Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Season 1 Episode 11

The Magical Place

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 07, 2014 on ABC

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  • Long drawn story

    Getting so tired of the whole Couldson died but he's not dead storyline, time to move on, or kill him for good.
  • The Magical Place

    A weird use of Skye here, the usually funny Rob Huebel struggled in a somewhat dramatic-esque role, and they brought the Centipede back, despite no one clamoring for it.

    Not one of the show's stronger outings.
  • RawR.

    Really the first episode here I thoroughly enjoyed and I'm happy about that. From now on I won't feel discouraged to stick with this show and since I feel this way, they better keep the quality up for the coming weeks.
  • Let Me Die

    So that got super dark, super fast. It was incredible seeing Skye pretend to be May - she's ready to be a full-on agent if she can bluff that well AND preserve May's reputation while she's at it. There wasn't nearly enough FitzSimmons, but the tone of this episode didn't suit them at all. The Coulson reveal was a bit of a let-down, especially since it didn't really confirm what's been done to him and only revealed conclusions the viewer could easily have already drawn. It was a decent kick of an episode, but still not really stellar in the way other shows on the market at the moment are. I'll binge you when I've got time later.
  • SHIELD is back... and getting started

    This episode shows that the Powers The Be behind SHIELD were listening to the surprisingly annoyed internet crowd all along, they just couldn't react to problems in the first few episodes that have already been written.

    Now we start off with more of Victoria Hand and - to the satisfaction of many? - the disposal of Skye, who is thrown off the plane faster than you can spell clairvoyant. I really enjoyed her "side mission", who turned out to be the main mission, and it looks like she is the MVP in the voting above, beating Simmons for the first time. Her great story was supported by convincing acting skills this time - another point of criticism out of the way!

    Then we have Coulson, who suddenly seems to be not only the most interesting, but also the most vulnerable member of the team. This change felt really good. And his team supporting him more than anything might not be that believable after just 10 episodes, but it's a step into the right direction. The Firefly "family" atmosphere starts to appear.

    We also got a decent look into what really happened to Coulson (the scenes of his operation were downright frighting) - just enough information to keep this secret interesting, or even better: make it THAT much more interesting. He will start to question SHIELD and this can only mean great upcoming story lines. The trailer alone was very promising.

    I've stated this before, but I'm having the feeling once more, that the show has found itself. I'm actually really impressed how a show can keep on improving itself every single week, although there's nothing left that disappoints me. It's perfect entertainment, and now it also starts to become a perfect Drama, I hope.

    Oh, and then there's our superhero friend turned evil nemesis Terminator. Woah.
  • allow fans to watch online again

    With this weeks move to only allow people with cable subscriptions to watch their shows online, ABC is taking a VERY short-sighted approach. I don't have cable, so when I can I watch the episodes as they're aired with the commercials. When I miss a show I watch it online later, again with the ads so ABC is still making revenue. Now if I miss an episode I can't catch up & watch the rest of the season, so they will lose viewership. I'm less likely to start a new ABC show if I know I won't be able to watch online. And any shows I do want to finish watching will end up being on Netflix which I assume ABC does not make as much money when I view the show (with no commercials)