Marvel's Avengers Assemble

Season 1 Episode 4

The Serpent of Doom

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM Jul 14, 2013 on Disney XD
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When Dr. Doom sends an Asgardian weapon equiped Midgard Serpent to destroy the earth, Thor decides to sacrifice himself.

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  • Thor's Fate, Doom's destiny, and the Avengers struggle should be more interesting

    With a title like Serpent of Doom in a Marvel based show you've probably guessed the villain is Dr. Doom. Doom unearths an Asguardian weapon that lets him summon a ancient evil that can destroy the world. It's a standard doomsday (pun intended) plot, except there is a Asguardian prophecy that says Thor will die stopping the monster. Thor accepted his fate, while his teammates try to defy fate.

    It's Thor's time to shine. He needs character development. The first 3 episodes he is shallow and comes off as big muscle. This episode right off the bat shows us Thor that's not radiating with confidence and joking like we're used to. He beats someone from the Asguardian underworld with a weapon equal to Thor's hammer. He and Iron Man team up to beat him, but Doom picks up the weapon. Doom in his supreme arrogance (what else is new) decides it is his destiny to unleash the serpent monster that has the power to destroy the world, tame it to rule the world. Again this is classic Doom who feels entitled to greatness and godhood. It shows when Red Skull demands he gives him the weapon. Doom scoffs at it an says Skull's Cabal is beneath him, perfectly in character with Doom.

    Thor tells his teammates about the prophecy of the Midgard Serpent where he'll die stopping it. They are disagree with it, but urge Thor that he can decide his own fate. Iron Man is very much pushing this, while it comes off as his usual arrogance in accepting magic or destiny it actually is more than that. He doesn't want Thor to die. He is actually fighting Thor on this not because he has a problem with magic or legends, but because Thor is friend and he doesn't want him to die. It's subtle, but worry is there. The action scenes are there and comedy is there without sacrificing anything. Falcon trying to lift the Hulk after the serpent knocked him out was humorous. Thor and Doom fight with magic weapons was done pretty well. The destruction the monster causes doesn't just magically fade away even after its beaten. There are consequences for the people of New York. The highlight is how Thor is willing going to sacrifice himself only for his team to save him and convince him there is another way and they'll find it. It shows human element. These characters are friends and will go to extreme lengthens to save each other. Predictably they found a way to defeat the monster by throwing him into the underworld along with Doom (who refuses to get off the monster) and lock it up. The end shows Thor learned from the experience as he tells the villain he fought at the beginning of the episode (who was aware of the prophecy and happy because he knew Thor was supposed to die) that he decides his own fate.

    The episode has its problems. The pacing is really fast. There is almost no break from action. From start to finish there is action going on. It doesn't explore Thor's emotions as well as it could have. We don't see how he feels about destiny vs. actions decide fate deal. The plot is could have been two episodes really to explore Thor's feelings, built up the threat more, show the teams desperation at stopping it and saving Thor at the same time. It feels like a missed opportunity here. Doom is more of a device to move the plot along. He could have been replaced with any villain here. He didn't add much to the story at all. It's a waste of a good villain.moreless
  • The Asgardian Weapon

    I like the other voice actor who played Dr. Doom in Avengers EHM. I'm not sure I really like this voice actor Doom in this series. Anyway this episode ain't bad where you have Dr. Doom who wants to control the world on his own. He manage to obtain a Asgardian weapon which he unleash the Asgardian Serpent to destroy Earth. Thor also believes he has a destiny to save Earth from the Asgardian Serpent. Iron Man wouldn't allow his sacrifice, and find another option to defeat this beast. Too bad Doom couldn't control this Serpent for his master plan in Conquering Earth. The Avengers had to struggle to defeat both Dr. Doom and the Serpent to save Earth in the end.moreless
  • Avengers assemble, thus far breaking the record for the number of cliches in a series

    Seriously. Every single aspect of this episode was cliche. (Thor's destiny, Doctor Doom's "I am a villain, and I will take over the world" scheme, the rookie nature of Falcon, most of the dialogue) This has not impressed me yet, and needs to do better than this to try. At least it shows Doctor Doom isn't a slave of Red Skull, as he seemed to be in the beginning

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