Marvel's Avengers Assemble

Season 1 Episode 1

The Avengers Protocol, Part 1

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM May 26, 2013 on Disney XD
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After having been disbanded for years, the Avengers reunite when Red Skull, having formed an unlikely alliance with M.O.D.O.K., kills Captain America, and the heroes must avenge their fallen comrade and foil whatever plan the Skull is concocting.

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    • Nick Fury: Agent Wilson, I was told you were at the top of your class, so why am I watching you just hang out here like Spider-Man after a late night?

    • Samuel Wilson: Jarvis, I'm here, and I am completely geeking out that Tony sent a probe for me.
      Jarvis: Mr. Stark suggested that you should wear the War Machine armor.
      Samuel Wilson: War Machine? I don't think so. Time to give Project Redwing its first test drive.
      Jarvis: Arrogant and pig-headed. You'll make a fine Avenger.

    • Thor: Now this is a battle. It's been too long.
      Hulk: Too long. Just like your hair.

    • Hulk: (after the Avengers agree to reunite once more) Are we gonna hug now, or can we go smash someone?

    • Hawkeye: (after throwing a jar of mints at Hulk) They're called mints. Try a dozen.
      Iron Man: Hawkeye!
      Hawkeye: What? Can't look for bad guys if I have to cut through his gamma breath to see 'em.
      Hulk: (grabs Hawkeye by his ankle and hangs him upside down out the Quinjet) See anything now?

    • Iron Man: Change of plans, guys. Looks like we're gonna need someone to avenge us.

    • Iron Man: Okay, that's an ouch. Apparently M.O.D.O.K.'s increased his range as well as his power levels. That stinks.
      Hawkeye: (coughs) You said it. Forget the breath mints, Hulk. We're skipping straight to advanced showering.
      Hulk: (holding Hawkeye as the two plunge to the ground) I can still drop you.

    • Thor: Asgard's favorite son will lead the fray, and I'll drop more minions.
      Hulk: Wanna bet?
      Hawkeye: Hey, I'm fighting here!
      Hulk: Fight there!
      Hawkeye: Don't even think it... (Hulk hurls Hawkeye over to another group of minions.) Wooaaahh! (lands on the ground and looks up at several minions holding guns) I'm not with them.
      Black Widow: (watching the heroes from a distance through a pair of binoculars and sighing) Typical.

    • Thor: What is our plan to vanquish the Skull?
      Iron Man: Hit everything...hard! (flies off)
      Hawkeye: So, the plan is, there is no plan. I thought he was the smart one.
      Hulk: I like the plan.

    • Iron Man: Accessing the supersoldier files, scanning for a chemical match and...there's two targets? (suddenly flies away in a hurry, leaving the other heroes behind)
      Hawkeye: He had a plan...for a few seconds.

    • Hulk: (to Hawkeye, after saving him and Black Widow from being shot by minions) Next time you wanna complain about my breath, remember I just saved your li-(gets shot by minions and hurtled feet away)-iiife!
      Hawkeye: Sorry, I didn't get that last part.

    • Iron Man: (to Red Skull, in Captain America's body) Electromagnetic pulse shut down all the working tech in this base, meaning your technopath can't do squat. (collapses to the ground) In your borrowed face.
      Red Skull: Ha ha ha. Your armor is nothing but dead weight now. You did nothing but ensure your own demise.
      Captain America: I know you're the smart one, but that was pretty dumb.

    • Falcon: (after hitting Red Skull in Captain America's body as per instructions by Iron Man) Please tell me there was a good reason for that, because I've always wanted to meet Captain America, and knocking a guy out isn't exactly a good way to meet your hero.
      Iron Man: Brain switch, and I thought I was your hero.

    • Red Skull: (in Captain America's body, after being strapped into the body-switching machine) You'll regret this Stark.
      Captain America: (in Red Skull's body, calmly strapping himself into the body-switching machine) I hate seeing me squirm.

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