Marvel's Avengers Assemble

Season 1 Episode 8

Molecule Kid

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM Aug 11, 2013 on Disney XD
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Hawkeye and Black Widow go on a covert S.H.I.E.L.D. mission without informing the rest of the Avengers, but ultimately regret leaving their teammates in the dark when they discover that their target possesses a weapon of world-bending powers.

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  • Tombstone

    Absolutely horrible. Overall, this series has been a weaker cousin to Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. This episode, however, is just utterly horrible. It feels like they were trying to write a bad ABC Kids Afternoon Saturday Special, with a side of Hallmark schlock thrown in. This episode is the tombstone for the series: I won't waste my time watching any more unless the next episode is truly amazing.

    EDIT: It wasn't. I'm done with this show. Crappy jr cousin to A:EMH.moreless
  • A weak episode

    After a stream of good episodes the show takes two steps back with this one. The plot is weak, it does needless pandering to the fan base, and it is a weak Hawkeye and Black Widow focused episode.

    The episode is about Black Widow and Hawkeye trying to stop the son of a super villain named Molecule Man. Molecule Man had technology that could re-write the rules of physics, science, and basically reality itself. Fortunately the Avengers stopped him in this past, but they never recovered the tech he had that allowed him to do all of this. Fury wants Widow to recover it on her own, because they don't trust Tony Stark with technology like that. Hawkeye joins her on the mission. The two proceed to bicker the entire episode like children to the point where it gets in the way of their mission again and again. Captain America enters the story and he chides them for letting petty squabbling interfering with the mission. The son of Molecule Man has the his father's wand (the tech was in wand form making it like a wizard's wand).

    The kid isn't evil of course, just misunderstood. He doesn't realize that abusing the wand's power could have serious consequences. Black Widow and Hawkeye's bickering alienates the kid and almost leads to a catastrophe, but in the end the two Avengers put aside their differences talk the kid down and save the day. Nick Fury even hints that the kid may fit in with Shield's young superhero program, clear nod to Marvel's other cartoon, Ultimate Spider-Man. This episode is everything that is wrong with Avenger's Assemble with none of its redeeming qualities.

    As character episodes go this was weak. It doesn't explore Hawkeye or Black Widow as characters at all when compared to the Iron Man or Captain America episodes. Falcon and Thor's episodes gave us more insight on the characters than this one does for Natasha and Clint. Hawkeye continues to be immature, which is a step down from the previous series Earth's Mightiest Heroes characterization of Hawkeye. Hawkeye can be snarky he is witty, has depth, and can be serious when the situation requires it. This episode just emphasis Hawkeye's snark with none of the witty or competence the character is known for. He just feels like a big kid here. This is disappointing because they had a chance to flesh his character out more instead of continuing to make him comic relief. This jarring, because Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon had a serious and competent Hawkeye who looked down on Spider-Man for being a clown. I don't understand why the two shows set in the same universe has two drastically different characterizations.

    Black Widow suffers as well. Her personality has been generic and her roles in the show are small so far. It was disappointing that the best the show could come up with in fleshing her out is to have her and Hawkeye learn to work together and put aside their differences. It was too juvenile of a plot. Hawkeye and Black Widow have history in this show as Shield agents with Widow still being an active agent just like their movie counterparts. It is not odd their opposite personality cause some hiccups it shouldn't have gotten to this level. Captain America shouldn't have to come in and tell them they're acting like children. The fact that it was needed to keep the plot going just show you how weak the plot was. The Avengers can have problems, act stupid, and immature sometimes, but there is extent. They shouldn't fight over cookies or trade jabs that are like I hate you more....

    One of the worst parts is that flashbacks show the Avengers in the same animation and costumes of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon. It is weak. The show was meant to be its own thing than you had Marvel claiming the show was a sequel, but the first couple of episodes disprove this with developments that clearly contradict the show. That was fine, because the show should be its own thing. For the love of God please don't lie to your fans by claiming its sequel to appease people angry A: EMH was cancelled. It insults your fan base, but it shows how little faith you have in your own show to stand on its own. I admit I was a big fan of the previous Avengers cartoon, but this show isn't horrible to me. It's decent and has potential to be a good show on its own right. If you try to sell it as a sequel knowing its not and try to work in some weak flashbacks to try to match them I lose respect for you, but makes me mad that you're trying to make this a sequel. It's not Earth's Mightiest Heroes and that is fine. This was just a step down from the previous episodes that were rising the bar of the show.moreless
  • A kid with the magic wand

    I gotta say this episode didn't really excite me. You got Hawkeye and Black Widow who think they can handle one kid that obtained a powerful wand. They didn't even want to call for back up. Especially they didn't want Iron Man be to curious to study the magic weapon. The Molecule kid only wanted to keep it for a purpose to make a difference. The only thing I like is seeing the Super Adaptoid again. Modock controls it now, and he also plans to steal the power wand for conquest. I didn't really like Hawkeye and Black Widow arguing how they wanted to handle the kid situation. Anyway the episode wasn't really that bad it's just didn't really cut for me.moreless
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Daryl Sabara

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