Marvel's Avengers Assemble

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Marvel's Avengers Assemble

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Marvel's Avengers Assemble is an animated series based on the Avengers reuniting when the villains decide to join forces.

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AIRED ON 5/25/2014

Season 1 : Episode 26

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  • That was most interesting!

    When I saw Avengers: Earth's Mightest Heroes. It was great. But I found this show most interesting. But it was doing great. Since they cancelled my favortie show EMH.

    But I cannot disagree with other fan reviews. The show was doing perfect. I've seen some of the episodes of the show. With great story and issues. But it really doing was Okay.
  • Developing at END + missing Ep Guide

    At start i just wanted to say that missing the episode guide for this and luck of updates. There is simply

    a mess in guide and the fact there are alredy 26 episodes and not all are listed.

    I must also say the last Episodes geting interesting and i gues the autors or director are learning from bad feedback. The story as its not at the full potencial, proobly with budget isues, got more good with story and the characters stoped doing unnesesery same atacks unless they were actualy some important in the scene. ^^

    The story now actualy continues to develop the Cabal main story and teeses with new arch enemy.

    Spoilers here and there :Dmoreless
  • Are you kidding me?

    When I heard the Avengers: Earth's mightiest heroes was going to be cancelled I flipped! First of all, They didn't finish that show properly and Finally, They could have done so much with the avengers: earths mightiest heroes I was hoping for a civil war movie, and the X-men were teased and everything. But then they cancelled i, why? WHY for the love of god must executives be so brain damaged, If you had a great show why would you scrap that and let go of all the hard work for this new CRAP show that makes no sense whatsoever, SERIOUSLY MARVEL?! what the f*** were you thinking!moreless
  • From earth's mightiest heroes to this?

    Avengers Assemble is not as bad as I first remember it being. It's art and animation are far improved to it's predecessor, sadly that's about all it has on the old show. The overall quality of Avengers Assembled is brought low by a surprising lack of maturity in everything the show tries to do. The heroes and villains constantly make terrible jokes at the worst time, killing any drama or suspense that they are building. Worse yet is it's use of "popular" references that just seem out of place and phoney. The Avengers also seem far to overpowered. They are supposed to come together to fight off threats no one hero can, yet the falcon can take out the wrecking crew by himself, villains that have taken on Thor and the Hulk.

    And what really sours the show for me is that it's just Marvel trying to cash in on the success of their movies. Look at the Avenger's just like from the movies with the Falcon as the token he's going to be in the new Captain America movie. The guardians of the galaxy are having a movie team up time. The show just feels like it was lazily put together and falls back on far too many bad tropes that plague television and comics alike.moreless
  • The Avengers greatest enemy is Jeff Loeb

    This show is a huge disappointment compared to EMH. The head of production is a known hack with little success in the field yet he still gets work. It is so bad that I cannot watch it and I have been an Avengers fan for 30 years.

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