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  • Awesome!

    I think this show is great plus a great thing for Marvel to do, while the show has it's obvious own agenda I really like how it connects with the movies that come out and throws a little insight into that as well I think this show will run for many seasons to come. all characters are very easy likeable even the villains and I just don't see the show getting bad ratings or getting dropped. I look forward each week to new episodes I think this show rivals any other hour long running show out there.
  • Loved it

    I remember watching the premiere episode when it first aired on TV but surprisingly it didn't grab my attention and I never bothered to watch the rest of the season. However during the Christmas holidays when I was off for a few days I started watching the first couple of episodes and got absolutely hooked! Literally I couldn't stop watching! I ended up buying the first half of season 2 on ITunes because I could not get enough of the show. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens in the second half of season 2.
  • What?! What?! On point

    On point! I had to pause to come and review. Awesome show. it should be getting above a 9 as an overall. Feel of the movies. Badass. Arrow and flash can't compare. I feel them all. And the Ward twist is the best part; someone you worked with at the beginning now your greatest enemy (Best adaption for tv). Glad they didn't kill him off. On point again!

    After watching a bit more, I had to come again! On point! Still not finished

    Just finished. A bit mellow now after the end. But I have hopes that the outcome won't be ask I think thinking of the blacklist
  • Agents of .

    Agent Daisy revealed why she was building the "Secret Warriors" team in an exclusive video for Marvel's "Agents of Season 3 Episode 2, entitled "Purpose in the
  • one of my favorite

    Always had good ideas. Always has been a good show. Really love it
  • An action packed hollywood adventure in every episode!

    This is an awesome show! Every epidose has the feel of the marvel movies, and I love the characters! Can't wait for the next season!
  • Didn't like the first half of S1, but then it suddenly became one of my favorite shows.

    The 1st half of S1 dragged out a bit because it felt like there was no continuity, like all the episodes were it's own. The long breaks between didn't help either. But in the 2nd half of S1, everything got so much better.

    The only thing I was slightly disappointed with was that Maria Hill didn't become the director, however I guess that was not possible with her filming Avengers. I love Clark Gregg though, so I'm happy.

    Season 3 can't get here fast enough!
  • No Cheesy scenes like The Flash

    I'm a comic book fan and when the show was announced I set my expectations low for this one because I felt that the producers were just capitalizing with the popularity of the Marvel movies. This show was totally not what I expected. The producers weren't capitalizing on the popularity of the Marvel movies, they were actually exploring an interesting story line and did great with it. It is a show based from the comic books but not like the ones we have seen so far on tv. It is not like the overwhelming teenage drama like smallville or the drowning girl drama of the flash. This is simply an action packed tv show full of kickass fight scenes with an interesting story line that takes place in a huge cinematic universe and with good enough character development and a nice touch of romantic drama. This show should be the standard for how superhero tv shows are made.
  • The show needs....

    Maria Hill. Seriously. Shield is destroyed. It needs a real director and Coulson is not that. Frankly, the show needs to steer away from the command chain of the organization to being just part of a larger scheme. Maybe the story got big too soon. They need to clarify a lot of things. It'd be a shame to see this end without the story properly tie loose ends.
  • thing about last episode(s02e16) that i dont understand..

    Phil Coulson try to steal a plane from real . with taking help of hunter and hunter doesn't know how to fly one of it.. then can anyone please explain me that how hunter did escape from real if any one remember that he took a plane an flee away.. and its untraceable also.. what did he do with that plane and how did he even fly that plane?
  • fingerprints of marvel all over it

    For season one, it took just a little patience. I wanted that "shock and awe" right away but like all worthy pieces, we have to get to know the players and the situation. Once you get through that, the show really starts to pick up. The intensity and the suspense continue to trend upwards with each episode. Eventually I was hooked. Season one really built up to an excellent and compelling end. Season two picks up right on cue and does not disappoint. In some ways its better. Agent Colson brings the familiar comfort of a character we all know and love while other characters we've all encountered before in different "places" show up and really strengthen that feeling that I'm watching a "Marvel" story. For broadcast television and if you're a fan of Marvel, you can't go wrong.
  • Loving it!

    The whole family loves this show! Only downside is lately there has been a lot of shaky camera scenes, makes us a bit dizzy.
  • I didn't like it... and then I did! It's enjoyable if you stick with it through the beginning...

    I actually watched about half the first season and didn't care much about the show but suddenly I realized I was addicted. It took me a while to 'connect' with the show which was unexpected since I grew up reading comic books, but after a while I had to know what would happen next. It doesn't have anywhere near as much superhero-y action as you would expect to see in the Marvel universe, considering that heroes regularly fly or we have mutants shooting beams of energy from whatever orifice it comes out of in your average comic, but I guess this is more about . and that aspect is consistent with the comics (despite the entirely different looking Nick Fury).
  • Tedious

    Having read the comic since its beginnings in the early 70's and even dealing with a retconned Nick Fury, all I can say about the show is, Oh my god is it tedious & boring! Other than May & Colson, I want all the characters to die!
  • update!!

    please release the ep11 of s02.
  • For a very unrealistic show, it's actually quite good.

    As in, it's enjoyable. Not just for comic-book fans like myself, but I would recommend Agents of to just about anyone. Does it have its flaws? Yes, especially in season 1. But nonetheless, it has a great pace of action, you catch an attachment to the characters & it has a sort of Firefly feeling to it (Firefly fans will know what I mean by that)... Oh and I wasn't Skye's biggest fan at first either, found her way too emotional but she grew on me and is even funny at times.
  • Still in Luv with but...

    I watched from Ep one and I will be watching to the end, which I hope is a loooong time from now. I have noticed of late that the glib one liners and sense of fun is a little lacking. Yes, I know the whole Hydra story line is going to be hard to get a chuckle from but I miss the to and fro between the main characters who are a little bit too intent and far less flippant, or is it just me ?

    Ok, so I thought Skye was annoying me the first episod; I guess they plan on having her annoy us this entire season. S02E05
  • Loving this show

    Love the many twists and turns with long term plot development that at times takes almost the entire season to resolve. The characters are all interesting and very little is predictable. Loving it!
  • This show is actually pretty damn good.

    I've always been a fan of Joss Whedon (Jed + Maurissa too!) and I loved The Avengers, so Agents of SHIELD seemed right up my alley and it is. It's got the action, the family dynamic that Whedon is famous for in his shows, the bond between the characters are actually pretty strong right off the bat and only gain for traction as the show goes on, there's also classic themes like love, trust, and betrayal. The MCU Films are connected to the show, which actually furthers the "big picture" plot between movies and adds superheroes and villains like 'Deathlock' and 'Quake' and the occasional appearance by Nick Fury and Maria Hill. Season 2 is about to be on hiatus but so far so good.
  • I liked this show to start now I LOVE it!

    This show started slow but the end of season1 and the start of season 2 have been wonderful and wow what a great mid season finale. I've loved the slow reveal of who Skye is and of her character development. The season finale answered many of the questions and left us with an entirely new set of questions for the remaining episodes of season 2. I can't wait until March. anyone with a time machine? I would pay dearly for for just a jump of just a few months forward.
  • Wheadon's Back. And We Have Missed him.

    I just rewatched "The Things We Bury", an episode dense enough for one to miss some of the details. On second viewing I was struck by how brilliant some of the dialogue was. Skye's suitors -- Daddy doctor and the lovesick psychopath, Grant Ward -- had the juiciest parts. Indeed, the Ward character becomes ever more fascinating with each episode, a dramatic change from the James Bland character of good guy Ward in season one. And Kyle McLachlan's yet to be named character is as complex a villian (?) as you'd ever want to love or hate.

    But almost every character had chance to shine in this one. Adrianne Palicki's Bobbi Morse had a chance to strut her skills in the interrogation room, but it was the tiny bits of dialogue between her and Lance Hunter (Nick Blood ... the actor's name is even cooler than the character's) that really made me smile.

    Bobbi; You think I would do that? I can't argue a man to suicide!

    Lance: Clearly you haven't been in an argument with yourself, then. You had him right where you wanted him ...

    Bobbi: What is it you want to know, huh ... I'll tell you.

    Lance; It doesn't matter what I ask. I can't trust the answer.

    Bobbi: Write that sentence down. Hand it to your therapist!

    And you could almost feel a collective cheer from the viewership as Iain De Caestecker's beloved character of Fitz begins to recover from the brain injury.

    Fitz: I've got it down to 7 minutes, 20 seconds.

    Coulson: (Dramatically) That's not good enough.

    Fitz: (Flippantly) No, that's with my bad hand. With both I can do it ... definitely.

    The characters of Tripp and Mack were somewhat in the shadows in this episode, but both showed slightly uncharacteristic behaviour -- Tripp's almost fawning admiration of Coulson and Mack's whining about Coulson's instability -- that hint at some future breech or betrayal. But whom? Tripp's character is the more prickly of the two, but Mack's almost heroic support of Fitz gives us pause to wonder whether he might not be too good to be true. Simmons clearly has an issue with him, although that's easy enough to explain away as resentment over his replacing her as Fitz's anchor throughout the trauma of recovery.

    The internal dynamics of this "team" of heroes/losers really is fascinating and far more subtle than one has come to expect from science fiction. Indeed, one has difficulty figuring out which team each character is truly playing for. It's not about the sort of simple lies and betrayals that drive high-class soaps like "Game of Thrones" or "Homeland". It's about the complexity of human morality and the subtleties of human frailty.

    The improvement of the second season, over the initial episodes of the first, is just short of miraculous. Each and every new characters adds depth to a story that just keeps getting deeper.

    I have niggling resentments over the emotional manipulations that the writers so skilfully play. Like most "fans" I was gob-stopped to see certain characters arrive and then quickly desist, like the Lucy Lawless and Chloris Lachman characters but, hey, they brought Patton Oswalt and Cobie Smulders back. Anything is possible in a Marvel universe.

    Creator Joss Wheadon's reputation for blending humour, sci-fi, and drama with such ease, won't be hurt by Agents Of even if it doesn't have the run of Buffy or Angel. It has the same aura of basic humanity that permeate everything he has done. Firefly fans won't be disappointed. It may not have quite the same epic appeal as that woefully mistreated classic, but it is the same class .. as in First.

  • It's Marvelous

    I see a few people whining but i also see that most of us find it great!
  • MARVELous Agents of SHIELD

    Season 2 is definitely THE season!!!! It has matured, its storytelling has advanced, the plot is better than ever! I honestly hope it continues like that!
  • Good Episode

    I loved this episode because it gave us a break from all the serious things and I found that it was very funny but also showed us that there is still some serious things to come. LOVED IT!!!!! :D
  • Good start

    I feel that Season 2 has come back with a good start, but feel that to much attention is being put on the over all season story.

  • Free show Ideas

    I really like this show, so I'm willing to give them a few really good ideas to revive the show for free.

    *SPOILER ALERT* if you haven't watched the latest episode.

    I know that right now, the show is laying out some ground work to set up for the "big plot"(I think it's supposed to be when Skye meets her father), but they have to do more to keep viewers interested.

    Here are some subplot ideas to keep things interesting:

    -Ward Escapes from the BUS and becomes another threat to SHIELD.

    -Flowers (Reyna) dies as per one of the prophecies (she is killed by protecting Skye, or is used as a plot device to lead to Skye's

    -Simmons is hypnotized by Hydra and is placed back into SHIELD.

    -Fitz's brain starts working properly again after being captured by Hydra (they use a prototype of the caterpillar project serum on So, now he feels a part of Hydra's team instead of SHIELD.

    -Skye makes contact with her father unknowingly (like in a cafe or a mission) or her father starts to do his own dirty work, and the real shadowed "villain" that Reyna is talking to isn't Skye's father (only a stand

    -Coulson becomes suspicious of an unidentifiable enemy, only to find out that it's him carrying out the prophecy he has carved out unknowingly.

    -Peterson reappears, but it is unclear who he is working with or what his motives are.

    I still have hope for this series, but they just have to move the plot faster. Action/Thriller plots usually move faster than dramas to propel the action sequences, so Marvel's Agents of Shield has to stop dragging their sub-plots, and give the viewers a littler more clarity and resolutions subplot-wise. Not every episode should be a cliff-hanger. Good luck SHIELD Agents, I'm rooting for you!
  • Strike the "tender" moments and earn another star.

    The producers should know better than to waste viewer time with pregnant moments of tenderness between the cast. Nobody cares! This show works best as an action thriller, not a soapy dystopian dirge wanna-be. If Coulson loses it, fine. I don't really care. If Fitz stutters one more time I'm throwing a toaster at the computer. That Ward is locked up somewhere below deck is irrelevant to me. The only thing holding this show together is May and her fighting sequences. In fact, nothing in this show works but the action sequences, which is why they should continue scripting them no matter what the hell it costs. If not, the show's over. Early on in the series, I had much better things to say. You're off course. Fix it.
  • Agents of Shield is so disappointing

    I can't even wrap my head around how this tv show does not make any sense with what is going on in the Cinematic universe. First of all, Agents of Shield's team .. is a joke, the handful of people they have on the team doesn't even look like they can be on the field. The theme behind this show is terrible, one second they are trying to be serious and another second they are joking, within the same scene. The writers on this show is terrible, they should have cancelled this last season, cause I only think it is getting worse. Not only does this agent of shield tv show feel so different from everything else. They just have their hands tied down from the movies that come out in Theater.

    So disappointed with the show.

  • Longmire Cancelled - R U Kidding Me !!!!!!!

    This is the 2nd time this network has cancelled a show on my family with a cliff hanger. We invest out time in your shows, the time thats needed to like a show and when we do you cancel it. Longmire was a good family show with great actors and great story lines. They say it doesn't suit the viewing audience of 19 to 49 years. Well excuse me but there are many many people out there that are 50 to 75 that it does suit. All the reality shows out there watching how stupid someone can be in their everyday life is such bad TV most people live it every day who wants to watch it on TV. If Longmire doesn't come back I will be so done with A & E TV.

    Stop cancelling all the good shows, keep Longmire.

    Debbie Olson

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