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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Big Time Marvin
      Episode 9
      Marvin & Teri attend the Big Time Rush concert, but unbeknownst to them, BTR has been kidnapped by the Klerg who are on the hunt to find Klutonians. When Teri gets mistaken as a Klutonian Marvin must race to save her.
    • Mr. Earth
      Episode 8
      Marvin's Uncle Steve visits the family during Earth Week, and is worried that Marvin loves Earth life more than Klooton, so he threatens to take him back to his "real home".
    • House Party
      Episode 7
      The adults head out of town for the weekend and Marvin has his first house party. But when inclement weather causes the family to come home early, Marvin and Teri must get rid of the party evidence before anyone finds out.
    • Marvin's Day Off
      Episode 6
      Marvin joins the book club to spend time with his crush, but he hasn't read the book yet, so he pretends to be sick to catch up. When the book club meeting is moved, Marvin has to sneak out of the house in order to be there.
    • 3/30/13
      Marvin learns about comic books and is amazed when he sees Ben's enormous collection. But when Marvin accidentally damages one of Ben's rarest comics he struggles to come clean knowing it could mean losing his friend.
    • St. Glar Kai Day
      Episode 4
      Marvin is celebrating his favorite holiday, St. Glar Kai Day. However when two FBI agents show up in search of suspect alien activity the Forman's must throw the agents off the case before Marvin's true identity is revealed.
    • Calm Palm
      Episode 3
      Teri is stressed out about her upcoming debate and Marvin tries to help by using Calm Pal on her, but things go away when Teri becomes so relaxed she doesn't care about the debate anymore.
    • 2/23/13
      Marvin desperately wants a pet and after much asking Liz and Bob give him permission. Marvin hatches a Klootonian egg but when Marvin overfeeds his pet it quickly begins to wreak havoc in the house.
    • 2/16/13
      Marvin has dreams of being famous, or at least winning a trophy, and after learning about his school's Battle of the Bands competition he recruits a class of second graders to help him rock and roll.
  • Season 1