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  • The Defenders - Marvel's Ultimate Crossover Event Delivers

    After successful first seasons of their Marvel series, Netflix brings them together for The Defenders, an action-packed superhero team-up. When Danny Rand (aka Iron Fist) tracks a secret criminal organization called the Hand to New York he teams-up with Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Daredevil; who have all had encounters with the Hand and want to protect the city from their nefarious schemes. While it tends to focus more on Iron Fist and Daredevil, it does an impressive job at bringing in and using various characters from all four series. And, the fight scenes are incredibly exciting and intense. The performances are also pretty good; even Krysten Ritter (who's poisonous on Jessica Jones). Plus, Sigourney Weaver makes for an interesting and compelling villain as the leader of the Hand. One of Marvel's best series to-date, The Defenders shows once again what a rich and captivating cinematic universe Marvel has created.
  • Terrific

    If you enjoyed the other Marvel Netflix shows, this really was a terrific series to pull all the characters together. I really enjoyed every episode and the character development. Danny Rand/Iron Fist was exactly what he was meant to be - a naive kid who has grown up in a 'magic kingdom' with no real understanding of the world. This character was crucial to facilitate the formation of the team and I'm sure he'll only grow further if he gets another season.

    And Jessica Jones. Wow. Such an awesome character.
  • Could have been a great show

    On the one hand it has great diaolgs (esp. Jessica Jones), on the other hand it has such a bad story line that it is very hard to keep attention. Also it is really a pity that Fin Jones is such a bad actor. Is it perhaps on a very low budget? Then it seems a waste to hire Sigourny Weaver.