Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Season 1 Episode 7

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Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 12, 2013 on ABC

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  • Slight improvement on earlier episodes

    Slight improvement on earlier episodes, but still a long way to go. I'm hoping that the reveal about what happened to Coulson will reboot the show, or maybe the new mystery of Sky's background.
  • A Step in the Right Direction

    We had been lacking that intensity, whether it be in the form of action courtesy underground escapes or stealing classified files, this episode definitely upped the ante regarding what the point of SHIELD really is. From that standpoint it was good.

    It was also yet another enjoyable performance by Fitz and Simmons, who we all wrote off early on, but recently have grown to be more than just quirky characters.

    The ending was strong as well. Typical Joss Whedon style, but still it made us curious about what comes next.

    That being said, everything from the writing to the acting to the weekly plots can still be better. Improvement, but not quite "there" yet in regards to being an elite drama.
  • Bad Girl Shenanigans

    So we had a little glimpse of Coulson's angels this episode, which was rather entertaining. The whole schematic of classifications was heavy-handed, but I think that actually helped convey the right tone for the episode. It was both difficult to watch and incredibly real to have Skye debate over what was more important, the team or her past, and it was nice to have it reaffirmed that she's actually on-board with the team. Several plots seem to be finding some sort of head, leading me to believe we've got a quite growth toward the midseason finale on our hands. Good episode.
  • The episode I've been waiting for

    Finally we got to see more of the organisation SHIELD - it really was about time, the show is called Agents of SHIELD after all. For me, this wipes away many if not all remaining problems I had with the show. Now we know what place the team has inside the organisation, and it seems it has proven itself to deserve a very special spot. SHIELD tested them and they succeeded as a team.

    The episode was also not shy to speak about the obvious stereotypes: May's missing facial expressions and Simmon's over-correctness to name two. Coulson's past and Skye's parents become bigger mysteries than before and shape the characters and the big picture. We're starting to dig deeper and it's only the first step towards classical Whedon characters and stories. Thank god!

    It really feels like everything is finally falling into place. I was a bit worried that it took so long. Then again, not many shows can say they have found themselves after just seven episodes.

    And this all happened in an episode that had everything: Great Humor, amazing action, suspicion and drama. I can't wait to see the next episodes. Bring it on!