Marvel's Jessica Jones

Season 2 Episode 12

AKA Pray for My Patsy

Full Episode: AKA Pray for My Patsy


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Jessica and Dorothy try to settle their differences as Trish lies in a coma. Meanwhile, Alisa goes looking for Trish after breaking out of prison.

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Mar 25, 2018
Intense on seeing Ailsa on a rampage with her determination to kill Trish who is now in a hospital.
In no doubt a sad irony of a joke, the alive and bed-ridden Trish is placed in a morgue for her protection.
What a tragedy that Detective Sunday became a casualty when Ailsa jumped out of the hospital with her.
Jessica could not do it in killing Ailsa and instead the latter subdued the former in the lead-up to the season finale which is called AKA Playland and Playland is no doubt where Ailsa is taking Jessica.

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