Marvel's Avengers Assemble

Season 1 Episode 6

Super Adaptoid

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM Jul 28, 2013 on Disney XD
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The Avengers face a superior technological, power-replicating machine that can turn the Avengers abilities against them and only Captain America's dependency on non-technology can save the day.

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  • Avengers Assemble proves it can adapt

    Tony Stark's business rival Justin Hammer challenges the Avengers with his latest creation the Super Adaptoid. No, it's not Iron Man center episode. Captain America continues to steal the spotlight. It's a clever plot that explores a serious issue for Steve, is he outdated?

    The episode opens up with a simulation of Iron Man beating Captain America. Tony uses this as evidence that Steve's fighting style is out of date and tries to get him to use new armor he's designing for Steve. Steve turns it down, siting how his shield is like family and old ways are good. Tony thinks he refuses to adapt to 21st century. Justin Hammer challenges Stark and the Avengers to fight his new Super Adaptiod. Steve points out its bait, Tony agrees, but assembles the team anyway. He can't let Hammer show him up (Stark pride). The team goes to Hammer's HQ beat his robot easily, Tony snarks at Hammer and leave. Steve is the only one who thinks it was too easy. His concerns fall on deaf ears though. He takes the data Iron Man gathered on the robot. At first Steve looks lost at what all of the data is. Tony tries to help (in a smug way) he refuses.

    Later Sam (Falcon) sees Capt. offers to teach him how to use Stark version of a iphone and technology. Like Tony he preaches that Steve needs to learn to adapt only to shut up when Steve shows off he learned how to use Stark phone (sorry forgot is name) and various other functions. Steve learned how to do all of it by reading manuals and instructions off-screen. Steve finds all modern technology fascinating and has been studying it to learn how it works. This is beautiful. The episode isn't a Captain America is a man out of time story or he needs to learn to adapt. He's been learning everything he can about 21st century and adapting. His teammates are giving the after school lesson that adapting is good an refusing to change is bad, but Steve knows the lesson and applied it without anyone telling him too. As a result he knows what the Super Adaptoid can do, knows it's not over, and already trying to get Tony to overcome his crippling flaw, pride. When the Adaptiod comes back for round 2 he overwhelms the Avengers.

    Hammer mocks Tony for his inability to defeat his latest toy on the monitor/face of he Adaptiod. Capt. takes it upon himself to save the day. He reveals bits of his plan to his teammates, but they trust his judgment. Steve shown off he can adapt then challenges a robot that mimic all the Avengers powers, weapons, and abilities as well as adapt to any situation the team throws at him. Hammer fuelled on overbearing confidence and pride in his robot feels Capt. isn't much of a threat. Captain America proves him wrong. He lures it into a the Avengers ship, takes it into space, proceeds to use its mimicked abilities against it. He studied all his teammates fighting styles and knows their strengthens and weaknesses. He uses weakness to beat the Adaptoid that is know struggling to adapt to Steve's counters. Captain America ultimately defeats the robot, proving to Hammer that he's not outdated as Hammer and people think he is.

    At the end of the episode Tony impressed by Steve asks how he memorized all their fighting styles. Steve agrees with Tony's early sentiments that adapting to new technology was necessary, but also asserts that good old fashion ways are just s important to keep. Reading manuals and taking notes on paper can still be helpful. The human mind isn't played out yet. Tony concedes as he takes out a paper and pencil to take notes as Steve teaches him how to memorize sparring partners.

    This episode continues to push the boundaries of the previous episodes to give us something great. I didn't expect much from this episode when I saw previews of Justin Hammer fighting the Avengers. I was pleasantly surprised by the episode. Using Captain America's quest to adapt with the Super Adaptiod's ability to adapt to all challenges its meets was brilliant. Both characters abilities to adapt moved the plot and paralleled with each other. Mentioned this earlier, but Steve Rogers proved he can adapt instead of learning that lesson from Iron Man was a welcomed change. It is so easy to do a Captain America man out of time story where he learns to get out of his old ways to learn new things to improve himself as a person and hero. The Avengers movie made us feel sorry for Steve because he 70 years behind has no idea what is going on around him. It natural writers would have Steve be reluctant to change or ask help to learn how to do things work to make him a victim. Here they showed us that yes he does struggle to grasp all these wondrous advancements to him, but he is capable of learning about it. Steve doesn't need to be rescued. What made it this great was the fact that Steve used good old fashion techniques to learn how to use technology. He read a manual on how to figure out the iphone like device and various other technology like the Avengers' jet. The lesson or moral is flipped around. It's not adapting is good entirely. It's more of you can't forget basics or old fashion ways. They are still useful. Just because Captain America refuses to wear armor like Tony doesn't mean he is rejecting the 21st century. He just knows his way of fighting isn't obsolete as Tony believes. He was right.

    What prevents me from giving this a perfect score is the Captain America is being treated as if he just got out of ice. The show has established the Avengers have formed before. Tony is only just now addressing Steve's ability to adapt? Why would Steve be singled out for being outdated by throwing his shield around? Hawkeye uses arrows and Black Widow is using less arsenal than him. Why is Capt. being singled out when there are two normal humans only fighting with weapons like Steve? Aside from that it was another great episode.moreless
  • A mimicking Challenge

    An awesome episode where the Avengers challenge Justin Hammer's Super Adaptoid. It was fun to see this android can copy every moves and powers against the Avengers. Especially Captain America is the one who saves the day. He's the only one who can outsmart Justin's Adaptoid. I like it when Cap borrowed Iron Man's and Hawkeye's weapons to defeat the Adaptoid. I'm sure we haven't heard the last of Justin Hammer. I believe he'll return again for his revenge against the Avengers.moreless

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