Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse

PBS (ended 2001)


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  • Season 2
    • LITTLE BIG MAN Jack runs a contest a local grade school where a lucky student will get to be Eddy's helper for a day. Things change when the winner turns out to be a kid-sized 80 year old crossing guard named Abner. Everyone treats Abner with kid gloves, much to his chagrin. Only Eddy treats him with the respect he deserves. FAST TALKIN' JACK'S REAL CLASAS ACT The carnival is putting on a show much like any other show... until those pesky penguins pilfer Elizabeth's juggling pineapples. This causes a chain reaction of mishaps, and the friends have to work together as a team to keep things running smoothly. The show must go on!moreless
    • ELIZABETH'S BIG SPLASH Hecklers unnerve Elizabeth (a couple of Lyman's clowns) and she loses confidence in her juggling talent. She decides to leave the carnival for a while to find herself. She returns with plans for a production that will knock everyone's socks off. STRIPES' WORLD TOUR Stripes is named "Carnival Act of the Year" by a magazine. He gets even more full of himself than usual, until he finds out that they expect him to travel the world to promote carnival life. We soon find out that Stripes has a severe case of "cold paws" when it comes to trying something different and new.moreless
    • PAINT YOUR WAGON Jack's got a beat up old wagon that nobody wants - until Eddy fixes it up as good as new, that is. Then everyone is clamouring to own it, arguing over who needs it the most, when the truth is none of them really need it at all. In the end Eddy gives it to a boy and his little sister, and the animals all have to agree that he made the right choice. TRUTH OR BEAR A friendly Russian bear named Boris has come to the carnival looking for work. Eager to perform, he tries imitating all the performer's acts, with disastrous results. Only when he realizes that he should develop his own unique talent instead of copying others does he embark on his own promising career as an opera singer.moreless
    • MARVIN KEEPS TRACK Marvin is less than thrilled when his brother Clyde comes for a visit. You see, whenever they get together they have a race, and Clyde always wins, since he's a champion racehorse. Letting his competitiveness get the best of him, Marvin goes into frantic training instead of spending time with his brother. The race comes and Clyde wins again, but Marvin has learned that you can't be good at everything. EDDY'S SLEEPOVER Diamond is in charge of planning a big party in appreciation for Jack. She soon learns that everyone has an opinion on how things should be done, and realizes she can't please everyone all time.moreless
    • TO FLEA OR NOT TO FLEA Elizabeth's been shopping at the flea market, and this time she's accidentally bought an entire flea circus. Everyone is thrilled with the new act, except for Stripes. Attracted to his fur coat, the fleas have him scratching day and night. His friends must choose between the flea circus and the comfort of their friend. In the end they make the right choice and bid farewell to the pesky fleas. EDDY'S SLEEPOVER Eddy and the gang are all excited about his staying overnight at the carnival, until Stripes tells a ghost story around the fire and unnerves everyone (except Eddy.) That night strange noises convince the gang that the spirit of the Jittery Juggler is haunting the grounds. Eddy must show them that the only way to defeat your fears is to face them!moreless
    • POP GOES THE WEASEL Eddy starts playing the Whack-A-Weasel game and becomes so good and so ...focused...that he neglects his carnival chores until his neglect almost causes a disaster. MARVIN'S LUCKY HAT The mayor is attending a special performance at the carnival and Marvin has lost his lucky hat - he can't go on without it! His friends search high and low but come up empty. Eddy finds a look-a-like substitute and Marvin does his best show ever, proving that his success is due to talent and hard work, not to some lucky hat.moreless
    • LITTLE OLAF Stripes adopts a baby duck named Olaf and soon becomes over protective of the little fella. Stripes learns that we can't control Mother Nature. JOKERS GO WILD When Eddy squirts Marvin with a trick flower he starts a wave of practical jokes at the carnival. At first the tricks are amusing, but before long things escalate and soon everyone is bickering. Stripes' final joke backfires, leaving him stranded on the Ferris wheel, and he realizes that if you take practical jokes too far you risk losing your friends.moreless
    • THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EDDY A beautiful dancing horse from Marvin's past comes to visit. Eddy gets jealous as he feels that his friendship with Marvin's is being undermined. EDDY'S SORE THROAT Eddy's home with a sore throat and his friends decide to pay a visit. They only want to help but their meddling and 'over-nursing' only seems to make matters worse. They finally realize that sometimes the best way to help a sick friend is to leave him alone and let him sleep.moreless
    • ELIZABETH IN CHARGE Jack's going out of town and has decided to put Elizabeth in charge while he's gone. The responsibility goes right to her head, and soon Elizabeth is driving everyone crazy with her bossiness! When the dust finally clears she's learned a valuable lesson about listening to others. DARE TO DREAM Diamonds wins a contest to appear on her favourite soap opera, but soon develops stage fright. With the gang's support she makes her debut and steals the show.moreless
    • JUST FOR KICKS When Jack begins to teach Eddy how to play football, Lyman Slime arrives to remind him how Jack's mistake back in High School cost his team the championship. Rallying behind the boss, Eddy and Marvin challenge Lyman and his clowns to a football game. EDNA THE SINGING SENSATION Edna joins the others singing along with the new karaoke machine, only her voice is so terrible it breaks glass. Soon she is planning to sing in the big show, and her friends don't have the heart to tell her how terrible her voice really is. When they finally do confront her it turns out her act isn't a singing act at all, it's a glass-breaking act, and it's a huge hit!moreless
    • MARVIN AND EDDY IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE Marvin and Eddy go fishing, but make the mistake of not telling anyone where they are going. Their map falls in the lake and a giant trout eats their compass, leaving them stranded and lost in the woods. Elizabeth does some fancy detective work to figure out where they went and the gang comes to the rescue of their lost friends. STRIPE'S MIS-FORTUNE When Stripes gets a fortune that says he'll lose something valuable, he's so scared he stays home and misses the annual carnival parade. Not only that, but he sets up a security perimeter in a field and sits out all night in the rain. Which causes him to lose something valuable after all... his voice!moreless
    • EDDY AND THE RECORD Eddy wants to be important and he decides that setting a world record for longest Ferris wheel ride will do the trick. During the ensuing publicity hoopla, he realizes that the wheel makes him woozy, but doesn't want to quit and let everyone down. Meanwhile the others are realizing just how much they need Eddy down on the ground, and Eddy learns that he is already a VIP - to his friends.. MARVIN IN THE MOVIES The drive-in is showing Marvin's very first movie, and Marvin is mortified. He was awful in that movie - young, inexperienced, and just learning to dance. When the film breaks Marvin must go on stage to entertain the crowd. He soon realizes that everyone has to start somewhere and he should be proud of his humble beginnings.moreless
    • NOW YOU SEE IT... Eddy and Marvin are working on a magic act and they've asked Stripes to be their disappearing tiger. At first he's happy to oblige, but when Eddy won't tell him how the trick works he becomes fearful and quits the act. Stuck with penguins who won't do what they're told, the magic act is in big trouble until Stripes realizes that he should trust his friends and comes to the rescue. WHEN THE STARS COME OUT It's the night of the annual Perseid meteor shower and Stripes is really looking forward to some quality star watching. He leads Marvin and Eddy on an expedition to Cranberry Hill to watch the spectacle, but they get rained out. Back at the carnival, Diamonds, Elizabeth and Edna have prepared their own planetarium show for Stripes in the big tent.moreless
  • Season 1