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  • Badass

    Just badass
  • Very good show, main hero is the exception

    Matt Murdock/Daredevil was by far the least sympathetic character in Season 2. Foggy, Karen, Frank Castle/Punisher and Elektra were all more fun, more likeable and easier to take than Matt Murdock who came across like a sanctimoneous and sour bore. Not to mention unsympathetic for how he treated Karen. The show is good, but they need to rectify the major flaw that the main protagonist of the show is the most annoying and boring.
  • Here's why Daredevil S02 is such a yawner...

    ... it's because none of our heroes or even the main villains are in any danger to die or get seriously hurt w/o a "reset switch" comeback.

    This makes the 2nd series feel like a Disney comic book, compare this do "Game of Thrones" approach that keeps you nailed to your seat b/c all main characters may disappear anytime. But with Daredevil, seeing the Punisher (set up for a spin-off) or Elektra (set up for the grand finale) battling hordes of ninjas is boring, except for the visual appeal of a premium ppv series.

    Unfortunately, this leaves us with the story you'll instantly forget once the series is over. Including you-know-who from S01 makes this even worse as it's a reminder of the big difference in quality. Last not least, Daredevil turned full super-hero now - complete with freaky costume (unlike the realistic pre-devil suit in S01) and downplaying the real-life lawyer story line.

    Proof of the shallow mass-marketing concept is the change of the intro-sequence: They had to copy/paste the shot of the devil mask to the front, probably the viewers are suspected not to have enough patience and need a "in your face" voodoo ninja story.
  • 10/10 Perfect for binge watching!

    Excellent cast, awesome energy and strong momentum all the way to the end. Highly recommended! Ideal example of what TV shows must strive for. Superb decision to bring in Elektra. Cuties are needed everywhere!
  • Awesome!

    Season 2 Rocks!

    Holy Shit! As good if not even better than Season 1.

    Worth seeing, and now, getting stoked for Season 3. I sense there will be some Kingpin conflict in the horizon for Matt.

    Gotta love the show!


    2014-2015 gave us many new comic book inspired tv shows. My top 3 are Gotham, the Flash and DareDevil.

    To me, I don't think these shows should be compared, they all stand on their own awesomeness.

    Since this review is about DareDevil, let's focus on that.

    Seeing all 13 episodes, I love how urban the show is and how it ended with his iconic costume. Sure, it doesn't have the DD logo, but I sense that will come as the show progresses.

    It's an origin show and it is actually quite straight-forward.

    As a disclaimer I should say that I've never been much of a Marvel's fan when it comes to comic books, Always been more DC. Spider-Man and the what-if books were my favorites from Marvel.

    So, what I know of DareDevil is mostly from the previous movie and bits and pieces of cross-over events.

    The TV show is much superior to the movie. Every actor is well chosen. The show is awesome, gritty and full of action.

    Nobody is perfect, all are flawed and all are human. You can see every character evolving towards becoming more of what we would expect them to be as per the comic book.

    Charlie Cox's casting, Vincent D'Onofrio's casting, I mean, amazing actors who gave amazing performances throughout the season.

    All good stuff.

    To borrow a line from Comedy Central, watching this show is 'Time well wasted' :)

  • not your average comic book: in fact this is, hands down, the comic book tv show to beat

    daredevil is quickly becoming the most interesting superhero to superhero who grew up in poverty, one of the few who actually has to have a job to make ends meet, and is a vigilante with a very live conscience and a catholic conscience at that. but it is d'onofrio's wilson fisk that is one of the most compelling and unsettling villains i've come across in some time: simultaneously sensitive and terrifying, fragile and pervasive.
  • This show is amazing!

    Wow. This show was so well done for season 1. I was hooked at the first episode and was psyched that every episode was really good and worth watching! Looking forward to season 2. Not sure what I think about the red\black costume outfit though. The body armor is a plus and of course, it's Daredevil. But, I did like the black. Very 'street fighter' Definitely a great entertainment value to watch.

    The new Colony tv series is also a great storyline to watch. Different, but intriguing!
  • A pleasant and unexpected surprise

    I was reluctant to watch this show, but once I started I couldn't stop watching the complete season...3 times! All the actors are fantastic, the characters are enthralling, their interactions with each other are complex, dialogues were rich in nuances. Perhaps it was the best show I have seen in 2015, and it seems to be underestimated. Also, being from Spain myself, I appreciated when Spanish was spoken (as well as Chinese, Japanese and Russian). It sounds as Charly Cox had a hard time with the language, though :-) It is refreshing to hear such linguistic diversity. My apologies if I have made mistakes writing this, English is not my mother tongue.
  • A must watch for any comic book fan or just fans of GREAT TV in general

    This is an incredible show. I was not expecting much at all when I first decided to try it. Boy was I surprised! It's a very adult series with mature themes and pretty graphic violence, but it's not over the top. It is a very gritty, realistic type of show. The actors are amazing and all fit their roles perfectly. The writing is top notch, as is the directing and overall quality of the show. It doesn't appear that they cut any corners in making this series, the budget for this must be huge! All this to say, go watch this show NOW!
  • Nicely transformed from kids comic book into adulthood

    It started bit off key but quickly formed into a pretty heavy action drama for adults. And to please the kids (what kids?) or old men still living with their parents, we saw in the last minutes of season Daredevil in his superhero costume (a scuba diver goes to fancy dress party).

    The comics in 60's were created for kids and cost 15 cents or so I've been told. Kudos to the show creators in bringing the story into 21st century and turning it into an adult show with a well acted and interesting characters. Unpredictable at some times. I did not see that young lady would shoot that slick dresser Wesley.

    The fighting scenes (and there was a lot of them) were equally well done. Not your epilepsy inducing stroboscopic editing where you don't even know who hits who (or is it whom?) . No, this was a real "A" movie choreography where viewer can linger his/her eyes on an actor (or a stunt-double) because he is actually doing the thing he is actually doing. I remember the scene where daredevil runs on the rooftops in full daylight to get a sandwich or some Chinese and I was really impressed! There were some heavy parkour moves there.

    However I am not sure I want to see the main character in his newly acquired skin-tight neoprene in the season 2. It was all pretty down-to-earth, suits, leather jackets, skirts and everything, socks, up until the very last 30 minutes of the season when the main characters just decided to shoe-spoon himself into a very tight fitting full body costume. And those while great for diving are not very practical when the nature calls, I can tell you. You have to be very careful how much you drink and if you are lactose intolerant, the raid may result in an unexpected turn where not just your blood runs down someones ankles if you get my drift. Oh dear! I don't want to see that. You should be ashamed of yourself for suggesting that! There is a reason gorillas invented trousers, we should not be messing with nature like that.
  • Slow and boring...

    As all Marvel series. This one is very boring and doesn't follow the daredevil caracter at all.

    Daredevil is a dark and rutless character not a whining and dumb one.

    I know this is suppose to be the beginning of the hero but this does not follow Marvel dare devil character in the comic books.

    Very week show. Marvel should stick to movies and even those should be handled by Joss Whedon otherwise...
  • Excellent In Every Way That Matters Most

    Very well written, interesting story that moves forward episode by episode, great pacing between action and calm, a variety of characters who are each convincing in their roles, professional and amazing choreography. Matt Murdock is a charismatic attorney, an endearing friend, and an impressive and terrifying Daredevil. Wilson Fisk is wonderful in his quiet sensitivity and his insane brutality. Excellent in every way.
  • A no bullshit take of superhero genre

    The dark tones, the grim environment and all that has very nicely put a beloved comic character on the screen. This is the show that can actually pull off the grim tones. Nothing seems forced on the show. Everything flows naturally. Totally addicted & hooked into it. Eagerly waiting for the second installment
  • A lot of fun

    I enjoyed this thoroughly. Great fight scenes and drama. Kinda low on comedy but I can forgive that. Not perfect, but worthy of 9.5/10.
  • Amazing !!!

    Daredevil Is the Best Superhero TV Series I've Ever Seen
  • Kick's ass

    Just finished watching all the first season, i really enjoy the TV show i watched "Shield" and didn't enjoy it that much then i stated watching this and i found it funny and entertaining, Love the cast and new outfit.
  • Puts the other Marvel shows to shame

    While I gave up on "Shield" long ago and doubt I will tune into season two of "Carter" this Marvel production is what I've been waiting for. This Daredevil is great. The backstory is compelling and the storyline is solid drama with good action scenes. Charlie Cox seems perfectly cast and should be a big star some day - he charisma jumps off the screen. The supporting cast is good too and it's nice to have Vincent D'Onofrio back on my television in any form. I guess having this show on Netflix has unshackled the writing and tone for this show while the other Marvel shows are too watered down for my taste. Already looking forward to where this show is going.
  • Revolution in the superhero genre


    This show has it all, it's not just your atypical superhero series, while it does has everything you'd expect from the genre, it also has just so much more.

    A must watch for anyone who loves comics, superhero's, and even as just an awesome series in its own right.

    This has revolutionized the superhero genre to new heights.

    If you're like me and plugged into the superhero series and movies of late, you might feel that the whole thing has gotten a tad stale. Many of these stories are chalk full of cliches and over the top story telling, and characters and universes painted in broad strokes of the black and white verity. Whats more many of the more interesting characters have already been told, retold and finally rebooted. Now even the lesser superhero's are being given their time in the limelight as the 'Flash' and the 'Arrow' grace their presence on our silver-screens.

    It's all been done, so when I first heard of DareDevil i didn't expected much, just more o the same.

    However, after finishing all 13 episodes on less than a week of binge watching them, i have to say, not only did it surpass my expectations but I was blown away.

    DareDevil has a sense of realism about the characters and the universe, it doesn't feel like a fictional world from the DC Universe, where superhuman powers are rank, rather if feels like a believable drama set in modern day New York City (Hell's Kitchen).

    N'or are the hero's all 'white hat' goodies who want to make the world a better place from the 'black hat' enemies bent on its destruction. This world, much like ours is full of grey on both sides, nobody is entirely good, nor bad and both are capable of surprising acts that will shock you!

    Furthermore, while most superhero's lean on their stories, Daredevil's story can walk on its own, it's compelling and flawless intertwines its 13 episodes together like a good drama/action show should, it's so good it even rivals some great action/drama like '24' and 'homeland'.

    Finally, the action, cast, cinematography, are also unbelievably good. The quality of these means that netflix measures up with other subscription cable channels like HBO. They have already shown great series (House of Cards), DareDevil is just another great show in their ever expanding repertoire.

    Cannot say more about how great this series is, you will just need to watch it!

  • A welcoming surprise

    I havent had big expectations for the series, thought it would be a senseless superhero show like The Flash or so, which I only watch to pass the time.

    But! It is much more than this. It is brilliant, has nice acting, nice fighting, nice camera and so on...

    I really like the actors, at first I did not know that Rosario Dawson would play a role, but hey another positive suprise ;)

    Only little flaws I can mention: For me it is too brutal, has parts of violence I dont need to see... and I need to wait a year to continue watching.

  • So Much to Say

    I'll start by saying SPOILER ALERT!! If you haven't finished all 13 episodes of Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix, than read no further.

    I am a big fan of the superhero show. I loved Smallville and enjoy Arrow. I have yet to get into Gotham, because the whole time I'm thinking "I wish Batman were And I have that same problem with Agents of Shield (where art thou superheroes?). I have no excuse for not watching the CW's Flash other than, I don't have time, sorry. BTW, I'm not a comic book reader; I am working purely off what I see on the screen. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing I do not know.

    That being said, Daredevil is new, fun, and above all it's gritty and dark and believable. That is exactly what I expected and exactly what I received from Netflix. Without being restricted by broadcast limitations, Netflix has the freedom to take a superhero show to all the dark bloody places it needs to go. That is exactly what's occurred with Daredevil. Overall, I really enjoyed this first season. The camera work and directing happening on and off screen really places us in this city, with its crappy alleys, crappy apartments, and crappy bars. There's a lot of crap in Hell's Kitchen, guys, that's why all the characters are so desperate to clean it up. The show includes just enough flashbacks to give us the info we need, but not so much that we get stuck in the past, which I really appreciate given some shows tendency to linger in flashbacks. *Cough, ARROW, cough* Matt Murdock manages to be just as interesting as his masked alter ego. His origins as a boxer's son, watching/hearing his father take so many punches and still get up again, speaks volumes about what kind of hero Daredevil will be. Lawyer Matt is kinda boring, though. This isn't that surprising considering he and his partner, Foggy Nelson, only take three cases that we know of throughout the entire season. Not to mention (even though I'm obviously going to mention it anyway), that as far as I can tell they only got paid from one of those cases. I guess it really is hard getting a practice off the ground. Anyway, Matt's relationship with his Catholic priest becomes increasingly important and interesting as the season progresses. Their conversations are honestly some of my favorite scenes involving Murdock himself. The fighting style is really spot-on for this show. Daredevil uses a mixture of parkour, boxing, martial arts, and just plain beating up their fists with his face. That's right, folks, Daredevil gets beaten up a LOT. We're talking serious ass-whooping. However, that's realistic! That's the fighting style, that's the risk, and that's the fun of it too, I think. Now of course, all this injury leads Daredevil to a nurse named Claire, whose character honestly feels very out of place to me. She's there for a little while, she knows Matt's identity. She is obviously introduced as a romantic interested, but their relationship ends faster than it began. Claire gets to that moment of "Oh, I probably shouldn't fall in love with a masked vigilante" a lot earlier than most comic book world women. But Claire is smart enough to turn around and walk away halfway through the season. Will we see her in season 2? Probably. Because otherwise what was the point, right? I for one could live without her. In my opinion those two actors (Cox & Dawson) lack chemistry. I just wasn't feeling it. Karen Paige also confuses me. I understand that she is a major Daredevil love-interest in the comics, which is fine and dandy and everything. But here on the show I just don't see it happening, or at least not happening anytime soon. Karen and Foggy have some chemistry, and the characters are very flirty and friendly towards each other. In fact, it seemed as though Karen and Foggy spent more time together than Matt spent with either of the two people who we are suppose to see as his best friends (more on that later). Now let's get to the things with which I take issue, because come on, nothing is perfect. I love the villains on this show. I'm not sure loving the villains is actually a problem, but it definitely leads to a few. Wilson Fisk (aka Kingpin) is such an interesting character! We don't even meet the man for the first few episodes, so already I'm wondering who is this guy? Why don't we say his name? How did he come into so much power? And what will he be like? The answer is he is a big cuddly angry teddy bear. This character despite whatever car-door slamming may occur is kinda loveable. Seriously, half the time I'm feeling sorry for him and rooting for him to win (The same phenomenon I experienced with Smallville's Lex Luthor in season 1-3). Fisk and the colorful crowd he chooses to surround himself with were so much fun! Wesley and Leland were two of my favorite characters! They had great chemistry and dialogue with each other and with Fisk, it was brilliant! This love I had for the villains of Daredevil's story is a problem, because I should have been hoping for them to fail. I should have been cheering for the man in the mask, but instead I was hoping Vanessa would fall for Fisk. That's just not right. Also, because this cast was so big, we were often visiting each of the major 7 characters at least once an episode. My attention was being pulled in a lot of different directions, too many of which we not Matt/Daredevil. My biggest complaint arose later in the season, when Matt's extracurricular were revealed to Foggy. For me this big reveal came way too soon. The best friend and the main love interest discovering the secret identity is one of my most anticipated and important moments of a superhero story. It is awesome, and fun, and often sad. I really like the sad part. But this moment usually comes later than season 1, because in order for it to be awesome and fun and emotional I need to be invested in the relationship of the characters. I know Foggy is suppose to be Matt's bestest bud, and that's fine, but at that point in the season (and this early in the series) I haven't witnessed that friendship. It hasn't been proven to me, I am unconvinced. The long drawn out post-reveal conversation between Matt and Foggy was meant to be emotional. Painful, conflicted. But to me it was just boring. Because what did I care? From what I can see they don't spend much time together anyway. It didn't have the emotional impact it should have, and probably would have had if it had happened about a season or two from now. Timing was all off. To conclude (this very long review), I will be looking forward to next season. Netflix has done a great job as usual. Interested to see who the next big bad will be or if perhaps Fisk will be back and out for revenge by next season. And for those of you who managed to make it to the end of this review, I would like to reward you with my favorite fight scene from this season. I know, great prize, right? I'm gonna have to go with the last scene of episode 2, when Daredevil beats down about 12 Russians to save the little boy that was kidnapped in episode 1. Its long, it's brutal, camera work is amazing, Daredevil falls down a few times; it's really fun. Thanks for reading!

  • A very pleasant surprise!

    I love this show! It's how superhero comic books should be filmed for television, and never have been until now. The casting is stellar, the writing is excellent, maintaining a balance between drama and character development on the one hand, and plot development and action on the other. The show 100% adult and the writers aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and bloody. The atmosphere is as dark as it should be and has an appropriately dystopian quality. The relationships between the characters are not developed clumsily and in a juvenile way as is the case with other superhero shoes currently running. And the fight sequences are very well-done and totally exciting. Definitely a must. I hope changing showrunners doesn't diminish this special vibe that it has now.
  • Not at all what I expected... much better.

    I feel this show does for the super hero genre what Battlestar Galactica did for sci-fi. It has way more drama than I'd expected this kind of show to have, entirely a different breed of super heroics than Flash, Arrow, or Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, and it has some excellently choreographed single take fight scenes that are far more entertaining and brutal than a show like Person of Interest and more like Banshee. I'm pleased with the quality of the actors as well, nothing feels over the top or underwhelming.

    Despite all my comparisons or contrasting with other shows, this show feels entirely unique and once you watch it you'll understand. If you like super hero shows, shows with quality fight scenes, and drama, this show has all of the above.

    The only thing that nags me half way through the 'season' is that they don't illustrate how Murdock perceives his enhanced senses which the comic did rather well throughout the 80's, both graphically and with words.

  • Marvel's Daredevil yay !!!

    Finally!!!! I can not wait for Season 2 and many , many more :)

  • Job well done Marvel

    finally and i do mean FINALLY Marvel has decided to go to TV for a Real masterpiece and one of my personal favorite superheroes Daredevil after seeing a lot of DC Comics superheroes such as the flash - arrow and Constantine i thought marvel does not had a chance but how wrong i was because here i am writing this and confessing that Daredevil has defeated the 3 other DC comics shows combined every episode in daredevil was a state of the art! i had fun in every single minute in the whole 13 episodes and i think if anyone ever decided to make another superhero tv show they must learn from daredevil and that's enough because no mater how long i will talk about this epic show it won't be enough
  • Confused...

    They were all aired on the same day?
  • Didnt expect is So GOOD!!

    A 5star at least!!!

    Maybe Arrow and Flash can steal some ideas..

    Every episode is like a Movie!Great work!!

    Keep it up Daredevil team!!
  • This show is impeccable

    Truly a classic in the making...
  • How awesome is this show!

    I'm on the 9th and I encourage anyone who likes true comic book shows to watch this. The characters are great and the story is well addicting.
  • Love it!

    I'm enjoying this a lot. Very different from the movie. The actor here is definitely better than Ben Affleck.

    The only thing I don't like very much is some of these villains can seem to take 30 shots to the head before they get groggy. They just keep getting up! They must have metal plates in their heads and jaws or something. Get the feeling Daredevil needs to do more weights so he can knock these guys out quicker.
  • Awesome Show

    By far the best Marvel has to offer right now. Dark, cruel and I love the character development. Even King(pin) has a human side.

    Someone mentions the lack of Marvel Comic Universe... But in my eyes it is what makes the story to authentic. Murdock talks to a priest about the devil, the bad guy is the king and not kingpin. It is more a suspenseful thriller instead of people running around in skintight suits.
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