Marvel's Avengers Assemble

Season 1 Episode 1

The Avengers Protocol, Part 1

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM May 26, 2013 on Disney XD
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After having been disbanded for years, the Avengers reunite when Red Skull, having formed an unlikely alliance with M.O.D.O.K., kills Captain America, and the heroes must avenge their fallen comrade and foil whatever plan the Skull is concocting.

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  • Avengers Assemble is Average.

    I'll admit I came in to this series with ill will toward it. I loved Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and felt it was poor marketing and bad executive decisions that killed rating (like take the show off for a whole year after the first season ended), but I decided to watch this series anyway. I'm sure your expecting me to rip on the show after my confession, but honestly I can say the first episode wasn't horrible (at least to me). It wasn't spectacular for me either. It was about average.

    The plot is basic and easy to follow. The Avengers have disbanded and gone solo again, but when Red Skull appears to have killed Captain America, Iron Man brings the band back together to avenge him. Warning there will be some spoilers in this review. If you read beyond this it is at your own risk.

    Iron Man tried to avenge Capt on is on his own, but fails thanks to Red Skull's new ally MODOCK. This series he is a technopath. This means he can manipulate machines and computers, so bad news for Iron Man who can't do much against him on his own. This why Tony calls for former teammates back to help him. After a bit of static between Hulk, Hawkeye, and Thor some of it directed at Tony they agree to work together again to avenge their friend. Iron Man becomes the de-facto leader, but doesn't act like one. That's one of the biggest issues the team argues about most of the episode. Tony has no plan, runs off on his own, and tells to team to just go out there and fight with no strategy in mind. It's basically everyone for themselves deal. Hawkeye and Black Widow are the ones who calling out Tony for not being the leader they need. Typical Tony Stark based on RDJ version of the character he doesn't listen and tries to do it on his own until the last ten minutes of the episode.

    Another issue the team has is that they can't stop arguing over every little thing. Hawkeye keeps taking shots at the Hulk for every little thing, Hulk almost throws him out the ship, Thor and Hulk rivalry is here with each taking shots at each other, Black Widow can barely stand the boys (mostly directed at Tony and Hawkeye for being immature), and like I said earlier Tony gets it from everyone except for the newest Avenger, Falcon who a fan of Iron Man and Captain America. Despite being green he does he best to get along with the others because they are his heroes and he's excited at working with legends. He even leaves Shield to be a part of this.

    The team discovers Captain America is alive (not really a spoiler since every advertisement shows scenes beyond this episode that shows Capt in it), but Red Skull stole is body. Turns out Skull is dying so he kidnapped Capt and stole his body to escape his fate. As a added bonus he leaves his mortal enemy in his original dying body, while Skull gets the super solder body. The team won't accept this of course and with help from Steve who is in Red Skull's body they fight him. Tony accepts his role as leader, rallies them together, stop Red Skull, and restore Steve to his body. Since this is the first episode of a two part premiere it is not over. Red Skull inspired by Iron Man's leadership skills decides to highjack his armor and arc reactor to save his own life and become the Iron Skull. The episode ends with Tony dying without his arc reactor and his teammates worried.

    The characters are different from A: EMH, which is not a bad thing. For people who disliked the previous series it may even be a good thing the characters aren't carbon copies of the old ones. That being said Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are similar to their EMH counterparts. Captain America's core character of idealistic hero is usually always the same. This one has a bit more snark to him, but the idealistic nature to him. Tony Stark is based on RDJ version so he has all those smart ass, loner, self-absorbed tendencies that made people love the movies. Some dislike Adrian Pasdar's portrayal of Iron Man. I'm not one of them. He does a fair job for me. You have check out for yourselves to decide if you like him or not. I like Falcon here. He wasn't as annoying as I was expecting him to be when I found out he would be the kid rookie of the team. He is still rough around the edges here and has a love him or hate vibe he is competent despite being a fan boy of the heroes. He doesn't let his inner geek interfere with their mission, which a lot of shows fail to avoid when they use rookie kid who geeks over working with his teammates.

    Hawkeye is still a smartass who minors in snarky, but his wit has become more juvenile. A lot of his shots at the Hulk was what I expect of Spider-Man, but it wasn't as witty as the Hawkeye I gotten used to EMH. Thor is really shallow at the moment. He loves battles, makes puns, and boasts about his feats. Granted this Thor and one his faults is pride, but there is no depth to character that fans saw in the Thor movie and Thor in the previous series. I don't want to hold it against the series, because character development in the future can clear this issue right up. This is the series premiere, which means he characters don't automatically have to be well rounded from the start. Unlike the previous series we weren't given mini-episodes to flesh him out give us his backstory, so its forgivable Thor is a bit shallow right now. The Hulk has one liners and kicks ass. Black Widow is a lot more chatty then in the movies or the shows then I'm used to. I'm not a fan of hers yet.

    The action is good. There were moments that made me smile. Red Skull stealing Captain America's body makes sense and isn't a stretch for a superhero plot. It's a classic or clich for some, but not terrible or far fetched when you remember this show is based off comic book superheroes. The team constant fighting gives us insight on why the team disbanded. They have issues with each other and whatever caused them to breakup it is clear they won't be a functioning team any time soon. The line up the team makes perfect sense. It is the same lineup the movies used. This show is trying to channel that here. The newbie Falcon will appear in the next batch of Marvel movies. If you hate they dropped Ant-Man, Wasp, and Black Panther from the line up all hope is not lost. The writers set up that Avengers breakup in a way that we don't know all many members were in it before. Potentially there were more members than six we saw. It is possible Ant-Man, Black Panther, and Wasp were former members, but didn't return. They writers may not go that route, but the beauty here is that by giving us little information as possible on the breakup and membership they have left wiggle room for future developments.

    I had issues with Iron Man and Red Skull element. It's clear the writers are setting him up to be Iron Man's rival and evil counterpart. It's unnecessary and forced at best. At the start Red Skull berates Tony for not being a true warrior and being loner. I can buy that. It gets ridiculous in the end when Red Skull tells Iron Man that he showed him the benefits of being a great leader and having an excellent team. Come on, am I supposed to buy the Red Skull who is the leader of Hydra in this universe never understood how leadership was a valuable tool? Tony's leadership was laughable in this episode. He got together in the end, but even then it wasn't beyond everyone kick Skull's butt. Red Skull turning from contempt to genuine respect is believable. It happens all the time with villains and heroes in media, but its putting on thick that Iron Man taught Red Skull how teamwork and leadership are valuable when the guy runs a evil organization since WWII. If he didn't realize that until now I find it hard to take him seriously. That's like Red Skull said Iron Man taught him that guns are more effective than swords and spears.... Red Skull stealing his armor to save his life could be explained better. The arc reactor keeps Tony alive because it keeps that chunk of metal from going into his heart. How would that cure whatever is killing the Skull? Tony's armor is not a cure all to every ailment. Of all the people to make Tony Stark's new rival why take Captain America's rival and make him Iron Man's? Why not used someone like Justin Hammer, Mandarin, or reinvented some Iron Man villain into being anti-Iron Man who runs Hydra now? The only conceivable reason I can think that they made Red Skull be Iron Man's evil double is because they want Iron Man as leader of the Avengers (again) and Red Skull to lead a super villain team in the future. Why Marvel wants to make Iron Man the leader of the Avengers again is beyond me. He is popular with non-comic fans who know him from the movies, but even in those movies they made Captain America the leader of the team. In fact their Tony is not leader material due to ego and loner tendencies. A big part of his character development is to learn to trust others. Marvel animation wants to emulate that Iron Man for cartoons they need to realize he can't be the leader right off the bat. There are versions of Iron Man that can be a leader of Avengers and who is very much a team player, but you can't have RDJ loner and ego version with leader Iron Man Marvel wants. He needs to be less arrogant and more of a team player to be the leader of this team.

    All in all the premiere wasn't bad as I expected it to be. Kids would like it to watch it. It can be a great series if done right. If you are a fan of the old EMH you might be as unforgiving as I was or come in with negative opinion for the differences between the two series. It's certainly not the worse Avengers cartoon. I find it better than Avengers United We Stand premiere at least and a step up from the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, which thankfully didn't add Deadpool humor here.moreless
  • The Premiere Episode Part 1

    I Just watch this and I'm not sure I dig the art work. First of all Iron Man try to reassemble the rest of the Avengers to Avenge Captain America. He believed his arch enemy the Red Skull killed him, but unfortunately Captain America is still alive. The Red Skull actually use his weapon to teleport Cap, so he can use him to switch body places. The Red Skull was dying and Modok teamed up with him, so he can help him switch body places with Cap. The Avengers also have the new recruit Falcon on their team. The good news is the Avengers manage to save Captain America by switching his body back from the Red Skull. The bad news is the Red Skull escape with Modok and Stole Tony Stark's armor. Somehow this series does seem based on the original Avengers movie. This series did show some good fight scenes and no silly cut scene gags like the Ultimate Spiderman. I'll give this a 7.5 rating for now and watch this series further to see if it's getting any better.moreless
  • Awful Start.

    Just finished watching the first episode of this, and it was terrible. I know I shouldn't judge it so quickly and I will watch a few more episodes to see if it gets any better, but it will take a lot to change to make this a good show.

    Firstly: the plot - extremely predictable even for a kid's show, there are Superfriend episodes with more twists and turns, and while it would make a semi-decent midseason episode, there is nothing in it that really justifies Iron Man putting the band back together.

    Secondly: the dialog - which is a polite way of putting, considering it mainly consisted of one-liners shot back and forth with wild abandon (Thor just got hammered being a particularly memorable one).

    Third: the team - Remember when Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes came out and carefully set up each character with a mix of personalities that often clashed causing an interesting group dynamic. Or the Avengers movie, or Ultimate Avengers where they did much the same thing.

    Not here! In this they all have exactly the same personality. There's absolutely no difference between Hulk's dialog and Cap's, except the use of the word smash. Everyone just likes to make snarky comments whilst hitting someone.

    Finally and perhaps most importantly: the animation - First let me say that I did like the character models, in still shots the avengers look great. Unfortunately the animation is done the cheap. Quite a few times when someone speaks, their lips don't move. And some of the final fight scenes are replaced with "Batman:The Brave and the Bold" type action stills that don't fit in with the rest of the episode. Also the episode seems to be poorly edited, with scene changes happening choppily enough to be jarring.

    I hope I'm wrong and the rest of the episodes make me change my opinion and rating, but for now this cartoon is too violent for really young kids, and too mind-numbingly dumb for anyone over six.moreless

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    • Nick Fury: Agent Wilson, I was told you were at the top of your class, so why am I watching you just hang out here like Spider-Man after a late night?

    • Samuel Wilson: Jarvis, I'm here, and I am completely geeking out that Tony sent a probe for me.
      Jarvis: Mr. Stark suggested that you should wear the War Machine armor.
      Samuel Wilson: War Machine? I don't think so. Time to give Project Redwing its first test drive.
      Jarvis: Arrogant and pig-headed. You'll make a fine Avenger.

    • Thor: Now this is a battle. It's been too long.
      Hulk: Too long. Just like your hair.

    • Hulk: (after the Avengers agree to reunite once more) Are we gonna hug now, or can we go smash someone?

    • Hawkeye: (after throwing a jar of mints at Hulk) They're called mints. Try a dozen.
      Iron Man: Hawkeye!
      Hawkeye: What? Can't look for bad guys if I have to cut through his gamma breath to see 'em.
      Hulk: (grabs Hawkeye by his ankle and hangs him upside down out the Quinjet) See anything now?

    • Iron Man: Change of plans, guys. Looks like we're gonna need someone to avenge us.

    • Iron Man: Okay, that's an ouch. Apparently M.O.D.O.K.'s increased his range as well as his power levels. That stinks.
      Hawkeye: (coughs) You said it. Forget the breath mints, Hulk. We're skipping straight to advanced showering.
      Hulk: (holding Hawkeye as the two plunge to the ground) I can still drop you.

    • Thor: Asgard's favorite son will lead the fray, and I'll drop more minions.
      Hulk: Wanna bet?
      Hawkeye: Hey, I'm fighting here!
      Hulk: Fight there!
      Hawkeye: Don't even think it... (Hulk hurls Hawkeye over to another group of minions.) Wooaaahh! (lands on the ground and looks up at several minions holding guns) I'm not with them.
      Black Widow: (watching the heroes from a distance through a pair of binoculars and sighing) Typical.

    • Thor: What is our plan to vanquish the Skull?
      Iron Man: Hit everything...hard! (flies off)
      Hawkeye: So, the plan is, there is no plan. I thought he was the smart one.
      Hulk: I like the plan.

    • Iron Man: Accessing the supersoldier files, scanning for a chemical match and...there's two targets? (suddenly flies away in a hurry, leaving the other heroes behind)
      Hawkeye: He had a plan...for a few seconds.

    • Hulk: (to Hawkeye, after saving him and Black Widow from being shot by minions) Next time you wanna complain about my breath, remember I just saved your li-(gets shot by minions and hurtled feet away)-iiife!
      Hawkeye: Sorry, I didn't get that last part.

    • Iron Man: (to Red Skull, in Captain America's body) Electromagnetic pulse shut down all the working tech in this base, meaning your technopath can't do squat. (collapses to the ground) In your borrowed face.
      Red Skull: Ha ha ha. Your armor is nothing but dead weight now. You did nothing but ensure your own demise.
      Captain America: I know you're the smart one, but that was pretty dumb.

    • Falcon: (after hitting Red Skull in Captain America's body as per instructions by Iron Man) Please tell me there was a good reason for that, because I've always wanted to meet Captain America, and knocking a guy out isn't exactly a good way to meet your hero.
      Iron Man: Brain switch, and I thought I was your hero.

    • Red Skull: (in Captain America's body, after being strapped into the body-switching machine) You'll regret this Stark.
      Captain America: (in Red Skull's body, calmly strapping himself into the body-switching machine) I hate seeing me squirm.

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