Marvel's Avengers Assemble

Season 1 Episode 5

Blood Feud

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM Jul 21, 2013 on Disney XD
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Dracula looks to rule the world when he joins forces with the Red Skull and turns Black Widow into a vampire.

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  • Avengers vs. Dracula

    My previous reviews I kept saying the Avengers Assemble has been average. Nothing really stood out as amazing or great. This episode takes steps to rectify that. The episode benefits from this.

    Black Widow was turned into a vampire by Dracula during one of her Shield missions to spy on Red Skull while he is in Transylvania. It's up to the team to save her before she becomes a permanent vampire. Turns out Captain America is a vampire buff. The reason for that is because in WWII the Allies fought alongside Transylvania and its ruler Dracula to beat Red Skull and Hydra when it invaded Transylvania. Captain America fought alongside Dracula. That is awesome to me. It's pretty creative way to use Dracula without having to introduce Blade the Vampire Hunter like most other Marvel shows probably would have done. It adds a new layer to Captain America's character here in a fun way that is not expected. Who really expect Captain America to teamed up with Dracula in WWII?

    Naturally Iron Man and Hawkeye are skeptical, but Thor points out how he is supposed to be myth too, which makes them consider vampires can be real (but with a perfectly scientific explanation as Iron Man would put it). Captain America takes charge. He schools the team on what they need to know. They go to Transylvania. Dracula allied himself with Red Skull, the man that tried to take over his country in the 40s, because he is so desperate. He tells Capt he doesn't expect Skull to not turn on him, but using his info to help Dracula fight the human threat to his kingdom. If he drinks Steve's blood he will eliminate his weakness to the sun thanks to the super solider serum. Avengers fight off vampires including Black Widow. There are funny lines like how Hulk cracks that Thor's lightning is as good as the sun, when he sees it rust some vampires. Hawkeye carving a wooden stake on the trip there cause he taking this vampire seriously. He even jokes about being ready to his questioning teammates. It made me chuckle.

    Things get worse for the team when Dracula turns Hulk into a vampire and absorbs part of his power. They are having troubles with him at first. Their strategy is to piss off Hulk enough that his gamma irradiated blood will burn out the vampire virus. Iron Man studied the vampires they beaten and found out the gamma irradiated blood is similar sun light and can burn out the virus. Dracula starts losing strength because of the gamma blood he drank. Being a sore loser the King of the Vampire Nation runs away without curing Black Widow. Luckily Tony's studies he makes a cure out of Hulk's blood that turns Widow back into a normal human, no green hair or skin thankfully. She complains about a smell, turns out Hawkeye was carrying garlic with him in case Tony's cure failed. She jokingly asks if he has a stake too, Hawkeye denies it, tries to hide his stake behind his back. The scene made me laugh. The ending has Red Skull recruiting Dracula into his Cabal out of their mutual hatred for the Avengers and Captain America.

    The humor was great. The action held up and the drama and fear of Black Widow turning into a vampire permanently played well. Seeing Hawkeye go from hard skeptic to carrying stakes and garlic was priceless. I would do the same things he did. As I mentioned before Captain America being a vampire buff and having personal history with Dracula played well for the episode. You could see this was personal for Capt. on both fronts. On one hand Steve worked with Dracula in the past against their shared enemy the Red Skull. He can't get why Dracula would trust someone like the Red Skull or even want to hurt him when he's done nothing to antagonize him in the past. On the other hand Dracula attacked Black Widow to lure Capt. to him. He feels responsible for her condition. There are excellent scenes where Captain America looking at Widow with sorrow and regret. The episode fleshed out Steve's character. He took charge in this episode despite Iron Man being the leader. It wasn't in a disrespectful way, but more of wake up call to Tony that he knows what's going on and they need to listen to him before it's too late to save Widow. Hulk and Thor are their usual joking and battle eager selves, but had good lines. I do hope to see more depth previous episodes hinted at with them.

    Dracula was actually a interesting character. He's a villain, but he's not a black and white character. He is the king of Transylvania and vampires. He wants what's best for his people. He teamed up the Allies in WWII to fight off Hydra. He's not above asking for help to save his people. He even had respect perhaps even friendship with Captain America. In the present he realize that the increase of human population is threatening to take Transylvania away from the vampires. His ability to only come out at night is hindering his ability to maintain control of his country. He is willing to trade information with his old enemy Red Skull to save his people. Vampires seem a little more than slaves he does seem to care for them and is willing to fight for them. I'm sure his own self-interest in remaining in power is a big reason as well. He's not nave. He knew he couldn't trust Skull, but used his info for his own personal gain. He has pride and royal air around himself. When the Avengers defeated him it was wounded. He is willing to team up with his hated enemy Red Skull against the Avengers to settle the score. Red Skull's ability to play on those emotions to get Dracula on his Cabal shows us how masterful he can be. This was a great episode for Avengers Assemble.moreless
  • Avengers Face Dracula

    I gotta say not a bad episode when the Avengers fight Dracula and his vampires minions. I was surprise seeing Black Widow becoming a vampire in the early scene. That explains why she was trailing The Red Skull when she's not on the last episode. Somehow she got herself trap and Dracula turn her into a vampire. Dracula only use her to get Captain America's super soldier blood, so he can withstand daylight. I also find this story strange when Captain America use to ally himself with Dracula by teaming up against Hydra. I do enjoy seeing Hulk become a vampire when Dracula bit him and he too became a Dracula Hulk. The surprising part is that Hulk's Gamma blood can destroy Dracula's blood cells as a cure. I know Dracula will return again someday to get his revenge with the help of The Red Skull. The good thing is Iron Man use Hulk's Gamma blood to cure Black Widow. Anyway awesome episode and I hope the future episodes can get better.moreless

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