Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Season 1 Episode 10

The Bridge

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 10, 2013 on ABC

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  • Badly made/edited episode.

    Badly made/edited episode. During a car scene, Coulson is driving down a straight road, chatting to the guy who's name I can never remember and he's twisting the car wheel from right to left like a kid with a toy steering wheel, yet in the background the car never swerves once. This set the tone for whole episode.
  • Just Kidding!

    I get a feeling someone else ended up in Tahiti. This episode introduced a lot of trouble in paradise, but none of it as daunting as the fact that I don't care about any of it. SHIELD seems to have lost its appeal, so this promise of finally finding out what actually happened to Coulson will be the catalyst that determines whether or not I stick around.
  • If I could push a container with my one hand, I would be able to put my finger on this episode...


    Despite the episode had a descent cliffhanger with no clue what they want from Coulson, a surprising twist with Mike being alive, the complex and funny relationships between 1) Fitz and Simmons and 2) Ward and Melinda, some beautiful moments with Skye and Mike, an epic escape from a jail, the episode is once again bombed with the convenient writing the creators of the show feed us every single moment.

    An agent like Ward would NEVER pick the spot he did, the super-soldiers should be much more powerful than Mike since they are injected with far too many alien devices and of course if you can push a container with your one hand, your punch should be lethal or at least able to break all Ward's teeth, yet he was fine. In fact, they conveniently took down a super soldier just for the writers to show us that they have the bionic-killing eye... Without these elements, the episode could have been the best so far. But the creators partially disappoint us yet again...
  • Interested to see what happens next.

    I actually want to know about Skye's parents, other people aren't liking that story line, but it has me. (Definitely think May is involved somehow) Does the girl in the flower dress annoy the crap out of anyone else?? Her I think I'm sexy and flirt with everyone thing gets old fast. Also Ward picked quite possibility the most stupid sniper spot ever. Yes, lets park myself right where a truck with block all my view. I wouldn't have picked they wanted Coulson not Mike, very interested in what happen will happen next.
  • The Bridge

    It did drag and get a little boring at times, and we certainly don't need a May and Grant romance, but the ending was the kind of cliffhanger the show needed for the fall finale, and really just to generate some life into this series.
  • The best episode this season?

    Well I caught this episode a day late because of a cable system glitch but I am certainly glad I watched it last night. I am going to call this, in my opinion, the best episode of the season so far. The plot line was excellent and it was cool seeing Mike Peterson return, I hadn't ever expected that to happen. The teams attempt to figure out what was going on with the "caterpillar" devices was interesting and the interactions between the members is getting better. But the ending really blew me away. Again, not expecting that at all. What a way to leave us hanging until they pick up again in January. Agents of Shield really picked up the pace and finished off the first part of the season in style.
  • A bridge to nowhere!? I think not!

    I have read quite a few critical reviews of Agents of SHIELD over the weeks and I think this episode is a superb response to critics who have got too used to lazy 12 episode story arcs and frankly video-bite culture! The feed me now culture! I don't want to think while I am still demanding to be entertained!

    We are in Joss Whedons Universe where story, character and story arc development are paramount. A Universe where there are no quick fixes and the bad guys are incredibly nasty and dangerously clever.

    This episode had all of this. It was great to see J. August Richardson back. (I hope he was blown into the river and makes a return). It was great is see Melinda May slip her mask as the cavalry when trying to dress Ward down. It was great to see Jemma all hot under the collar when with Peterson and Fitz so not enjoying that. It was great to see a bad guy you can really invest your hatred in - Po is an excellent bad guy.

    I think I see parallels with other Joss Whedon series. So Questions! The psychic = the first evil? Po = Caleb? Coulson = Giles. Buffy = Skye (The emotional centre and warrior). I hope you take my point? This is a very good thing. Proper story telling as we should only expect from Joss Whedon.

    So an organisation that is as large or larger than SHIELD. Massive resources. Psychic that likely is an alien with Mentat or Space Guild Navigator abilities (ref: Dune) who is trying to take Earth over by the back door rather than a frontal assault - as we know well that went for the bad guys last time! Lets wait and see...