Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

Season 1 Episode 19

Episode 019

Aired Weekdays 10:00 PM Jan 30, 1976 on

Episode Recap

Mary, Tom, and George are in the policestation. Lt. Trask & Sgt. Foley are right next to them. Lt. Trask asks Mary if he can ask her some questions about her ordeal. George says he doesn't want them asking Mary questions--after all she's just been through a terrible ordeal! Mary says she wants to answer the questions. After all, the police risked their lives for Mary. George asks Mary after her relationship with Sgt. Dennis Foley. Lt. Trask asks Mary some questions about her ordeal with Davey. Lt. Trask finishs asking Mary questions. Mary compares her ordeal to a dream, and mentions a book where a girl died and was brought back to life to see her own life and realized her life was special. Mary asks Lt. Trask about what'll happen to Davey. He tells her that they're going to keep their promise and not go after him for 24 hours. He reveals that there's not enough gas in the car so it'll be easy catching him. Tom, Mary, and George get up to leave. Mary asks where Tom's cap is. Before they leave, a photographer enters. Mary and Dennis pose for the photographer. They stand back-to-back, like they had been tied back-to-back while they were held hostage. Mary and George leave, but Tom is stopped by an officer. He asks him where the handcuffs he put on him are. Tom looks at his hands. We're taken to Mae's apartment. In her bedroom, Mae lays down while she smokes a cigerette. The handcuffs are on her chest and Tom's cap is on her head. At the Haggers' home, Charlie paints Loretta's toes. He tells her she has the cutest toes. He tells her he wants her to postpone her trip to Nashville for a few days and all..after all, she's pregnent. Charlie and Loretta talk about Tom and Mary's marriage. At the Hartman house, Tom, Mary, and Heather enter their home. Heather is sent off to bed. Mary tells Tom he has to sleep on the couch and throws a pillow and a blanket at him. Mary tells him their marriage is over. Mary tells him she never wants to hear the name 'Mae' spoken in her house. Mary tells him to refer to her as 'that woman'. Tom tells Mary that Mae helped get her out of there by getting Reverand Standfast to swear on a stack of bibles for Davey. Tom tells Mary he'll sleep on the couch on one condition--that she doesn't tell anyone about his sleeping on the couch.

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