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Why is Marvel Trying to sell Iron Man as leader and face of the Avengers?

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    [1]Jun 14, 2013
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    In A: EMH Stark was leader to and unqualified and bad one at the start of the series. Captain America had subtly led the team and couch Tony on leading. We saw Tony's leadership skills improve it ultimately ended with Tony realizing Steve was a better fit and stepped down and let Captain America the leader. Iron Man is leader in his series and he is a even worse leader than he was in the previous series.

    Why is Marvel keep trying to make Iron Man the leader and face of the Avengers? The Iron Man movies are mega popular and people love them, but if they are trying to make this show more like movies having Tony be leader is a bad move. The characteristics Tony has in the movies make him a bad choice for leader of the team. Him learning to be a team player is storyline from the movies that could be carried over to the show. Captain America was even the de facto leader of the group in the movie when they fought. I'm not sure why Iron Man has to be leader. I know he was leader of Avengers in the comics a few times, but it still seems weird they keep trying to sell Tony as the leader.

    I may be judging this too early. As the show progresses we will Tony grow into the role like he did in previous Avengers cartoon, but after the first episode I'm not impressed. Tony a horrid leader with everyone calling him out on it then shoehorn Tony as this great and amazing leader when he comes up on a plan on the fly that saved the day didn't involve real leadership skill. I don't watch the series continue to show Tony's worse qualities trying to emulate RDJ portrayal of Tony being arrogant loner who belittles his teammates then have the show say he is a awesome leader when he is not.

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    [2]Sep 6, 2013
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    I agree completely.

    And the answer to your question is because both Quesada and Loeb (the lunatics running the animation asylum at Marvel) are morons who don't think Cap's cool; again, morons!

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    [3]Nov 22, 2013
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    Captain America has leadership skills

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    They are trying to play off his popularity from the movies. If you think about it, in the Avengers movie, Cap was only front and center during the big fight scene but Stark seemed to have a lot of influence. In the Age of Ultron movie it sounds like Stark again will be a driving force since he is rumored to have created Ultron.

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