Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Season 1 Episode 15

Yes Men

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 11, 2014 on ABC

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  • Action packed episode

    Action packed episode where Lady Sif beams down from Asgard to help capture Lorelei who's building an army of brain washed male followers.
  • Gender equality still afar

    First up, I loved this episode. The story lines are starting to get bigger, are looping in more with the movies and the characters and really rounding out. All the strong female characters, goodies and baddies, is fabulous as well.

    However (and spoilers coming) despite Ward and Lorelei being a hot pair and having a steamy sex scene while Ward was under her control, I was totally miffed that no one asked him later if he was ok after being forced to have sex against his will. If it was a male bad guy and a female soldier, we would call it rape. At the end of the episode, Ward was apologising to May for attacking her while under control of Lorelei, but at no point did she or anyone else ask him if he was ok after his ordeal.

    Anyway, it's wonderful we have such strong female characters in the show and there's such balance in terms of roles and responsibilities, but that balance should really stretch to all aspects of the show.

    Aside from that, fantastic episode. 9/10
  • Yes Men

    Good to see two new characters incorporated, and I hope this is not the end of them on SHIELD. They added much needed energy and beauty as well to the struggling program.

    The twist at the end was absurd, but we'll see where they go from here.
  • damn lorelei is hot!!

    Good episode.

    Ward you lucky son of a bi***!! Got to make out with Lorelei!

    btw... whats with the 2-3 weeks gap between the episodes?

    This is a good series.... we need 22 episodes... back to back plz!
  • Strong Choices for What's Becoming an Awesome TV Series!

    Lady Sif from Asgard heads down to Earth to team up with SHIELD in protecting the world from rogue Asgardian Lorelei, who uses sexual charms on men to form her army to take over the world. Things get complicated when one of the men she charms is Ward. When you have a show, made by Marvel, featuring a character from the Thor movies that needed a ton more screen time, you know this show is getting more awesome than ever! Jamie Alexander finally gets her chance to shine in her role, and she whoops it! Plot twists involving Coulson's miracle drug is getting more insane by the minute, and if this is leading up to what looks like Marvel's next masterpiece, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, then Marvel is currently the most awesome film studio in the business! Nuff said!
  • Dumb Dumb

    If these are the people hat are supposed to help keep Earth safe it is SCREWED! The unviable stupid decisions and plans they keep making are silly for a bunch of "Veteran World experts" in their supposed fields. This show just gets more inane as it goes on. Everything in this episode could have been solved with an all female team but again we have to drag it out with nonsense.