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  • Good thing this show got taken off the air completly in 2014

    iCarly is way better than this.
  • By the name, I know this show is shit.

    Title says it all.
  • Ummm....

    It's dumb. Freaking dumb.
  • Another show gone..

    this show is crap. i just watched a episode and he just squirted cereal out of his nose and it was so disgusting. also i am watching this chocolate Marvin Marvin video and he poured it all over his face and a laugh track played.. i am glad this show is gone.
  • This is the first show i've seen where the average rating has been below a 2

    First I have to say that I am glad this is cancelled. It only lasted 2 seasons, which proves its unpopular. This show revolves around an alien teenage boy that tries to get used to human life. I truly have to say that both Fanboy and Chum Chum and Sanjay and Craig are actually better than this (and those are my absolute least favorite shows, not including this). I would like to thank everyone to make the average rating a 1.9.

    Update- Is this STILL seriously running on Teennick? Nick, NO ONE LIKES IT!! STOP DOING RERUNS!!
  • Marvin Marvin needs to die in a hole

    This show title doesn't make sense at all.
  • The Looser Show

    It Is Not Funny And The Boringest Show Ever Because Marvin Is A Dork and NOT FUNNY. It Is corny Like A Junk Like Fred The Show. The Main Role Of This Both Junk Is Lucas Alan Cruikshank He Is A Dorkwald and A Dunce And A Dork And A Looser. Lucas Is A Moron.
  • It's back to 1.9!

    This was at 2.0 until I voted. Now we're back to 1.9. And I just finished watch Gordy, the best movie ever made! Watch Gordy and forget Moron Moron!
  • Goodbye Nickelodeon

    If Nick won't improve while I'm growing up, I will go to Nick studios and make the best show there in years! Nick your a*s is getting kicked by Disney and CN. They are BARELY (since there are lots of bad shows on both stations)
  • Underrated

    This show is funny, It really had me laughing on the floor all day.
  • Marvin Must Die

    Lucas Cruikshank please notice the fact that no one likes you! No matter what show you play on, you'll always be remembered as "that Fred kid". Marvin Marvin, in my opinion, is even worse than Fred. Well nah I can't say that. There's nothing worse than Fred. This show is a mess. Its about a ***ed alien. As if I haven't seen that plot in many different shows. All in all, this show fucking blows. And that's a nice way of putting it.

    Lets all take a moment to thank God that this show has been canceled. Now lets see what stupid show Nick will shit out with Lucas Cruikshank on it next.
  • I love this show

    I can't really understand why the majority of people hates this show but I respect them.

    In my opinion this is one of the best shows head-to-head with shows like iCarly.
  • Ugh. - Requested by Disney4life

    My brother loves this show. Me? I hate it. Very. First, this show is about a dumb alien who was played by the one and only FRED. I mean, this show could've been better if it weren't for the stupid little brother character who is focused on THINGS GOING VIRAL. That's not all, in one episode Marvin eats too much chocolate and EVEN SINGS A SONG ABOUT IT. That is what i call total filler! Look on the bright side: it only lasted for one season!
  • It can't posibly get any worse than this!

    It's like cancer made a show! And it's about an idiotic alien named Marvin! Whoever gives this show a rating higher than 1 or 0.0 (if you can, apparently you can if you have enough reviews) or disagrees with this review is completely out of their mind! I also agree with you two, Frisby2007 and cookiesandmilk, I never watched this show either, but when you've seen the commercials or heard the plot, you know it's not worth watching. Apart from that one commercial with him snorting milk, I've also seen the commercial for the "Toothache" episode, and the one where he says his "hearing organs" are located on his butt. Oh, and I saw the commercial for "Improbable Story". And I've read the plot at Wikipedia, and read reviews from IMDb and of course here.

    Instead of watching this, I say go to Netflix and watch Gordy! Gordy's got people, unlike Marvin MORON! Yes, that's right, I just called this show Marvin Moron! That's what they SHOULD call it! Or The Idiotic Alien! Only completely brain-dead morons could like this show! Yes, it's a show only a MORON, NOT mother, could even like, let-alone love! Unlike Gordy, the talking pig who made it big! P. S. Nick, now that this show is cancelled, CANCEL SANJAY AND CRAIG TOO! THAT SHOW IS ALSO LIKE CANCER!

    UPDATE ON SEPTEMBER 15 (originally posted on July 16): Sanjay and Craig ACTUALLY GOT GREENLIT FOR A SECOND SEASON! God help us all. What next? Rabbids Invasion AND The Haunted Hathaways get renewed for a second season too? Nick is officially dead. Oh well, AT LEAST they cancelled this show and FINALLY stopped doing reruns of it.


    UPDATE ON DECEMBER 21: And now they've renewed The Thundermans. What's wrong with Nick?

    UPDATE ON JANUARY 31: I was looking at the List of Rabbids Invasion episodes at Wikipedia and found out it was renewed. But hey, they renewed The Thundermans, The Haunted Hathaways, and Sanjay and Craig too, so what's new? I'm thinking they can't cancel Rabbids Invasion because it's the only watchable show besides Sam & Cat, and canceling it would leave them with only one pseudo quality show. However, they STILL should have canceled Sanjay and Craig. I mean, it hasn't even aired a new episode since December 7, which was the episode where they wet the bed. I still remember the commercial: "You're in for some drama. And by "you're in", we mean "YOU'RE IN"? Obviously a pun on urine. And you know what was stupid about that episode? They wet the bed at camp because they couldn't keep their challenge, but why didn't they just go to the bathroom BEFORE bed? Major plothole. AND, Sanjay almost licked his own urine! I don't know HOW that show is rated TV-Y7. The other episode it aired with was even worse! I was hoping the first terrible episode would at least be paired with a less horrible episode, but nope! It was worse. I can't believe that show, The Thundermans, and The Haunted Hathaways haven't been canceled yet! I mean, The Thundermans has a 2.5 and The Haunted Hathaways is rated the same as Sanjay and Craig, a 4. No one likes these shows! Nick, just because you don't have many shows left doesn't mean you can't cancel the worst three shows! Even if that only leaves us with two shows. Two pseudo quality shows that are still really bad. Time to get better shows!

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 2: Nick has an upcoming show called Breadwinners that airs in 20 days. Today I found the pilot on YouTube and showed it to my family. EVERYONE HATED IT! They all said it was the worst thing they'd seen in their lives. And that includes The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (2012), Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale (2006), and Rabbids Invasion. So I won't be surprised when Breadwinners gets a 1.9 just like Marvin Marvin here at and Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale at IMDb. My Aunt said I should rate it as low as possible just to get the score down. Unfortunately, the lowest one can rate is 1, unless you are a prolific author. I have been working on that for months (6 plus months), so I can rate stuff like Marvin Marvin, Fred: The Show, and The Oogieloves a 0.0. Breadwinners is next on my "to rate 0.0 once I can" list.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 18: Breadwinners premiered yesterday. I have reviewed it. It's bad but not as bad as Sanjay and Craig.

    UPDATE ON MARCH 1: It looks like this show's newest best friend is Breadwinners! Just like this show and Sanjay and Craig, we've got yet another show that has lots of crudity! Like in "Employee of the Month" (yes, you read that right, it is the same title as an episode of SpongeBob AND it has the exact same plot), Buhduece, in an attempt to try and prove himself worthy of the award (which went to THE ROCKET VAN! Yes, it went to an inanimate object), he passes gas in The Rocket Van, to prove that he "doesn't run low on gas". He then says, "I don't mean to toot my own horn", then passes more gas, and later says "Once you break the seal, the fart gates cannot be closed". Then in "Frog Day Afternoon", their pet frog Jelly, who is supposed to be a dog, eats a beehive (since when do frogs OR dogs eat beehives?) and farts out the bees, only to start CHASING them, like it was going to eat them AGAIN. Really Nick? They clearly did not learn their lesson with Marvin Marvin OR Fanboy and Chum Chum, because now we have Breadwinners AND Sanjay and Craig to take their places.

    UPDATE ON MARCH 5: They're STILL showing this on TeenNick? I thought they had finally stopped doing reruns. On any channel. Apparently it was just a hiatus. WHY IS THIS SHOW STILL ON? I realize it's only on at 5:00 am (4:00 am my time), but come on. That's not fair to people who get up early to watch TV. And I saw it's going to be on again tomorrow. And Friday.

    Also 2 days ago I saw Mewds46 say Breadwinners is also a ripoff of Sanjay and Craig, because of the toilet humor. Actually, correction: it's a rip-off of THREE shows. SpongeBob, Sanjay and Craig, AND Regular Show. And this made me realize Sanjay and Craig in turn is a rip-off of this show for the same reason. Because of the toilet humor.
  • NOT interested!

    I haven't seen this show, & I have zip to no plans on doing so. Just from the commercials, this show looks undeniably brain damaging. I have NOTHING against the guy who plays Fred, because his youtube videos are hilarious (yes, I said Fred was funny, suck it if you don't agree, because I don't give two shits of a cent if you don't agree), but whoever honestly told him that this show was a good idea must have had a serious mental disorder, & must have blackmailed Lucas & whoever runs Nick.

    I recently read the script & plot to this show, & wow, just wow, I honestly NEVER thought Nickelodeon could have stooped this low on the stupidity level. The plot apparently ripped off some show I've never heard of called "Mork & Mindy", but even regardless of that, the plot itself isn't original, at all, because it's already been done before & much better (Invader Zim). The humor is just gross toilet humor that isn't even remotely funny. It's just disgusting. How is drinking a shake through your nose & the spitting it all out through your mouth later funny? I mean, it was bad enough when one of Disney Channel's old shows did the same by using an alien that ate using his ass & after he was done asked for a toothpick (ugh, my nerves still cringe thinking about that), but Nickelodeon doing such a thing? I never thought it would come to that. Oh, & apparently the writers also think that having Marvin's 'dad' talk to his ass is funny too. You know there is something really wrong with a show when the main character's hearing organs are located within his filthy brown-eye.

    Next we have the character, Marvin, who is even more annoying & obnoxious than you'd expect. Whatever you think of Fred the show or youtube videos will make you apologize to him when you meet Marvin. He is so painfully idiotic that is just HURTS thinking about it. He came from his planet to Earth due to some war that was going on, & I don't know, I didn't get it much after that. Sounds a lot like Chad from the "Fairly Odd Parents" who came to Earth to avoid being massacred by his babe wife-to-be. It also doesn't even make sense; because I have no idea how alien parents could allow a being like Marvin to live in the first place.

    When it comes to Lucas himself, he is not a bad actor, really; his real problem is that he doesn't know how to pick his roles, & so as a result he ends up in stuff like this with terrible jokes, annoying characters, & poor execution. It's like Larry the Cable Guy (thought I can't stand him), he isn't a bad actor, his problem is that he is in bad movie choices with terrible jokes & can only be seen as what his niche is. If Lucas were to actually think things through & start making better choices for his roles he could be great. Don't get me wrong, of the two shows his been in (including his cameo in iCarly) he does what he's supposed to, but again they've been horrible decisions. Fred did not need a show, & if it did then it should have been done better. And people who are seriously trashing Lucas & wishing death upon a kid who clearly already stated that he made Fred out of boredom & didn't expect to get popular, & simply because you don't like what he does shows you idiocy. I don't care much for Lucas, but even with shit like Marvin Marvin you don't see me trashing him or saying he should never work on television again. Lucas doesn't care what you think of his character Fred, he already stated that Fred is a character people either like or hate, nothing more.

    The rest of the show itself makes so little sense that it will hurt your brain just trying to make out any little logic it does not have. Trust me, it is not worth it. Save your brain cells serious straining. This show is surprisingly & almost unbelievably worse than Austin & Alley & almost anything Disney Channel has recently done. A word of advice to Nickelodeon & to ANY networks out there, it is a really, REALLY bad idea to compete against a network like Disney Channel, it really is (that's how bad the network is & by doing so it really shows that you're desperate).

    Also, STOP saying iCarly sucks, because it doesn't. Do NOT compare iCarly to ANY of the shows that came after it, especially this one, because doing that is the equivalent of comparing Courage the Cowardly Dog to The Problem Solvers. iCarly is also completely irrelevant to this show, so i have no idea why people are unnecessarily bringing it up.

    Sorry for giving this show a score even though I haven't seen it, but this site won't allow me to post a review that doesn't have a score on it.
  • Marvin Marvin is the Paris Hilton of Non-MTV-Sitcoms of Nick.

    I hate this show. I just hate it. The acting is bad, the humor is just disgusting, Fred was terrible in this show, I wish he had died in the episode with the sore tooth. LOL
  • So Bad!

    This Show is Terrible! And its not Funny!
  • Another example of Nick's corny antics.

    The fact that Louis Cruikshank directed this doesn't even make it better.

    Marvin Marvin is about an alien teenage boy that is adapting to human life. I swear I saw a movie with that plot like that elsewhere.

    Also, he has alien powers. He can control temperature, shapeshift, levitate, talk to animals and such.

    The plot episodes are, literally the same that they follow a certain plotline. See below, it's already mentioned.

    The characters are exports from "ICarly" and that show's not even mile better. Bad actors, exaggerating dimwits, stereotypes are everywhere to find! Whoo!

    The humor, is very childish, which is not right since this show is aimed for adolescent children and probably teens. If they're aiming at babies instead, they should move to Nick Jr. where they belong. But keep in mind that I won't give them the green light and I'll find the "Hi5!" more interesting. Also, another toilet humor, great.

    This show is just plain unwatchable. I don't know anyone here, but Starvin Marvin from South Park is more of an interesting character than Marvin Marvin.
  • Nickelodeon Hates Boys

    Every show on Nickelodeon has boys that are totally stupid. Marvin Marvin was its crowning achievement in stupidity. This show isn't toilet humor but cesspool humor. It is no wonder that it got cancelled with only a handful of episodes.
  • Dafuq is this shit?

    They try to make a funny show, but they failed so miserably. They thought if they invited fred he'd be great but fred basically fell down long time ago. Can we do a show that's funny? Instead of putting no effort at all.

    EDIT~ well look at that, the creator of the show played smart and left nickelodeon.
  • I Can See Why Marvin the Martian Got Angry at This Show

    This show isn't good, but I don't think it's an abomination to mankind. (Maybe it's because I've seen uncle grandpa). The characters are bland, and the humor is your generic toilet humor. I also noticed this show has a plot formula they repeat often. (A couple episodes don't do this). Basicly the formula is Marvin wants to do something but the parents tell him he's not allowed to. So he goes to Henry (the little brother) to help do what he wants to do. Either the brother or the sister tells the parents that Marvin is having some type of issue with his alien body. Eventually Marvin gets caught and is punished. The End. This show is more lazy and mediocre at best than an abomination.
  • Sorry about your cancellation.

    I seriously think people should learn to give Lucas Cruikshank a chance. To me, honestly, Lucas Cruikshank deserves to stay on the air. If you don't listen carefully, you might not hear how more normally Lucas' voice is spoken on this show. I can't believe some people just say this show is just so dumb. I do not think that at all. I wish your show could just come back.

    My final rating: 6.5/10
  • Wasn't fond of it; but right when it started to grow on me, it is cancelled.

    I found it relatively amusing, didn't go out of my way to watch it however. But when I started to enjoy it a little, you guessed it, the series was cancelled. Despite everything, I have fond memories of the show; it is just not as bad as the comments on this website make it sound.
  • Worst show EVER.

    Boring as hell, I'm glad it's over. I'm tired of them doing reruns. Lucas you deserve better than to have money squeezed out of your bones.
  • Glad it got Cancelled!

    Finally got cancelled
  • could have been a good show.

    This show could have been decent, they just over did it with the characters like in a lot of live shows recently aired on disney and nick. For example the teenage girl, there is absolutely nothing interesting about her character. All she does is school work and regular teen things, there is nothing interesting about that, her black friend isn't any different. Next is the parents. These exactly the same as the parents in good luck charlie , bland and dreadful. Then theres the 12 year old brat who attempts to be funny but just makes me want to change the channel with his try hard annoying jokes, once again, just like in ;good luck charlie. The only character I find interesting is the grandpa, the only not copied character from another show. Maybe if they didn't overload on the characters, sure Its about a modern family with an un regular character who entered it, but hasn't that been done a thousand times. I also like marvin, his character reminds me of sheldon from the "big bang If you would have toned down on the characters it could have been ok.
  • Moronic Marvin

    oops I didn't get a review in before this piece of *** was canceled. Aww too bad .

    I'm just surprised that this lame crap got on the air in the first place - the star of the show , Lucas Cruikshank is as funny as hemorrhoids and makes a toothache enjoyable by comparison.

    He had his 15 minute on youtube and I can't believe that even Nickolodeon would sink so low as to put him on television. but then when Snookie, J Wow, Paulie D, the Kardashians, Storage Wars, American Pickers and other reality hillbillies get paid to crap all over our television screens I guess there are no depths to which the networks won't sink.

    Marvin and his show are why people with cable would say "150 channels and not a damn thing worth watching"
  • The worst live action show in history

    By the year 2080, there will be many shows that would come out but I would not be suprised if Marvin Marvin still stayed at #1 for worst show. It was a missed opertunity for Lucas C. and Nick. When I first heard of this show, I thought that it would help Lucas turn his acting career around along with Nicks low quality but the piolet failed. Then, I hoped it would bounce back like Bobs Burgers, because I heard that show had a weak start but managed to turn it around. However, the show got so bad, Wikipedia has this show on the list of worst shows ever. I agree. The show is rarely funny, the acting is half-baked and the only good part of the show is when the closing credits for the last episode ended. i hope in the future, writers will learn that this is not how you make a good show. You messed up again Nickelodeon.
  • It's not just a really bad show, but it's a really big ripoff as well.

    It amazes me how much Nickelodeon continues to sink lower and lower. With stuff like iCarly, Victorious, and Fanboy and Chum Chum plaguing that channel, you think they can't get any worse. Well they seemed to have proved that they can sink lower in this so called comedy called Marvin Marvin.

    The show centers around an alien played by Lucas Cruikshank, yes it's Fred, the so called internet celebrity. If that isn't enough to drive you from this show, I'm sure the storyline will. It centers around an alien named Marvin, who is forced to leave his planet due to a war and ends up on Earth. He disguises himself as a human and lives with a family while maintaining his secret and fitting in on Earth. Does this premise sound familiar to you? It should since it's a big rip off of the hit show, Mork and Mindy. Yes, it rips that show off and makes a complete mockery of it. The premise is very similar to that show with how Lucas looks like a human and fits in on Earth, lives with a family, and learns about how Earthlings act. Unlike Mork and Mindy where it was actually funny, had memorable characters, and was creative, this show is downright abysmal, unlikable characters, and has some of the worst jokes ever on TV.

    The characters are all irritating and are completely stereotyped to the max. Marvin is just annoying and gets on everyone's nerves. The teachers are harsh and cold to their students and love to belittle them for no reason. The jocks are jerks for the sake of being jerks. Nobody has any characteristics to them, nor are they even memorable. All of them are just flat and lifeless characters who we care nothing for because they all act like idiots. The only exception is for Pop Pop since he seems to be the only decent character and I did get only two laughs out of him.

    The acting is awful to say the least. While Pop Pop's character is okay, everyone else does such a poor job. They either underact most of the time, or overreact in some scenes. Lucas Cruikshank proves once more why he shouldn't be in the acting business at all. Although we are thankfully spared his chipmunk voice like in Fred, he still acts like a raving lunatic who thinks he's funny, but in reality, he's an irritating and obnoxious character who makes Johnny Test look good in comparison. Seriously, where is Duke Nukem when you need him so he can shoot this alien in the head?

    The jokes aren't even that funny at all and some of them are disgusting. I have no problems with crude or disgusting stuff, but this is really going too far. Seeing Marvin puke out milk and cereal is NOT funny at all. It's disgusting for the sake of being disgusting. And having the dad talk to Marvin's butt is not any better either. The rest of the jokes are usually ones that are so predictable, you can see them coming a mile away. Like when the mom asks Marvin to a board game and asks him to spin first. And wouldn't you know it? He literally spins around. And then there's the laugh track that always plays at moments that aren't even funny at all. It's annoying to say the least.

    I really implore that you stay away from Marvin Marvin. It's an irritating, obnoxious, unfunny, blatant ripoff that needs to be booted off the air as quickly as possible. The only semi-decent thing in this show had to be Pop Pop, but even he's not enough to save this show. If you want a good show involving an alien who looks like a human fitting in on Earth, go watch Mork and Mindy. You'll have more laughs from that show then from this so called comedy.

    And it seems like our wish has come true. Nick has officially given this show the ax. Hopefully Marvin Marvin will be placed in a rocket and shot straight into the sun where he'll burn alive. So long Marvin Marvin and good f**king riddance.
  • Get Lucas Cruikshank off the air

    I've just about HAD IT with Nickelodeon trying to squeeze any money from this little ass-ball. I thought his web-show "Fred" was stupid, but not at all dreadfully horrendous. But since his first appearance on "iCarly" something went wrong. His show was low on quality(not that it had much to begin with, but you and Nickelodeon, Disney, even Cartoon Network were trying to get as much publicity from him as possible. Nickelodeon I guess trotting along this trail of bull-shittery contracted him so that he may only appear on nickelodeon. This lead to his first movie(shit), a sequel(ass), and a third film(shit).

    After this trilogy of obnoxiousness and fart gags, nickelodeon released "Fred the was then this show came along and just FUCKING WORSE. The characters are obnoxious, as well as the scenarios. The jokes are stupid, and at times disgusting( Marvin's ears are his and the fucking story isn't even original, it's rip-off Alf(more or less).

    It's fucking stupid, and thanks god it's cancelled.