Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2014 on ABC

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  • Filling a short episode

    Interesting how we saw the same scenes from each characters perspective, although it seemed as if they were stretching out and filling a short episode. I don't think Skye would have survived that shooting.
  • hero fires 1 bullet kills all the bad guys in the movie.

    Hero get's shot twice.

    Lives :D

    Classic hollywood.
  • Too much back and forth editing.

    Great cliffhanger but I hated the editing. I understand the purpose of it coinciding with the weapon that made you unconscious and miss apart of time. But I felt it was used one too many times, it wore off it's originality after the first time. Keep up the great work in the series though.

    The time travel and timeline issues just made the episode confusing for no reason. It was not a terrible episode, but it just felt uneven and unnecessary.

    This show is capable of much better.
  • After the great previous episode, "SHIELD" returns with a confusing episode, the "TRACKS"...


    With the great episode "Seeds" I had hopes that the show will remain at the standards that episode had. Unfortunately, it slip back to its mediocre status but with a satisfying cliffhanger.

    I liked how the episode was showing how the story progressed through each character's eyes. It's also a great way to fill one episode with a small story.

    Now, despite I initially supposed that the big bad of the show wants Skye dead and he should do something more serious than a few bullets to her stomach to conveniently left her alive until the SHIELD arrive, maybe this has a higher cause. Maybe the clairvoyant wants Skye to have a painful experience to wake up her potential powers or something. It will not be the first time we see something convenient that turns up something clever. I will wait to see and I will renew my rating appropriately.

    Once again, convenient writing with the unbeatable agent Ward taking down dozens simultaneously to enter the mansion and the overall easiness of the infiltration along with MIng Xiao easily escaping with the knife they stabbed her is a common take down. But once again I keep in mind that the mysterious clairvoyant may wanted all this to happen as they happened...

    A difficult episode to rate, no doubt. I will be updating my episode rating until we see what the clairvoyant has in mind. A generous 7 for now...
  • great show!

    `nuff said, the show is really getting serious now.. that simple. and looking forward to way much more! :)
  • Now *THATS* What I'm Talking About! (plus WrapUp!)

    Best episode so far! This episode had smart story telling (with narrative time jumps) and strong character moments. Colson and May both show depth of character, and Skye may soon be carrying this show. But best of all was the WrapUp after the last commercial break of each episode. SPOILER ALERT! This episodes WrapUp is MUST SEE! [Hello Deathlok!]
  • What Was I Watching Last Night?

    The SHIELD Team are continuing their search for The Clairvoyant by going undercover on a train, but things go out of control when their cover is blown, sides are being changed, and plenty of twists and turns along the way. From its opening, the pacing really kicks in perfectly and the suspense is excellent. I found it brilliant seeing the show return to the train from each SHIELD agent and their point-of-view. Not only does this show more suspense, but it gives a good sign that Agents of SHIELD is finally showing its sign of being a TV masterpiece. Plus the ending ends on a strong cliffhanger that leaves a certain fate on one of my favorite characters and development on a possible brainwashed villain. Man this show is getting more intense and awesome! Plus that Stan Lee cameo was outrageously hilarious!
  • #skyhe

    POOR SKYHE hope she survives
  • Over and over again...

    Well at first I thought someone in the editing room had screwed up the tapes of this episode. It wasn't until shortly into the third iteration of the escape from the train that it struck me we were seeing the discovery of the team aboard the train from the perspective of each team member, in one instance two members together. That ended up really making for an interesting take on the episode, rather unique as I don't think I've ever seen anything like it in the movies or on television. And the plot was quite good as well trying to track Quinn and his technical weapons across Italy while also attempting to find the Clairvoyant. The personal interactions within the team were much more developed and the angst and emotions acting were very good, especially the ending involving Skye. Then there was also Stan Lee's cameo which was fun and the continuing relationship between May and Ward and now even a bit with Coulson thrown in for humor, you can call it sex! I've found that recently I feel the show has been getting better and hopefully this trend will continue.
  • NEVER mess with May..

    The perspective change definitely increased the interest level for the episode. I did like that we get a bit more information about SHIELD regulations regarding fraternization; yet Coulson is realistic enough, and trusts his people enough to overlook it. And his comment to Ward about using the word funny. Even better was the tidbit of what happened to Blonsky (cryo-cell in Barrow). Between that, and the reveal at the end about Deathlok, my inner fangirl could probably be heard squeezing in the Kree galaxy.

    And can I just would NEVER want to mess with . She wasn't kidding when she told Ward in Ep2 that if she needed a weapon she would take it.

    Now I just have to survive the cliffhanger for a month.
  • It just keeps getting better and better!

    I really loved this episode. It was fast paced. I liked the style of it - how they kept going back and showing each person's point of view. Loved the scene where Coulson was helping May with her injury. He was very sweet yet masculine. Of course the guest appearance by Stan Lee was a bonus. I can't wait for the next episode.