Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 2014 on ABC

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  • The race is on to save Skye

    The race is on to save Skye. Coulson must find the place where he was saved so that they may save Skye.
  • Tahiti

    A bad end to the Quinn character, if this is, but this was another solid episode. It had some action, although we still need more, and Garrett's guest spot was solid (again, could have been better).

    If SHIELD can at least maintain this level of quality an audience may start to appear.
  • I thought this was a movie

    this tv series is like it's movie counter-parts. Suspenseful, dramatic and violent the same ratio for any marvel movie
  • Here we go again

    Not exciting enough

    Characters need terminating (Handsome, Skye)

    Where 's Nick Fury?

  • Great Episode. I'd probably like this show if it aired regularly or on a predictable schedule

    11/26, 12/10, 1/7, 1/14, 2/4, 3/4. That's not a regular TV show, that's a monthly special where you have to remember back six months to understand what's going on. I think anyone at Marvel or ABC who acts surprised the ratings are sliding down down down needs to really think about what the cause might be. And it's not the quality of the show.

    I suspect we'll hear this show is not being renewed next year. And when we do finally get to watch all the episodes back-to-back on the inevitable $10 DVD box, a whole lot of people will find that this was a really great show.
  • Another Strong, Supenseful SHIELD Episode That's Making Marvel the Best Studio in the Buiness When it Comes to Entertainment!

    Coulson and the rest of his SHIELD team is desperately looking for a cure to save Skye from dying. In doing so, they team up with Ward's mentor (with a memorable appearance from Bill Paxton), and have to solve the mystery of Coulson's mysterious resurrection in order to save Skye.

    Like with the previous episode, TAHITI is entertainment in the best level. While we obviously know that Skye will make it out in the end (as she's part of the main cast), the way the emotions are handled in the character's life-or-death situation is something that can relate to anyone that's lost a loved one. Clark Gregg probably showcases Coulson in a way that I haven't seen before, as he's wondering whether he should save Skye or not, especially when Skye is not really that human. Bill Paxton's appearance was great for this show (and would like to see more of, cause it would make the show that more awesome), there's great twists that I hope Marvel can resolve in future episodes, and the cliffhanger ending sets the stage great for what hopes to be an epic SHIELD episode, especially when it involves Asgard, a mysterious being named Lorrelai, and Sif from the Thor movies.
  • May goes ham!

    This episode was quite the thrill but also opened up so many questions and left some unanswered! Upon entering the facility I was surprised as to how much I enjoyed seeing John Garrett in this episode. Bill Paxton was awesome!

    A lot went unanswered such as what really went on in the facility and what that blue man had to do with Coulson, not to mention how would the Clairvoyant know what they'd know if it was rigged to blow and how will we find out what really went on since it did blow up. Skye was saved and we still don't know what saved her or what kind of "object of unknown origin" she is.

    May went a little bit out of character and pounded Quinn's face in. Out of character you say? Well yes, she is usually the calm and collected one and I was half expecting Ward to do all the pounding. How come she didn't enter the facility? Was it because she knocked his face in without so much as hurt any of his teeth?

    Anyway, I quite enjoyed the episode. Mainly because of Bill Paxton and because Coulson is pretty much demanding a return from Nick Fury!
  • Skyes the

    It was great to see MAoS back. This was basically a discovery episode rather a rescue story. Was it about saving Skye or Coulson understanding is back story. At an emotional level it was certainly saving Skye, but at an intellectual level it was Coulson understanding what was done to him.

    There was I think an underlying theme which was quite disturbing - namely get the job done at any cost. The Team find the secret facility and kill the guards who are clearly not the bad guys. Why no use of stun guns that they have used in previous episodes? Why kill them? A black Ops site is clearly harvesting alien biochemicals. Nasty! Coulson is a good man and it is very clear he should be very worried about methods. What is so special about Coulson for to go to such extreme lengths?

    Let's hope there are consequences for the team. Perhaps instead of the BUS them get a campervan as a ride! They did end up blowing up a major asset.

    Is Skye going to be fine? Physically yes, but psychologically no. I think that is why Coulson had the fake memories implanted. They override the real mental damage the alien biochemicals actually do. Time will tell...

    The Team are not so much the good guys anymore at least for me at the moment. Then again here is a thought! With Skye's influence off grid because she was shot perhaps we were seeing the real team. Skye may have some deep seated power for good that was not in effect. Remember she is an 0-8-4. Would she have allowed innocent men to be killed for her? I think not!
  • You need something, just take it.

    The Shield Team invades a property to steal something that can save Skye.

    Phil failed to answer the secret code to get inside the property, he decided to invade them and take what they need, even if it meant killing innocent people.

    Because no matter what this Shield Team does, it's always the right thing.

    What I have learned from this Episode:

    It is Okay to invade other people's property, kill people inside the property and steal their stuff.
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