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All anyone wants these days are superheroes. Put 'em on the big screen! Put 'em on a lunchbox! Put 'em on your kid's underwear! Use them to spackle that crack in the bathtub! Yes, build a superhero anything, and an audience will come running with a fistful of cash. Your latest media entity to jump on the trend? Netflix!

The video-streaming service has partnered with Disney/Marvel Television in a newly announced deal that will bring four Marvel-branded live-action series and one big-event miniseries to Netflix beginning in 2015 and rolling out over several years. The superpeople at the center of the series will be Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage. Each series will have a 13-episode run, and once those have been released, all four characters will reunite for a The Defenders miniseries. Yes, this is that 60-episode Marvel deal that was swirling around the rumor drain last month. 

Now if you're like me, then you don't know your Spider-Man from your Spider-Girl from your Spider-Spider, so let's run down who these weirdos are:

Daredevil – You know Daredevil as Ben Affleck. Well, Affleck played him in the 2003 film. Daredevil, born Matt Murdock, was blinded by radioactive sludge at a young age, and though his sight was taken from him, his remaining senses went boffo and now he has the abilities of echolocation, heightened atheticism, and uhhhh... super taste? And in some iterations of the character, Daredevil has a dark side too: He's a lawyer! 

Jessica Jones – This perty lady also became super from comics' go-to well of power-sourcing: radioactive material! A former classmate of Peter Parker, Jones used her abilities of flight (which she was never good at controlling), super strength, and temporary invulnerability to give the superhero thing a shot... but it didn't work out so well. So she chose a safer line of work and became a private detective. Spoiler: Later in life, she would go on to marry Luke Cage. 

Luke Cage – This dude started out as a petty thief, but was sent to the big house after being framed by a former friend for a crime he didn't commit. In prison, he underwent an experimental cell-regeneration procedure that went awry and gave him super strength, impervious skin, and accelerated healing abilities. As you already know if you read what I just said about Jessica Jones, he eventually married Jessica Jones. *high fives Luke Cage, shatters every bone in hand*

Iron Fist – Born Daniel Rand, this guy learned martial arts from some badasses in a mythical city following the death of his parents. The most "real" of these four heroes, this guy is really just super at martial arts. But he does have one cool party trick: the ability to focus his chi into his fist, forming a glowing and dense five-fingers-and-one-palm-of-death. Iron Fist can also heighten his physical skills and heal fast... if anyone can even hurt him! I guess I'm most excited about this one because Iron Fist's earthly abilities seem better matched for television.

There you have it. And you can call me Captain Buzzkill, because I have to ask: Do we need more superheroes on TV? Is anyone else suffering from superhero exhaustion? Can superhero series work without a huge budget? What do YOU think?

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