Marvel's Jessica Jones

Season 2 Episode 10

AKA Pork Chop

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Jessica and Jeri try to convince Alisa to give up Malus in return for transfer to a more amenable location. Meanwhile, Trish warns Jessica about Alisa and continues her search for Malus.

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Mar 22, 2018
In contrast to her explosive resignation from her radio show and under the influence of the IGH drug, Trish now without the IGH drug bombs at her audition for a TV news gig.
Never thought I would see a difference between an explosion and a bombing.
Quite intense when Ailsa threatened Trish her life.
Absolutely harrowing when Jeri found her place robbed by Green and Ryback.
Ailsa gets a mean guard in Dale Holiday and horrifying when he maced Jessica at the end with her killing him afterwards.

Matthew See
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