Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 002

Aired Weekdays 10:00 PM Jan 07, 1976 on

Episode Recap

Mary arrives at the police station and meets Sgt. Dennis Foley. She doesn't understand what he means by 'flasher' at first. Grandpa Larkin comes out with no pants on, but he is wearing a jacket. He claims he didn't flash anyone. According to Sgt. Foley, he flashed a cafeteria lady on the playground of an elementary school. Grandpa Larkin says he was only taking a walk, but Sgt. Foley asks him why he wasn't wearing any pants. Grandpa Larkin says that his pants are being cleaned. Grandpa Larkin and Mary then leave. Meanwhile, at the Shumway home, Martha Shumway is in the kitchen when Cathy enters. Martha asks if Cathy went to school. Cathy says she couldn't because she had to help an Armenian bartender get to bartending school across the street. George comes home. Mary and Grandpa Larkin enter. Mary tells the family what Grandpa Larkin did. Cathy and George know what she's talking about, but Martha asks what he was flashing. Grandpa Larkin goes throuh the house looking for peanut butter. At the Haggers place, Charlie leaves for work. The reporter enters the house. He asks Loretta about the Lombardi family, and is distracted by the nightgown she got from Fredrick's of Hollywood. She sings a song she made about the Lombardi murders, called "Riding a Train to Heaven". Mary and Tom go to bed, and Mary acts like she doesn't want anything since that is what Tom had told her to do since he said he'll make love to her when he feels like it. Tom tells her not to mention the matter of how much love they make anymore, and Tom goes to sleep but his face shows that he doesn't want to be mean to Mary. Mary goes to sleep upset.

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