Marvel's Avengers Assemble

Season 1 Episode 3

Ghost of a Chance

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM Jul 07, 2013 on Disney XD
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Novice Avenger Falcon must save his teammates from the body-swapping Space Phantoms.

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  • Falcon's in the Spotlight

    It's up to Falcon to stop the Space Phantoms when they abduct the rest of the Avengers. Can the newbie stop villains that captured his more experienced teammates? As you can guess this is a Falcon episode.

    Falcon has a lot of against him both within this episode and fans themselves. First he is a rookie kid on a experienced team, which usually gets a lot of hate from viewers. He is going to be seen as token minority superhero, which some look down on because they feel he is only on the team to diversify it over more well known and arguably characters who deserve the spot more. He gets that treatment as new guy from his teammates too. Iron Man using Falcon's room for a project he working on and some friendly Hawkeye jabs. Both Sam and viewers ask themselves if Falcon deserves a place among people dubbed Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

    The episode did a good job showing Falcon is a competent character without pushing him into the territory of him being super competent to the point of disbelief. He' not super annoying like most rookie kids are in fiction. He is genuinely nice, not too much of a suck up, and not constantly messing up to move the plot along. Sam getting focus early on is wiser move than a more well known character like Thor or Hulk. He is the character we know little about. Showing us why he's on this team now and showing us what he can do to win more fans over to his addition over say Black Panther or War Machine. I liked his mom made cookies for him to share with his new teammates. I can see people would roll their eyes at it or think its lame, and I see their point. It tells us a little bit of Sam's character and it's relatable for some. It adds a human touch to it.

    Hulk gets more depth in this episode as well. We find out he keeps glass statues in his room. It reminds us that the Hulk isn't just a big guy who likes to smash and fight people. He has a more sensitive side to him. Sam's surprise mirrored my own here. It was a good surprise. It gives me faith that the writers can write a compelling Hulk story in the future.

    Here is my issues or nitpicks with the episode. The Avengers are fighting over cookies. It's supposed to be comedy, but it just reinforces the idea that the team is juvenile. It is frankly out of character for some characters. Hawkeye and Hulk I could see doing this, but Black Widow is really pushing it. She's always been a no nonsense type of character, so seeing her fight over cookies with the boys made me cringe. Captain America was annoyed by it mirrored how I felt. The team doesn't have to be all serious and by the book all the time. They can goof off from time to time, but they need keep it from getting too out of hand. The Avengers are coming off as more of a frat house than a superhero group at times here. They could improve on comedy and action in the future. Overall the episode was good, but again it's not great.moreless
  • we tell no one about this

    i like the bitty banter with the heroes and i love the space phantoms good episode
  • Space Phantoms body swapping

    So far this episode isn't bad to watch. You got these space phantoms who could make copies from swapping the original bodies. The Space phantoms try to swap the original Avengers and transfer them to their dark dimension. Their goal is to use Iron man's technology equipment to open a gate and bring more space phantoms to Earth. Once they do that the rest of the phantoms can swap and copy other human races. It's up to Falcon to be a hero to try to save his Avengers friends from these swapping phantoms. To be honest he's not my favorite super hero anyway. Although it was fun seeing the original Avengers fighting their copy versions from the Swapping space phantoms.moreless
  • Average

    Still to early to call it a flop, but not a hit either. I guess it's going to take more eps to get its footing and of course fans to stop hating the show because EMH was canned for this (I don't blame them, I miss EMH too).

    So a body swap sorta plot and falcon comes to rescue everyone... I will say that hulk having a room of glass statues was funny and unexpected. I also hope this show doesn't make it a habit that falcon will be the one to save the team on a daily basis. We get it that he has to prove himself, but I don't want this to be falcon and the avengers.moreless

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