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  • Claire Claire Claire...

    Marvel Heroes are sacrificing, suffering, giving all... to fight the most violent and vile criminals, saving thousands, no, whole cities full of people.. and there's Claire, acting like the typical "girl" complaining and pointing out every negative point about why the heroes "shouldn't" be doing what they do best.

    I know every story needs a devils advocate... and Claire is it for Like and Murdock.. and she did the same shit to Danny also. But Come on!! Why cant she put herself in their shoes for once and understand that they dont have a choice. No one else can do what they do. If they dont do it, the city of NY is doomed. If Claire'd had her way, the city would've crumbled and everyone would've died. Please Netflix, shut Claire the hell up!!
  • Liked it but again season was too long...

    Loved the setting and the soundtrack and I really liked the Cottonmouth arc but the Diamondback arc seemed to have been tacked on and really should have been a series 2 arc, yes there were some good character reveals towards the end but once again it took too long to get to them. Really wish these Marvel Netflix series were only 10 episodes as the only one which hasn't dragged for me was the first series of Daredevil.
  • Not Enough Sizzle

    This is show is mildly watchable. It's got a great backdrop, amazing characters but sadly all of that is wasted by the poor writing. There's so much emphasis on style but low on substance. It took a long time for the story to pick up. It was tedious watching 2 episodes, let alone 13 of them. This show is definitely a poorly conceived concept. Luke Cage is an amazing superhero, but the plot is not so amazing. It's too slow, I lost interest with 4 episodes. It's safe to say that Marvel messed this one up.
  • An Incredibly Excellent and Important SERIES

    This is possibly the best superhero series ever made let alone one of the most social conscious series in a decade!

    I came into Luke Cage expecting another loose-and-free adaptation like Jessica Jones & Daredevil... What I found was a series very true to the heart of the original comic book from back in 1972. One of the reasons (in fact the main reason) is that little has changed in the 40+ years since Archie, John & George decided it was high time to talk again about society in the safe space of YA comics.

    This is not only well written, acted and shot (kudos to the writers, cast and crew) but it's organic, unlike DD or JJ it doesn't feel like it's formulaic or it's building up pressure for one myopic focus. It's changing and, yes while following the typical Campbell path of the hero, it does it in ways that were unexpected. Making changes to the original mythos, not for style or to be clever but with a real payoff in mind.

    Somehow being well scripted and feeling organic isn't the only reason this show is so damn good!

    It's so good---works so well, because unlike the heavy handed metaphors of The Hulk and other classic heroes have faded with time but the overwhelming dichotomy of social injustice is no different... hell it may even been more derisive. And instead of the conversation about it, all we see is hyperbole in our society.

    This show right here and right now is just incredible... it says so much and it -of course- has caused so much conversation because of that.

    I loved Agent Carter and grew to really enjoy Agents of . but this is possibly the best superhero show EVER MADE! Thank you Netflix for making mean this for the first time in years:

    Make mine MARVEL!
  • Incredibly stupid

    It's a total waste of time and a piece of shit. Was pretty sure since episode 1 when they had to make sure they include a sex scene, but just as the show goes on and the I watched the episodes it's fucking stupid. I'm not joking. It's dumb as fuck. I mean wtf, are the screen writers nowdays ***ed in the head ? Don't they fucking get a alarm going off in their head when they write shit that is just too fucking stupid ? Like it's got nothing to do with intelligence, smartness, or reality for that matter. Wtf are these idiots thinking when they make such a TV show ? Tbh, it's so fucking ***ed, it's missing humanity. As in, what would people do in certain situations or how they would react in certain situations in life. I mean it's just.....

    Tbh, I was pretty sure it'd be a piece of crap/shit, and I didn't wanna watch it. But after all those commercials, I said " Hey, let's give it a shot. Maybe it isn't so bad". I was horribly mistaken. It's incredibly poorly written and the fact that they somehow try to connect it with the Marvel movies ( Avengers etc) is just pathetic...
  • Excellent

    Just finished ep 1 and thought it was a great start. Cast, music, and action were all fun and super hip. Excited about the rest of the episodes.

    Edit: just started ep 2, immediately paused. Luke Cage is exactly the kind of awesome 2016 men should be. Strong and capable, but still patient even though he's tired and committed to doing things right. A+, changed from 9.5 to 10.