Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

Season 1 Episode 7

Episode 007

Aired Weekdays 10:00 PM Jan 14, 1976 on

Episode Recap

This episode opens with Mary and Cathy sitting at Mary's kitchen table. Mary is in a daze because she can't beleive that her daughter, Heather, would know ANYTHING about the Lombardi murders. She and Cathy debate over whether Ctahy thought it was possible is Heather knew anything about the murders. Heather comes in and decides that she doesn't want to discuss the murders. Mary finally convinces her to spill the beans. Heather says that she knew Saraphena Lombardi. She picked her for her class project partner. Nobody wanted to pick Heather, so Heather picked her. She also reveals something very special: She had a crush on Rocko Lombardi. Heather clues in Mary and Cathy about her visit to the Lombardi house the night of the murders. She says that she saw a man with a gun at the front of the Lombardi house. Stunned, Mary takes Heather to the police. When they get there, Heather says that she wants to go. Mary thinks she wants to go home, but Sgt. Foley knew that she wanted to go to the bathroom. In comes Blanche, Loretta and the other FATSO picketers. They were picked up in front of the grocery store. Mary, who is completely distracted, compliments Loretta's new boots. Loretta explains that she had them since she was a pup. The picketers move out into a cell. Tom arrives home to an empty house. He is followed by Charlie who sees Mary's books, including "Orgasm and You", and "343 Ways To Save Your Marriage." Tom gets furious and sits down to cool off. The two men find a note saying that Mary and Heather are at the police station. The men quickly go to the station. Back at the station, Leroy Fedders comes demanding to see his wife. Heather is talking to a police artist about the mass murderer. And again she has to "go." Tom and Charlie arrive at the police station. Charlie, like Leroy, is demanding to see his wife, who is behind bars. Johnson comes in and says that he will escort Heather to and from school. Back at the house, Mary, Tom, and Johnson are having coffee and are talking about guns. Mary is talking about where the coffee is shipped in from. Tom is wondering what is keeping Heather. Johnson just believes that she is nervous because strangers are in the house. But Mary reassures him that Heather feels comfortable. Tom asks Johnson if he ever killed anyone. Mary is upset with that question, because she is worrying for Heather's sake.Tom explains that that is a question to spark conversation. Mary preaches that murdering is not a sport. Heather comes in dressed nicely. Mary gets another phone call, this time the person is speaking to low for her to hear, but she does hear the name Heather. The episode closes with an organ note.

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