Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Season 1 Episode 21


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 06, 2014 on ABC

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  • Garrets BIG secret!

    We learn the deep connection between Garret and Ward, and we also find out Garrets BIG secret!
  • motivations

    This is how this series should be. I hope it continues like this.

    We find out about the motivations of some of the guys on the side of Hydra. Flowers is in it for the scientific curiosity, Peterson for the safety of his son, Garrett, because he became disillusioned with Shield and their treatment of their agents ( and he has a point, as some former episodes have shown us, when the leaders had no qualms in sacrificing a few agents. We now know the point of theses episodes, which have also shown us that Coulson is different) and to save his life. The most difficult one is Ward. We are shown some flashbacks of his past and the beginning of his relationship with Garrett. I think these show us the subtle way Garrett began to influence his decisions. Fitz believes Ward is coerced into his actions, the other ones think he is just evil, but I think it is more difficult than that and the flashbacks give us a little insight. We can see just how much Ward loves Garrett when he is almost dying and how much he regards him as a father figure, as someone who actually thinks he is worth something. It might take a lot for Ward to let go of that relationship and make his own decisions and I think that would only be possible if he had someone else who would love him and see the good points in him. I don't think he is beyond redemption. We also see that Garrett hasn't got rid of all of Ward's "weakness" , his empathy for others. Ward doesn't tell him what Flowers found out about Skye, he actually lied about that and I think he choose a method to get rid of Fitz and Simmons ( I think Garrett meant to outright kill them) that might give them a chance.

    We also get some fun scenes in this episode. Coulson and May pretending to be Fitz and Simmons was just hilarious. Great line "large file transfer" and then a metal container came crashing down the building. And the old spy stuff they used was just cool.

    I hope that they don't defeat Hydra in the next episode and go back to normal Shield.
  • Ragtag

    This felt more like an episode of Burn Notice than Agents of SHIELD, but that's fine I suppose. Finally the show has a point and is giving us a lot of action in the field. That's all they ever needed to do from day one to get me hooked.
  • Ragtag

    This show delivered again a fantastic episode with lots of action and development. I'm not quite sure how I feel about Ward's backstory. Yes, he had a troubled and crappy childhood and was on his own but what Garrett did to him was not better and it doesn't explain his loyalty to Garrett. But the set up of this episode has me excited for the finale. And c'mon ABC, renew it already!
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