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Marvel's Avengers Assemble

Season 1 Episode 9

Depth Charge

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM Sep 15, 2013 on Disney XD
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Hulk proves to the team what his limits really are, when the Atlantian Warlord Attuma plans to sink Manhattan into the ocean.

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  • The Atlantians Plot

    This episode is awesome with good fight scenes. You got a villain name Atuma who leads is Atlantians army by plotting to sink Manhattan into the ocean.. First comes the Tidal wave then Atuma and his army shows up. He plans to use bomb explosives under the sewage by sinking the city, and slide into the ocean. Atuma wants to be the conquer of the ocean by doing this. The Avengers try to defeat Atuma and his fish army by thwarting his plans. I gotta say Atuma is one tough character to beat. I even enjoy the brutal fight scenes between Atuma and the Hulk. I'm surprised he took down the Hulk who suppose to be the strongest of the Avengers team. Atuma thought Hulk would gave up, but he was under the ocean trying to save Manhattan by sliding into the ocean. I like Hulk use his full rage against Atuma by surprising him and defeating him in the end. He did manage to calm his rage and became the hero of Manhattan. This is not a bad episode, and especially the villain Atuma who is kind of hard to beat.moreless
  • Over the top danger and quick fix end

    I really hoped they would bounce back from that bad Molecule kid ep, but today they start off with some random monster and then with no explainiton some Namor villain comes to sink Manhattan. And the big morale is about the Hulk saying not to judge 'monsters' so quickly? For big green to 'give up' in a moment seemed out of character. At least if he was going to bail from the fight to lift up the whole island (which is a big far fetched) he could've just turned and left.

    The Ironman suit change sequence was pretty neat, so +1 to that. But was it wise to stand next to the Hulk giving off radiation without his face mask on? And what the hell was that energy shield thing?

    Thor, I get probably didn't want to hurt anyone with his lightning, but he could've used the water to conduct electricity to shock most of the bad guys. He used the Chrysler building in the movie to amplify his lightening, why not here?

    Shield should've been here at least providing some personel help to keep the enemy busy, where were they when the city was in real crisis compared to just transporting the kid in the previous one? The Helicarrier always seemed to be based around the city.

    And where's Widow? again not here? For the sole girl on the team she hasn't done very much. If they needed a female on the team, they could've brought in She Hulk or Ms Marvel, it's stupid they are only using characters from the movie series. I think we can understand non film characters as the main ones.

    Sorry for the ranting, but I've tried to defend the show, but at this point, there's nothing much to defend. We sadly have another bland show trying to milk off the success of the movies. What a shame, it could've been at least a notch below EMH in some quality, but my patience has worn thin and I'm just going to watch this show on a limited basis.moreless

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    • Hawkeye: What's the big idea Hulk, you mistake us for a full fridge?
      Hulk: I know monsters, I know when they want to make trouble.
      Hawkeye: (chuckles) Takes one to know one right?
      Hulk: This one was running scared.
      Falcon: Scared? What would scare a big monster? (everyone turns to see a tsunami coming.
      Captain America: A big tidal wave?
      Hawkeye: You had to ask.

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