are. They do one great thing, but their fans get so rabid that they scream for moar and suck up anything and everything they make, completely blind to the actual quality. Stop encouraging one-hit-wonders from making more crap! Nope. There's already plenty of other, slightly less crappy garbage on TV to waste time on this one.
  • Come on guys its not that bad

    I dont understand the bad reviews here.

    Personally i liked the episode.

    Maybe a little bad acting from 2 members of the cast... and i`m not gonna name them cause its the first show... i`ll wait for another 6 before naming them... but i`m sure they`ll do good.

    and to be honest.. i liked this episode.... looking forward the next one :)
  • Pilot

    This was not a perfect pilot, but for the most part I liked it. The humor did not work, although I usually am not a fan of Joss Whedon's attempts at comedy in his projects.

    Clark Gregg did not come off as a lead, but he did a solid job in the role. They just need to figure out whether to have him go completely Jethro Gibbs or be a jokester, because the current hybrid did not work.

    Chloe Bennet was the breakout star of the show in my opinion. Her performance was far from perfect, but she's a well-written character played by a likable, attractive young actress.

    It just felt a little too much like Dollhouse in my mind. Not really original, and that could hurt the show down the road.
  • Go back to writing school, already

    I think this is the most appalling pilot I have ever watched. And I watched plenty of bad stuff. The story is a complete nonsense, it wouldn't make the cut for even a comic-book, how come it was done for TV is beyond me. The acting is so bad it feels like the cast was really trying hard that the show is not picked up. OMG. Go back to writing school, already.
  • The Tide Is High

    So if your memory needs refreshing, or if you didn't see The Avengers . stands for "Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division" self-described as "the line between the world and a weirder The . organization has James Bond-ian agents who look dashing in suits, speak fluent French, fight like ninjas and use all sorts of neat high-tech gadgetry; however, as Cobie Smulders shows up to tell us, in the wake of the events of the alien invasion and the Avengers' defense of New York, the world is turned on to the existence of superheroes, and as such the agency really has its hands full managing what people do with that knowledge. Lucky for them and you already know this if you've watched any commercials or billboards or really just had your eyes and/or ears open recently Phil Coulson is alive and in the captain's chair. The "explanation" is that he stopped breathing for a bit but survived after a time in the ICU, and while that's not really a satisfactory explanation for how he lived after being stabbed clean through by a demigod, I doubt anything else would be either so it's wise of the show not to dwell on it. However, there's a secret concerning him of which he's unaware, but it apparently has to do with Tahiti in some way and Hill and the . doctor know about it.

    So, other than Coulson, who's the . team? Well, there's Grant Ward, an incredibly skilled agent with an unspecified dark family history who likes being a lone wolf, Agent Melinda May who's been sidelined apparently at her own request for a while but still kicks ass when she's reluctantly drawn back into the field, married British tech geeks Fitz and Simmons, and Skye, a crack hacker who initially regards . as The Man but comes around to their way of thinking to join them. Phew!

    Now that you've got all that, speaking of entities having issues with there's a "Rising Tide" on radar, which seems to be a hacktivist organization akin to Anonymous who are opposed to the kind of secrecy . maintains. Meanwhile, Mike Peterson is an as-yet-unidentified superhero who's down on his luck. When a building in East LA suffers an explosion, he uses his heightened strength to rescue a woman from the burning structure. Unfortunately, his abilities turn out to be due to some artificial treatments given to him thanks to a shadowy organization under the project name Centipede, and a side effect seems to be a turn towards extreme violence. . soon realizes that Centipede is a throwback to a 1940s program intended to produce supersoldiers, but their treatments have made Peterson a ticking time bomb, both literally and figuratively, so Coulson tasks Fitz/Simmons with figuring out a way to defuse Peterson without killing him. After a tense standoff at Union Station, Coulson talks Peterson down, only to see his agent shoot him in the head but it was all part of the plan, and Peterson survives without detonating. That was all too brief, Gunn! I hope you work some more!

    In the end, . hears about an "oh-eight-four" and Coulson goes all Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The show's got some things to figure out, but I think it could be worth it hopefully ABC will agree.
  • Someone shoot me

    This was a terrible show. They could have at the very LEAST showed one of the Avengers for the pilot. But no. Just a bunch of cheesy characters, with a stupid plot. This is only on the air to help with the movie franchise. So far it's doing more harm than good.
  • Truthfully - pretty darn disappointed.

    I'm disappointed. Don't get me wrong. I like the Marvel "The Avengers" franchise. It has strong and genuinely entertaining performances from Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Hiddleston. 'Agents of Shield', however, has a tolerable cast but the different elements do not fit cohesively. There are cheesy one-liners but no sense of danger in their missions. It's very frivolous? Lighthearted? Not the Shield that one imagines.

    I think what really bummed me most was that it's produced and directed by JOSS WHEDON. The man who singlehandedly gave us BUFFY, FIREFLY and THE AVENGERS. I was always a little doubtful of the execution and worried it was going to be more of a TV movie rather than a TV series. But one half of my brain slighted the other with the sole reason being - "It has an awesome director". I love Whedon humor. I love how he seamlessly blends action and humor with this honesty and realism. But I hope they step it up. I really, really do.
  • cheesy is a pretty good description

    all the stereotypes are in this one pilot

    "its impossible ,i cant do it" ,"dont tell me you cant do it,just do it "

    Almost every character is a smart a** and jokes alot , these people are "saving the world"

    Maybe this is really for my 10year old nephew ,if hes the target audience then its pretty good
  • A great piece of shit

    A great piece of shit, I don't know why marvel do this.
  • I quite enjoyed this

    I quite enjoyed this, it had a whole movie feel rather than small screen, and I loved the humor. Storywise, I think it has the potential to be better though.
  • cheesy and hollywood

    Those are the 2 words that come to mind when I saw the first 5 minutes of the episode.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm a huge superhero fan and all into fantasy and sci-fi but It has to be AWESOME.

    This was just all over the top "look we want to be funny" - "we want to be better then heroes" cheesy.

    After Iron man 3 I really hoped for something a bit darker and less "funny" but this is just another example of a show that does not dare to be something else then clichs and bad one liners. They went for another CSI, sunny color layer, all pretty people casting no limit nonsense.

    Marvel... U let me down once again.
  • What Happened Joss Whedon?

    The pilot episode wasn't that good in my opinion. It is okay and entertaining at best but it could've been so much more better in my opinion. I do really enjoy the connections to The Avengers, Iron Man 3, and other MARVEL films. Connections are so deeply amazing in this pilot episode. Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulsen does a great job here in this pilot episode and he is, of course, the best part of the whole pilot episode in my opinion. The other character I actually also enjoyed here was that girl Skye. I'll admit, she is a bit annoying but not to the point where I get angry and want to punch a wall. I really like Skye because she is very hot but the actress just acted her character so well and she was a fun character overall. I didn't really care for the other characters in the . program. I also enjoyed Cobie Smulders making a small role in this pilot episode. I also thought the action sequences, although barely action in this pilot episode which is surprising, were good and the visuals were pretty good overall. My problems with this pilot episode was it felt very clunky/choppy at some parts, I didn't care for any of the characters except for Agent Phil Coulsen and Skye, it felt boring in a few moments, the first 1-2 minutes felt very rushed and out of place, the final 15 minutes of the episode felt very rushed as well which really distracted me from enjoying the action sequences which weren't that exciting in the final 15 minutes, the humor was very cheesy in a bad way (there were 3 hilarious moments but the majority of the humor was embarrassing) AND Joss Whedon (director of The Avengers) wrote and directed this pilot episode which surprises how disappointing it was considering he blew me away with The Avengers and just let me down with this pilot episode. :/ I hope the show will get better and I will continue to watch the show. It's no Avengers or any of the other MARVEL movies but I hope it will not only have connections to the MARVEL movies but stand as its own as a television show. I have hope it will get better as times goes by. It's okay at best but very forgettable in my opinion. 6/10
  • meh...

    This pilot kinda sucked, I was really expecting this to be something special given how much buzz this show has been getting, but instead I found this episode to be boring generic and really underwhelming, I found the characters to be boring and annoying and this pilot didn't really do anything to develop the characters but I know future episode should take care of that, I also thought the dialogue in this episode was abit rubbish with this having joss whedons name on it I had high hopes they it would be loaded with quick whited one liners however I felt most of the humour felt forced or out of place, overall this episode was abit of a blow and felt very mediocre
  • One New World OrderBut A Choice Between 2 Worlds.

    I've never, even an adolescent, been interested in comic books. That said, I've figured out I have a soft spot for much of this stuff starting with an affection for the original Superman, 60's Batman, and the flow of movies from the 70's onward. Why? Because the path of humankind stumbling to the point of killing our own needs help to save us from ourselves. Hard to deny the appeal of someone, or ones turning back the evil men do. Right? it helps to enjoy sci-fi too I'll and I do enjoy sci-fi when it's done on a high level.

    The new series Marvel's Agents of starts out with this pilot episode with some promise. The story, which is of course two paths, is made to play into the current belief that we are being pushed toward a new one world order which as of 2013 seems to be more truth than John Birch Society propaganda. While . is part of that coming "peace on earth" thing it's early to say if they're totally white, grey, or what. I take it to believe they are white, . the good guys. Anyway, there's powers that be that are clearly dark and possess some super-human ability and in this pilot episode they coop a down and out single dad who after suffering an injury is now laden with superpowers, but at a cost. The victim is named Mike and he is struggling to give life's good things to his son, but the world seems bent on keeping him down as he can't even find work though he tries. What Mike doesn't know is that he is just a pawn in someone's desire to incite fear and further their black agenda. As he goes about this difficult life he manages to save a woman from a raging fire. His attempts to do the right thing, while not revealing his superhuman abilities,, exposes him. Enter Sky, a kind of clean-cut free-lance blogger/hacker, who puts her video of the "hooded hero" jumping from high with the supposed random woman he saves in arms. While the entire cast has the right "good looks", Sky is the only immediately lovable character. Perhaps this is meant to be? As it stands, time will tell how the other casting hits or misses.

    The nitty-gritty is that Agents of . has potential, but doesn't yet stand on greatness whereas it will have broad appeal . adolescent through adult). As a mature sci-fi loving adult I found the story, if classic darkness versus good, interesting due in general to the New World Order thing and in particular through Mike's brilliant diatribe wherein he describes the dream we are "sold" being subverted by powers beyond the everyman's control. While the show rides on pure fantasy there some undeniable truth underpinning the ride. And in the end it's about the ride of which this pilot just isn't clearly an outright winner. A guess here is it will take up to a half-dozen episodes to know so, for now, I think I'm in.

  • Nice!!

    It had a great ot
  • Good but I feel I may need from it.

    I am always dubious of new shows which have a sci-fi/fantasy theme. They have a tendency to either be very over the top and far fetched that you cannot gel with it, or they are slow and boring which means you have to force yourself to watch. Rarely do they ever get it right at the start.

    This sadly was the former and not the latter... Riding on the back of the Avengers movie I had high hopes that we would have a couple of average superheros, not your Iron Man types, but a couple of people with a few nice abilities who where part of a SHEILD team there to save the world. What we got instead is yet another covert government style department with a bunch of fanciful tech which is way over the top. Even their plane seems to have Tardis like abilities as it seems massive inside and way too big for the size of the plane they are actually in to me.

    The interactions where somewhat predicable. Ward was uninspiring and too much like Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible - so much so that you could have put Tom Cruise in there and he would have played the character perfectly. The Fitz/Simmonds team where... well.... tell you what I will skip over them as they where in my eyes the worst part of the show. Overt the top, too smart, too in your face. Sorry they where just bad from start to finish and my end up killing the show for me.

    Melinda and Culson where the two with the most promise. There are dark edges to both which if explored could lead to some interesting story lines. I would like to know what really happened to Culson and what he doesn't know.

    But the worst part... The end. Okay I can accept "Lola" being an old car and Culson's pride and joy. That is fine and I get that. But to suddenly turn it into a hover car at the end to get back to the plane on time? I am sorry, that was just way too much. It was like taking a nice sweet cake and then covering it in the most sickly sweet cream covering and telling someone to eat it all. That was just a massive divebomb.

    I will watch a couple more episodes but personally I am not holding my breath. Based on this episode I do not think the new seasons of Revolution / Arrow or Once Upon A Time have to worry about not getting my full attention and love.
  • Best Pilot Series So Far

    Like The Plot But Need At Least 1 Superheroes
  • What a ride

    It was a very lovely and entertaining introduction of the team and it established a hell of a platform. I can't really decide who is my favorite character, it's a 3 way tie between Fitz, Simmons and Ward. I liked also the interactions and energies between the characters. I just hope Agent Coulson doesn't turn into the kind of character that makes me quit shows. Overall, a treat.
  • May improve

    I liked the episode. It was not the best premiere I've ever seen or something amazing but I enjoyed it.

    The acting was good enough and the gadgets were the cheesy kind you would expect from . I just hope the writers make a better dialogue, because so far it is somewhat lacking.
  • Coulson lives!

    Three SHIELD orignals - Coulson, Agent Hill and Lola - join forces with classic Whedon's archetypes: the strong female character (Skye), the handsome man of mystery (Agent Ward), the brooding warrior making up for his past mistakes (in this case, a female warrior Melinda May), and the nerd-rookie (Fitz-Simmons team) to create TV magic.

    The current crisis gels the blend in a solid action-adventure piece that focusses on the mystery of what happened to Phil, the recruitment process of Sky and this team of ordinary people that entertain for the entire hour.
  • Barf Barf

    Really looked forward to this but it is crap. It annoyed the hell out of me, I have seen it multiple times before and it has the same cheesiness around it like heroes and the 4400. The dialogues were lame, acting was meh, no, not checking this again.
  • Yawn.

    Felt forced and predictable. Actors were not believable. Will not be watching rest season. Haven't we seen this done better before with real actors? Why are so many people buying into this? I don't get it. Mix "Alphas" with "Heroes" and but an inferior cast together. Now let's slap the MARVEL label on it to hide the stink and this is a HIT!. C'mon man, this could be sooooooo much better. Disappointed in Fanboys inability to see through the BS, just because they want a MARVEL show. Be honest, It wasn't good.

  • Fun Fun FUN!!

    very awesome pilot. great characters, great action and intriguing storylines. honestly, this show might probably never be up to par with other shows like Game of thrones and breaking bad,however ,it reminded me of one simple fact: TV can be fun again.

    admittedly the show had some cheesy moments, case and point ""Flying car"" BUT for me that actually wasn't too much of a stretch because the TONE had been well established in the 1st 10 min. this is the world of tony stark and thor, like why not??.

    the show was very funny and goofy but they might wanna tone it down a little. and balance out the dark and light moments because it mind be very hard to take things like death very seriously. i really look forward to the next episode, i'm sure the action will have toned down significantly but the story and banter could keep it afloat.
  • A let-down

    With so much hype, I was expecting more. It wasn't terrible, but simply fell flat for me. The plot was uninteresting, the characters were not compelling, and the attempts at humor felt forced. I'll keep watching because the concept should have potential, but it barely held my interest. Some shows come right out of the gate and grab ahold of you in the first episode, this wasn't one of those. For that reason, for now I put it in the same bag as say Revolution or Terra Nova or Last Resort, shows that also had a lot of hype and a lot of potential but really have yet to live up to it.
  • AOS vs X-Men and warehouse 13

    Marvel's agent of shield is kind of a spin-off to X-men and warehouse 13. On this pilot episode we see them battling mutants (Xmen) and using weird alien gadgets (warehouse 13) but the show live uped to the hype... i hope the writers don't pull out all the stops in just 3 seasons i want this show to be long but still exciting
  • Don't Touch Lola.

    Agents of SHIELD is coming at the perfect time.

    Network TV is flooding with rehashes of the same old same old cop and lawyer procedurals. Serial dramas with potential such as Revolution and The Following fall under the weight of their own concepts with poor writing decisions, bad acting, or bad characters in general. Rare bits of quality from a network that can bring it back to it's glory days of 24 and Lost such as Last Resort gets put into a poor timeslot and cancelled before it can even get a full first season. Meanwhile cable keeps putting out well received, award winning hits such as Breaking Bad, Homeland, Game of Thrones, among plenty of others.

    The movie side of Hollywood is not much different. Series reboots, cop movies, conspiracy movies, action movies, romantic comedies. All played by either Tom Cruise or Matt Damon or someone big like that. One of the best examples of thriving in Hollywood is Marvel, bringing it's classic superheroes and turning them into mega hits. Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers to bring them all together.

    So it makes sense, with Marvel being owned by Disney and Disney owning ABC, that they would try and spread the wealth to TV as well by focusing on some of the less developed aspects of the movies and fleshing them out a bit. When I looked through the list of new shows coming up, this was the only thing that stood out to me because of how good the movies are.

    So did it live up to it's potential? and no.

    Let's start with the good. The production values were definitely very good for a TV show. TV has much smaller budgets than movies do, so I didn't exactly expect it to go crazy on the action but it pleasantly surprised me in that department. Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson was awesome as he is in the movies, and Chloe Bennet is SMOKIN. Seriously, even if this was so bad I would have to give it a 1/10, I would continue watching every week just for her.

    I have never seen another Joss Whedon TV show, but one thing I noticed from The Avengers was how the character dialogue and interaction was excellent. Each character had their own wit and the one-liners were for the most part well written.

    Now let's talk about the bad. The characters. We got them all here. The good looking badass guy who's too-cool-for-school. The grumpy asian who doesn't do much or say much besides look pissed all the time. The socially awkward analyst. The also socially awkward helper of the socially awkward analyst. And of course my . The hot chick. The best character that isn't Coulson purely because of her hotness.

    Honestly most (but granted, not all) of these characters just felt like a rehash of the cast of NCIS in how they act and more importantly how they interact. I know these characters are MEANT to be light hearted and fun, but the Marvel movies do drama with charm much better. Just look at Iron Man. Funny and witty, but he's actually a really torn soul inside. Iron Man 3 is humor done right.

    My opinion on the acting is kind of flat. It wasn't good, it wasn't bad. (Except for Skye. She was GOOD. Get what I'm but seriously she was actually the best of the bunch in acting. She spoke with enthusiasm and self confidence and showed that she has capabilities as an actress. Chloe Bennet, if you're reading this, know that you are doing very well so far.

    The plot itself was also kind of bland. I can forgive this though because the main focus of any procedural pilot isn't to have a good plot, it's to get the characters together. Some procedural pilots are better than others (Burn Notice for example, before it became serialized, had a brilliant Pilot that set up it's procedural aspects) but it served it's purpose. This is a show about non-super powered humans entering into the super powered world.

    The episode and the show was far from perfect, and Chloe Bennet is much of the reason why I will continue watching, but for her seriously good looks and her enthusiasm as an actress. But I still think the show has potential to be something special, and if it can get past it's growing pains it will become the best successful ow on Network TV in a long time.

    (RIP Last Resort)
  • You can't take the SKYE from me, since I've found s--hield?

    This was a blast! Joss Whedon is back to the silver-screen after his gargantuan superhero mash-up, The Avengers, and all is right with the world again. As is the standard with Whedon shows, the cast, for the most part, are all immediately likeable and funny, the action is fast-paced and suitably epic in scale; this pilot slots perfectly in with the current Marvel mythos. I had more than my fair share of Firefly flashbacks, with the hellicarrier very reminiscent of a certainly Firefly cargo vessel from the little show that was, the big ensemble cast, and a very fine and surprising piece of casting with Sheppard Book! It's a very well-produced pilot, the FX work top of the line, you can certainly see the money behind this pilot on-screen. Overall, while this is a fairly light-weight episode, though are a couple of neat twists, the script may suffer slightly from joke-overload syndrome (the hazard of three scribes working on the one episode). Overall, Joss Whedon delivers one-liners and likeable characters aplenty (Skye is a perfect mix of Cordy, Faith and Fred), with an intriguing arc bubbling underneath all of the super heroics and spy-action galore!
  • Got some FAIL moments and a bit of bad acting but looks interesting...


    My god... Skye... That was SO bad acting at the first half of the episode, why? It got better on the other half, though... And Grant had some bad moments too.

    Now, talking about FAIL moments, Mike is hit on his back with a piece of metal and he doesn't even flinch. Instead, the metal bends. But then, this Grant kicked him and Mike fell on the ground. Hahahaha! And then a bullet penetrated him? Dear writers, why didn't you just omit that scene with the bending metal? You ruined the episode...

    Well... Despite those disappointing moments and an initial let down since I was expecting more, the show is more than watchable and I will stick with it, after all you can't judge it with the Pilot only aired. Phil is pure enjoyment, visual effects are OK, the comedy element is good, the story seems interesting, the pace of the story seems quick, it won't drag out... I won't rate the general series with just an episode, I will wait till the end of the season, but I will be rating and reviewing each episode for sure.

    PS. I loved the nerd "couple", the episode was worth it just to see them!
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