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  • Looks like someone got out the spice weasel, Bam...

    Thought this show was OK when it first started, definitely something to watch. Then it started getting better. But it has now turned a huge corner with the whole Hydra story. I personally think it's great that they don't get involved with all the Avengers, as Coulson and his crew are great. But it would be a great touch if the Captain turns up for a bit part here and there.

    Can't wait for the next couple of episodes. This show must best continue after season one.
  • I love this show! My wife hates this show!

    Thank goodness for DVRs. I like the cool technology and each character is well formed and the actors/actresses are great! In my senior years, I don't remember much about MARVEL this is cool.
  • From 'really nice', to 'amazing'

    I went into this series without any expectations. I saw most of the Marvel Studio movies, and one trailer of AOS. I didn't know of this series until a couple of weeks ago. So I did not expect to see Marvel-superheroes every episode. I expected a series with actual humans, who would deal with superpowered humans, with alien stuff and other 'weird' stuff. When I saw the first episode, I did not know yet if I were gonna like it. What if they were just gonna save a newbie superpowered guy - like Mike - every episode? That would be really boring.

    But no, every episode after the pilot turned out to be a new story, stories I did not expect to see. I couldn't see yet what the leading subject of the season would be, until, gradually, you saw Coulson starting to struggle with his recent events, and Skye also turned out to have quite some things to deal with.

    So, after a couple of really nice and funny, but directionless, episodes, it really started to become interesting. What really happened to Coulson? What's up with Skye being an 0-8-4? And this 'team' (which previously wasn't really a team, as they said themselves multiple times over the first few episodes) finally started to get real close, especially Coulson and Skye (and Fitz and Simmons, obviously), and really FEEL like a team.

    Some of the characters could use some more 'deepening', but I really like the feeling of getting to know them really slowly. Some series just jump into the background of all characters, but AOS doesn't. Sometimes that means that a characters like Ward can come off as a little boring, but in real life you don't get to know everyone around you and all of their secrect just like that, so I like that they didn't throw all of their characters backgrounds at us in just the first few episodes. I'm still excited to see how some of them will turn out in maybe a season or two.

    I'm really looking forward to the last couple of episodes of this season, and then, hopefully, they will announce a second season, because - in my eyes - this really has a lot of potential. :)

    April 3rd: and it's getting better and better and better... I'm even considering changer my 8,5 into a 9. At least. :)
  • watch

    Marvel's Agents of Shield is far from perfect. Many fans criticized the show for not being "Marvel" enough, however the show is slowly taking viewer's advice. With Mike Peters becoming Deathlok; Agent Maria Hill, Nick Fury, and Lady Sif making appearances; Donnie Gill from episode 12 becoming a version of Blizzard; Bill Paxton becoming Agent John Garrett; the strange blue alien at the end of episode 14; and future tie-ins with Marvel movies (like Captain America: The Winter Soldier) the show is genuinely trying to improve. With each passing week, Agents of SHIELD is becoming a more fully developed show; after many episodes it has finally managed to redeem itself. The show's characters are generic, to say the least, but they have been changing for the better. I get that fans want to have more Marvel superheroes and stuff in the episodes, and I agree with that, but it's a bit too much to ask for people like Robert Downey Jr and Scarlet Johansson to appear on the show. Another initial problem with SHIELD was that it had "case of the week"-like episodes. There was no overall story arc (a problem Fox's Almost Human faced). Now though, there is Centipede and the Clairvoyant.

    I liked the references to the Marvel Phase One group of movies with plot elements like Extremis. While I had my doubts when I watched the first episode, I think this show is good now and I now highly recommend it. I think it's better than The Avengers and the show has potential. I like the plot twists in the episodes and the premises. I think they should merge the Marvel One-Shot "Item 47" with this; that would be cool.

    I personally always liked the show, despite all its faults. I think a big problem was that some people had really high expectations for this show, and those high expectations weren't met. I get that, because I had high expectations for The Avengers and Iron Man 3, and I was disappointed when they weren't met. High expectations can ruin otherwise great films/TV shows, so I recommend that if you don't alreadydon't expect too much from this show. If you liked this review, read my other reviews on a wide variety of movies and TV shows by clicking on my name and mark this review as helpful. Remember, every vote counts and I'd really appreciate it.

  • I really wanted to like this

    Unfortunately this is one of the most empty shows on TV right now. I couldn't even finish the first episode and that is rare for me as I usually just wait it out. I think the point at which I couldn't take it any more was during the truth serum scene. Please watch episode 4 of Hannibal season 2 for some reference as to what this scene could look like had the show some depth.

    I find the characters really shallow too.. Anyways, back to waiting for the next episode of Hannibal!
  • I wanted to like it

    I want to start this off by saying yes, I'm a huge fan of the movies. I love what Marvel has done with the world and the story-building and tying it all together.

    I just wish some of that was evident in this show.

    I came into Agents of SHIELD hoping for exactly what I was promised - no superheros, just ordinary humans dealing with the aftermath of the emergence of powered peoples. I thought it would be fun to see Coulson, the Suit, going around just dealing with high-powered dumbasses who think its fine to fly around causing havoc for the fun of it. I thought a small team of interesting, layered characters would be good for him to bounce that sort of dry, blase character off against.

    What we got however, was five cardboard cutouts and one manic-quirky-nightmare stuck on a plane together, occasionally vomiting long sessions of expositions at each other, while they seem to stumble into the solution to their issues by sheer dumb luck.

    They couldn't even be bothered to come up with more then three templates for their characters - Ward, May and Coulson all fall into the 'Hard, "Witty" Secret Agent' while Fitz and Simmons both slot into 'Proper, accented and slightly quirky scientist' type, and then you have Skye being the 'Obnoxious Free Spirit'. Add to that the unnatural, stilted dialogue and you've got something that looks more like a school trying to put on an unlicensed theater version of some Marvel Back-issue.

    (I should point out, that despite Greggs unkind words towards the fans, I am not placing any blame on the actors here. They work with what they've been

    The over-arching plot is, I'll grant, finally coming into play. But did we need so many episodes of filler and no-issue one-offs? Did we need almost half a year to get to this point? The airing schedule hasn't helped, I'll grant you, but it simply hasn't lived up to its massive potential. Its slow, its stupid (Coulson killing SHIELD agents when he could have used his magical nitenite guns? Sending men in against Lorelei on the first attack even when you've been told that she specifically targets men? Coulson being unhappy about the fact that doctors did everything they could to bring him back?) and its not worth the time to watch it. I sit there, waiting for each ad-break so I have a moment to recover from what I'm sitting through.

    At this point, I'm watching the show to the end of the season to make sure it doesn't tie-in anything essential to upcoming movies (unlikely) and then I probably wont be returning for the second season, if it - god forbid! - gets renewed.
  • Super spys,not super-heroes

    I'm so fed up with people complaining about this show:its too boring,I don't like the characters,it's not enough Marvel-connected,they should put some they realize that this is not a super-hero show?That this is the same univerese but different stories?Let it be....
  • hope this show goes on

    I love this show and I hope that the writers will start to give the character origins stories soon
  • Growing, getting better and better

    The original plan of the writers appears to be slowly unveil the characters to the public, and with the general reaction of the public, it appears they are speeding up the process and gaining momentum, it seems to be worth waiting to see the unfolding of this story !
  • Just Finished Watching Season Online

    I had already committed to 2 other shows and wasn't able to record a 3rd during the regular season. So, I decided to look over shows I had missed, and am most pleased with Agents of SHIELD. Perhaps it is because I watched the entire season in less than a week, but those people who gave it a low score had too many expectations that this would be an existing Marvel comic scripted for TV. It is anything but boring. The only episode that was mildly disappointing was 0-8-0. Unexpected strengths in the team have emerged, and one can see the empathetic connections form between all the team members. The danger of trying to recreate comic book heroes/villains is having to work against preconceived notions about those characters. Previously unknown villains are easier to work into the Marvel universe, and this is a completely separate storyline. So, my advice is to not have any expectations, and enjoy the show. Both the characters and the story line are good and getting better.
  • Broadcast dates are breaking the flow.

    So the show comes back for two episodes at the start of January. Then takes two weeks off, shows another episode then takes another month off. No wonder so many good US shows fail to keep up audience figures. I'm still not sure about this show and the sporadic scheduling is not helping me remember when it's on. On the plus side: Simmons.
  • Getting better and better, stick with it

    I am so invested in each and everyone of these characters. I want to know their backstories while I enjoy evry moment of their new missions. And together they start to feel more and more like a family. I really like that in a show. People that say it lacks "Marvel" just have to accept that it's different. But good different. And it's getting better. This has easily become one of my favourtie shows.
  • they were lucky to get Samuel for a cameo

    I think a lot of people don't realise is that this series costs a lot of money to make. They were lucky to get Samuel L for a cameo, that couldn't have been cheap. I think Josh Whedon should stop licking his wounds from the disaster which was Firefly and get on with the job in hand.

    Apart from Coulson and Skye the characters are a bit wooden,
  • I never expected Iron Man and Thor

    but is it unreasonable to expect Hawkeye and/or the Black Widow to show up? There were cameos with Maria Hill and Nick Fury in the first two episodes and there's the rumored cameo by Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner. Maybe Captain America and/or the Falcon can show up now, seeing as how it turns out that Coulson really was dead and Fury didn't actually lie about that. And how about cameos next year by Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch, Ant Man, the Wasp or War Machine? You don't need to see the big four every week but right now it's a bit like watching CSI with Greg Sanders, David Phillips, David Hodges, Henry Andrews, Archie Johnson and Morgan Brody and you're wondering where Jim Brass, Nick Stokes, Sara Sidle, Conrad Ecklie, D. B. Russell and Julie Finlay are. It's as if half the cast were missing and you were just watching the young recruits and lab techs going at it.
  • review

    its Government Firefly agents
  • Review

    Sometimes irritating. I don't like characters ( Skye is my UN-Favourite :P ) , but it has potential, and I remember the first season of Arrow so there is still a lot of place for improvement
  • Agents of SHIELD... Marvel's???

    Don't get me wrong. I like the show, it's one of the few good shows of this season. But the way I see it lacks more Marvel, it needs more Marvel elements. It just doesn't feel like Marvel.
  • Good, but needs better characters.

    Chloe Bennet (Skye) and Clark Gregg (Coulson) are wonderful actors and the only truly well written characters. They are all that's holding the show together atm. We still have high hopes for this show, and hopefully they will add some other more interesting characters soon to fix the problems.

    The idea is sound, the writing is solid, and the production is good overall, but the cast/characters are just too weak and have no depth (other than Coulson & Skye of course). Ming-Na's character is probably just under-written, she probably has more acting potential than is being used in her role as she is currently written. Fitz-Simmons is a fun support character duo, but they really do need more strong main characters on the team. My family is trying to figure out what the show needs, bc it's just not good enough to be very enjoyable as it is. All we can come up with is to add more main well-written characters with more depth. We want to like it, we will wait and see what happens over time.
  • I love it!

    This just amazing show, i just loved it when i watched the first episode of this. Very smart, beautiful, good tv-show. I love superheroes and i loved this one. And i also love Marvel.
  • Had high hopes, but....

    Ever since the first 2 eps, I figured it would pick up the pace and get better, but lately I haven't really kept much interest in the show. They keep dragging out the details and it's getting very frustrating. Even the tiny scraps of detail pisses me off because it isn't enough. They need more character details to make us care about the characters than to see this guy/gal is the brain and that person is the muscle. How about either give up more info now or do a flashback ep featuring the person. That would be the best way for us to get a better understanding of the characters. I fear the more this keeps happening, then I'm just going to give up after the season is over. With everything the comics have, you'd think they'd do more stuff like fighting aim or hydra which are more comparable to an organization like sheild. These case of the week stuff isn't doing it anymore and they should also bring in some of the other shield characters that are more recognized.
  • Is this really Marvel? Is Whedon really involved?

    This show is not compelling enough! It is so average, set in the Marvel universe and this is the material you can come up with? THIS DOESN'T FEEL LIKE MARVEL! THIS DOESN'T FEEL LIKE WHEDON. I was excited for this show and it has been such a let down. FORTUNATELY there's The Tomorrow People, Almost Human and my usual faves. I'm still hoping this show gets it together somehow.
  • Just when you can't sleep!!

    Tune into this show and you will be guaranteed to fall asleep within the first 15 mins
  • Is it worth it?

    You know you love Joss Whedon when each week you fight yourself to continue watching this show.

    I grew up with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, as my two first tv shows and they in turn set me on a path to watch tenfolds more. I have faith in Joss' capabilities and even though I can't quite tune in on the frequency that this show is going on, I do believe that in time, I will be able to. What I think needs to happen first is: character development (a lot of it) and we all know if there's one thing Joss exceeds at, it's just that...

    Secondly: they really, really need a big bad and most preferably someone known or lesser known (but still known) in the Marvel universe! Like Kingpin or some secret organization; I'm well aware that they've already set us up with that but let's be honest here, that was too forgettable. I barely remember anything from that setup at all.

    When I start seeing a change and when I can't wait for the next episode the moment the one I'm watching ends, that's when I'll change my score.
  • I wanted to like it.

    Look I went into this really wanting to like it. The acting quality is poor (think Power Rangers), The story-lines are nothing we haven't seen done elsewhere a whole lot better (Heroes or Alphas) and is probably something maybe little kids would enjoy (again think Power Rangers). Not sure why FANBOYS are yet again in full force to defend a show that is quite frankly boring. We should all demand better than this.
  • Agents Shield tides us over, between movies! !!!!!!

    Was a bit sceptical at first, but truly love the show. I love the correlation between the show and the movies, it's like the small connections between the movies themselves. The cast has grown on me, and can't believe ratings have dropped. I look forward to watching the show, each week. I hope it stays on, all the way through the MCU phase 3 of movies.
  • Yes, more please!

    I love this show.

    You can't go into a television show expecting it to be like the Marvel movies. It's not. It's television - high quality, funny, television. Clark Gregg is an understated comedy genius, and this show is classic Joss Whedon. It has action, comedy, three dimensional characters and heartfelt relationships. What more could you want?
  • Why is Coulson alive you ask?

    @GrrtWill: You watched last episode and still complain about Coulson? The only thing he ever told was that he was on Tahiti and that "It is a magical place". He i saying this like he was primed to it. This was shown when he was asked last episode and stopped for a split-second mid sentence.

    In the ending of this episode he wanted access to files about him self and they told him he has no right to get it.

    I want to know how he was ressurected (Maybe cloned by Prof. Miles Warren).

    I like it that they dont feed us with cameos. I love watching Agents of SHIELD and thining about the fact that this show is canon to the movies. This means that everything that we find out about the world could be used in the movies.

    Sorry for my bad english
  • Fringe meets Marvel

    Don't go into this show expecting to see Iron Man or Thor, or really any of the biggies- that's not what this show is about.

    It's simply using that world and those events as the context for this show- the only actual character overlap is Caulson (plus the occasional cameo from Colbie or Sam).

    TBH I'm pleasantly surprised that the show isn't simply trying to feed off the movies. The main focus is rather on the characters that make this new team of "normal" people in an increasingly uncanny world.

    So far, it's been a case-of-the-week style show that has yet to introduce any major antagonist- but it's okay because we've been exploring these characters through minimal exposition, and mostly through team dynamics and crisis management. I'm particularly pleased with the ways that each team members' unique strengths are consistently demonstrated, and useful to solving their problems.

    I was skeptical, but I'm very happy with what I've see so far!
  • Untapped Potential and Headscratchers Galore

    It's set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is inspired loosely by the darker undertones of the Ultimates alternate universe (although Hulk is yet to be a cannibal, and the X-Men have not been inducted yet), so there's a lot of ground to cover. Of course, it's not about the ones we should be watching the show for, but it's rather about measly . agents who take on scenarios that wouldn't be out of place in the late sci-fi program 'Fringe'. It should pay more mind to the universe it is set in, but it feels like it is in a time warp somehow. I long for the day that Iron Man or Hulk appear and show these suits how things should really get done.

    My main problem with the show is that it has almost no identity of its own, and the premise, while economical (could you imagine anyone being able to afford an entire season featuring Samuel L. Jackson or Robert Downey let alone both of them, in every episode? Just thinking of that is a mind screw), is not intriguing. Why should we care about these characters? While Fitz & Simmons received the only plausible character development so far in the previous episode, everyone else is flat as can be. Also, the rather vague explanations as to why, let alone how Coulson survived being impaled through the heart by Loki's scepter in The Avengers.

    I know that it's a show about rather ordinary human beings (skilled ones at that) dealing with various sci-fi events, most of them tied into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and in some cases expanding it, not always for the better mind you), but I want to see another cameo from a major player. I'm not interested in the unbelievable Skye, Ward is too stoic to care about, Ming-na might as well be Ward because she's arguably more effective in her talents, and Coulson really shouldn't be alive. Fitz & Simmons are the most likeable, not to mention most distinct of the cast yet they're minor players in comparison to the aforementioned characters. And the show has a similar episodic structure to the early days of the somewhat lackluster Smallville; throw a whole new enemy/villain & opening incident for every episode and hope we don't lose interest because, you know, who wants an arcing storyline that expands into successive episodes?

    And unlike The Avengers before it, it doesn't strike a fantastic balance in seriousness & comedy. In fact, it is rather pale and lifeless, not knowing what it really is. Is it a sci-fi serial? Is it a comic book adaptation made into a series? Is it a dramedy? Is it a spy thriller? Or is it all of those things? Perhaps I should call it a rip-off of the unjustly cancelled Fringe, with a Marvel Cinematic Universe tinge, because that's what it is so far.

    I'll keep watching for a while longer, but until they remind us that they are indeed in the same universe as the Hulk, or even Iron Man, I'm going to lose interest fast. I don't want this to happen but I have to be honest, it's not living up to its mantle.
  • Boring

    Bad characters, bad jokes, bad stories, no backstory... Whedon, where are you? It can only get better

    By the way, people claim for superheroes, superpowers, but they're agents of shield, not avengers...

    Edit: Episode 5 slightly better
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