Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

(ended 1977)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Episode 001
      Episode 001
      Episode 1
      Mary Hartman has got a lot to worry about in her life, her Grandpa Larkin, mass murders in the town, a flasher in Fernwood and she even has a waxy build up on her floor.
    • Episode 002
      Episode 002
      Episode 2
      The Fernwood Flasher is exposed. Mary confronts Tom on the sad state of their love life and meets Sergeant Foley, who is very pleasant and helpful.
    • Episode 003
      Episode 003
      Episode 3
      Heather could possibly know something about the mass murders. Mary and Tom talk about how it was when they were younger. The Fernwood Flasher makes a return appearance to the police station.
    • Episode 004
      Episode 004
      Episode 4
      Grandpa Larkin gets released from the hospital into Mary's care that is after psychological counseling. Mary is upset because she cannot get Tom to love her.
    • Episode 005
      Episode 005
      Episode 5
      Tom tries to prove his manhood to Mary, but she soon receives a very upsetting phone call. Grandpa Larkin is set to see a social worker and F.A.T.S.O. takes on the local supermarket.
    • Episode 006
      Episode 006
      Episode 6
      Mary believes that checking out books from the library will be the key to saving her marriage. The social worker takes on Grandpa Larkin as a patient. Heather decidest to lock herself in the closet.
    • Episode 007
      Episode 007
      Episode 7
      Mary is panicked because she realizes that Heather is being followed and knows all about the Lombardi murder.
    • Episode 008
      Episode 008
      Episode 8
      Heather's is excited after her notoriety ends up winning her a date. Mary experiences frustration in the laundry room. It's the biggest night ever for Charlie and Loretta Haggers.
    • Episode 009
      Episode 009
      Episode 9
      Charlie is so proud of Loretta for achieving her recording dream, but a tragedy soon occurs.
    • Episode 010
      Episode 010
      Episode 10
      Charlie questions Tom about his and Mary's problems. Meanwhile, Loretta goes to the doctor to see what's wrong with her and Heather is suddenly missing.
    • Episode 011
      Episode 011
      Episode 11
      Everyone is searching for Heather, except for Tom who is busy doing something he should not be doing. Tom awakens in a strange bed and takes static from George. Mary blames herself for the tragedies around her. Martha still has trouble on all sides. Grandpa gets an unexpected visitor at the worst possible time.moreless
    • Episode 012
      Episode 012
      Episode 12
      Loretta finds out some exciting news, while Mary learns some shocking news of her own from Heather. Meanwhile, Cathy turns a new leaf when she finds her dream man.
    • Episode 013
      Episode 013
      Episode 13
      Mary ends up face to face with the mass murderer. George meets Steve, Cathy's dream man and is less than impressed. Grandpa Larkin sneaks in from a date.
    • Episode 014
      Episode 014
      Episode 14
      Mary is taken hostage by Davey, who also wants to know where Heather is. Meanwhile, Loretta has something important to tell Tom and he ends up feeling guilty.
    • Episode 015
      Episode 015
      Episode 15
      Mary's hopes of no longer being a hostage of Davey's are quickly dashed. Suddenly, Loretta finds some inspiration.
    • Episode 016
      Episode 016
      Episode 16
      The tension steadily mounts as the mass murderer's demands cannot be met. This leads Sergeant Foley to volunteer for a daring rescue of Mary.
    • Episode 017
      Episode 017
      Episode 17
      Mary's last hope is a very scared Reverend Steadfast. However, Tom and Mae plot to make him "volunteer."
    • Episode 018
      Episode 018
      Episode 18
      Mary is finally rescued and The Hartmans, Shumways and Haggers are jubilant, but Tom and Mary have some things to discuss.
    • Episode 019
      Episode 019
      Episode 19
      Mary's ordeal lands her on the front page of the paper. Later on, she tells Tom that she knows about him and Mae.
    • Episode 020
      Episode 020
      Episode 20
      Mary plays hostess to none other than country superstar Conway Twitty. Martha and Mary have a heart to hands talk. Tom visits his past for advice.
    • Episode 021
      Episode 021
      Episode 21
      Mary and Dennis are in Dennis' apartment. Dennis takes her grocery bags and puts them away. Mary tells him he has a very nice place. Dennis puts on some music. Mary tells Dennis about a musical she was in. Dennis and Mary talk, and Dennis tells her he isn't going to pounce on her--he'll wait for her to make the first move. At the Haggers house, Loretta and Charlie are packing. Charlie thinks the demo tape is missing, but Loretta tells him she moved them to another cabinet. Charlie gets the tapes out of the cabinet. Charlie says we was worried when he saw they weren't where he put them because they have all their hopes and dreams wrapped up in that tape. Loretta tells Charlie she forgot to make dinner. Charlie tells her that they'll go to the fanciest restaurant in town--the Starlight Room at the Holiday Inn! The door opens and Tom enters. He asks them if Mary's there. After he finds out that she isn't, Tom asks Loretta when was the last time she saw Mary. Loretta tells him she last saw Mary as she was getting ready to go to the market. Tom thinks Mary is fooling around with someone. Loretta tells him that if she is he deserves it for what he's done to Mary. Tom leaves the Haggers house. When Tom gets home, he finds Heather pouring coke from one coca cola can to another coca cola can. Heather asks Tom if he's going to divorce Mary. Tom hears some sounds coming from outside. He goes to the door, expecting Mary. He finds Roberta Walleshack instead. Roberta tells Tom that she's meeting Grandpa Larkin at the Hartman house. Tom is surprised to find that Roberta is going out with Grandpa Larkin. Grandpa Larkin arrives. Grandpa Larkin and Roberta leave. Heather asks Tom why he's sleeping on the couch. He tells her to read a book. Meanwhile, at Dennis' house. Mary and Dennis are sitting down on the floor. Mary and Dennis kiss.moreless
    • Episode 022
      Episode 022
      Episode 22
      Mary and Dennis kiss again. Mary asks for the time. Dennis tells her it's 6:30 PM. Mary nervously says she has to go. Mary goes to the door, and they start talking at the door. Mary gives Dennis a farewell kiss. Mary goes into the hallway of the apartment building. She tells Dennis he can have her groceries. Mary leaves. Dennis holds Mary's shoe in his hand--Mary forgot it in his apartment! Later, Mary enters the Hartman house. Mary walks into the house, limping because she only has one shoe on. She realizes she didn't make dinner. Tom enters. He asks where she's been. She tells him that she was out. Tom asks where her other shoe is. Mary tells him that she lost it. Tom asks where her groceries are. Mary tells him she lost them. Mary tells him that she thinks she might've eaten the groceries. Mary tells Tom that it's not his business where she was this afternoon. Tom asks Mary if she was with another man. Tom tells Mary that her actions are making him suffer. Mary tells Tom that she's sorry for making him suffer. Tom says he feels terrible. Mary tells him that she's glad that he feels terrible and then appologizes. Mary says that Tom's face is all red and blotchy. Mary starts laughing because it's sad. Tom continues to think that Mary was with another man. Tom says it's different for when a man cheats and that women shouldn't cheat on their husbands. Mary tells him that she feels very guilty and falls to the floor. She asks him to open a can of Spagettios. Tom asks again where she was. Mary tells him that all she wants is for Heather and him to have a good dinner. Mary tells him that she didn't do anything. Tom asks Mary who has her shoe. Mary promises Tom that her shoes are safe--they're with her groceries. The next morning, Tom sits down at the table eating. Mary cleans the table while reading a magazine. Tom tells Mary that he's been thinking. Mary tells him she doesn't wanna hear it. Tom tells Mary that Heather has been asking questions. Loretta and Charlie enter. They say that they're all ready for Nashville. Mary has forgotten that they're leaving and hugs them. Loretta says she's gonna miss Mary. Loretta says they'll always remember Mary. Tom wishs Charlie luck. Charlie asks if everything's OK. Mary and Tom tell them everything is going well. Loretta and Charlie start to leave when Martha and George enter. George asks Charlie if they're really leaving. Martha says she's going to miss them. Loretta appologizes to Tom for being mean to him. Loretta and Mary hug again. Tom and Loretta leave for the car. Martha tells Tom and Mary that Grandpa Larkin is missing. Tom says he's probably with Roberta. Martha tells Mary that Grandpa Larkin has to come to court today or else she'll get to court. George and Tom leave for work. Martha leaves to go home. Later, Loretta and Charlie are on the edge of the road. Charlie is under the car. The raditor broke down. Loretta asks Charlie if it can be fixed. Charlie says he doesn't think it can be fixed on their own. Two hillbillies enter the area. Charlie asks them if they can help. Loretta says she likes their names. One of them grabs Loretta and the other points a gun at Charlie. Loretta asks what they want. One of them says he wonders what she looks like barefoot. Charlie stares at him.moreless
    • Episode 023
      Episode 023
      Episode 23
      Mary is served with a summons by Sergeant Foley, along with a much more personal invitation. Blanche and Leroy discuss the Hartman's problems. Grandpa has his day in court.
    • Episode 024
      Episode 024
      Episode 24
      Mary sits in bed, talking to herself. She's thinking of what to say to Tom. Tom enters. He appologizes for being late. Mary asks why Tom hasn't made love to her in the last eight weeks. Mary asks if he isn't in the mood or if he finds her repulsive. Mary tells Tom she loves him. Meanwhile, Loretta and Charlie drive in their car. Charlie asks Loretta if she wants to stop. She says no--she wants to make up for the time they lost. Charlie asks Loretta if he really is going to give the hillbillies' song to the people at Nashville. Loretta says yes because she promised him. Loretta starts singing a song about their situation with the hillbillies. Charlies asks if Loretta wants to sleep. Loretta tells him he doesn't want to. Charlie asks again but this time she falls asleep. The Haggers car is in a collision. That morning, in the road, news cameras surround the area. A police car is also at the area. Clete Mizenheimer is at the scene with the news camera. Clete reports that he is on Highway Four, which is around 30 miles from Fernwood. He goes near a yellow car that is overturned. It is the Haggers car. Clete reports that the accident happened between a car driven by Charles Haggers and a station wagon full of nuns. Clete reports that the police has confirmed that Sister Bernadette, the drive of the vehicle, was not under the influence of alcohol. Clete goes near the station wagon. The bodies of many nuns litter the area while the police talk to the only survivor, Sister Bernadette. Clete reports that 4 bottles of wine were found in the car but were used for sacramental purposes only. Clete says that no charges will be brought against Charlie and Loretta. Clete reports that Loretta has undetermined injuries. At the edge of the road, Charlie sits with Loretta in his lag. Charlie cries. Meanwhile, Lt. Trask asks Sister Bernadette for the names of the nuns in the vehicle. She identifies the body by what type of shoes they were wearing. Sister Teresa has orphopedic shoes, and Sister Veronica has metal taps on her heels. Sister Veronica had been teaching tap dancing to the black children in the ghetto. Sister Veronica had originally planned to be a vaudeville star before she took her vow as a nun. Lt. Trask asks her to just skip the stories and the shoes and just list the nuns. Sister Bernadette tells them that Sister Margeret, Sister Angelica, Sister Florence, Sister Bridget, and Sister Catherine. Sister Bernadette remembers that Sister Florence wasn't with them..Mother Superior was displeased with her because she broke her vow of silence on a tennis court. Sister Bernadette swears that she was not at fault. Meanwhile, Charlie pleads for Loetta to speak to him. Loretta awakens. Charlie tells her what happened. Loretta asks if hitting a busload of nuns is a sin. Charlie says since they're not Catholic it's not. Charlie asks if she's in pain. Loretta says she doesn't feel anything..she's just kinda numb all over. Loretta passes out. Charlie shouts for help. An ambulence arrives. Meanwhile, at the Hartman residence, Mary sits on the bed with Tom. Mary tells Tom that she doesn't think Tom likes it. Mary says he doesn't show it. Tom says going to bed isn't the only way to show love. Mary asks that if she loves him, why is she making him go through a living hell? Tom says Mary doesn't love him. Tom says Mary is too agressive. Mary stands up on her bed and starts screeching at Tom. Tom says she's acting weird..her eyes are bulging out like a bug, her arms waving, and her voice is screeching. Who the hell wants to make love to THAT? Mary is upset because he called her a THAT. Tom says he doesn't want to make love to a woman because he has to. Mary tells Tom their marriage is over. She's gone through way to much humiliation and rejection. Tom and Mary start crying. Tom gets up on the bed and kisses Mary passionatly. He tells her he loves her so much.moreless
    • Episode 025
      Episode 025
      Episode 25
      Mary is served with a summons by Sergeant Foley, along with a much more personal invitation. Blanche and Leroy discuss the Hartman's problems. Grandpa has his day in court.
    • Episode 026
      Episode 026
      Episode 26
      Tom has something to discuss with Mary. Tom moves in with Charlie. Loretta is sinking fast.
    • Episode 027
      Episode 027
      Episode 27
      Mary makes a trip to the library. Martha insists that being miserable is the only key to happiness.
    • Episode 028
      Episode 028
      Episode 28
      Tom and Mary visit the doctor. Cathy gets a new job. Charlie gets still more bad news.
    • Episode 029
      Episode 029
      Episode 29
      Mary says Tom shouldn't go to waste. Cathy's magic fingers make their debut.
    • Episode 030
      Episode 030
      Episode 30
      Mary says Tom shouldn't go to waste. Cathy's magic fingers make their debut.
    • Episode 031
      Episode 031
      Episode 31
      Tom rescues Heather from a liver dinner. Loretta attempts a valiant stand. Sergeant Foley visits Mary, who threatens to call the police.
    • Episode 032
      Episode 032
      Episode 32
      Martha is on the floor. Cathy and Steve try to help. Meet the all new, all now Roberta Walashak.
    • Episode 033
      Episode 033
      Episode 33
      George says no to Cathy and Steve, but his words fall on deaf ears. Charlie and Loretta swap exciting news. The Shumway house is a battleground. Tom cooks his way back into Mary's heart.
    • Episode 034
      Episode 034
      Episode 34
      Loretta and Charlie wheel their way home. Grandpa helps Roberta, who insults her way into a sale. Tom and Mary learn the wonders of Dorelda Doremus! Then the truth.
    • Episode 035
      Episode 035
      Episode 35
      Loretta invites the Hartmans to her healing. Charlie looks for miracles of his own.
    • Episode 036
      Episode 036
      Episode 36
      This episode is a review of the events that took place in the first thirty-five episodes.
    • Episode 037
      Episode 037
      Episode 37
      Mary makes a discovery about Heather. The Hartmans make a parental decision. Tom and Mary get high for the Lord.
    • Episode 038
      Episode 038
      Episode 38
      Dorelda Doremus' "healing" falls flat. George faces up to facts and says yes to Cathy and Steve. Tom and Mary reach new highs in bed.
    • Episode 039
      Episode 039
      Episode 39
      Tom and Mary owe Heather an explanation. Loretta is still looking up. The Friendly Loan Company drops in on the Haggers. Mae drops – in the Hartmans' house.
    • Episode 040
      Episode 040
      Episode 40
      Tragedy makes strange bedfellows. Mae spends the night with Tom and Mary. Steve has something to show Cathy. Martha finds Mae in Tom's bed.
    • Episode 041
      Episode 041
      Episode 41
      Mary keeps Mae from suicide, for the sake of her bathroom. Charlie and Loretta get a not so friendly letter. Mary and Mae have a nice woman to husband's former mistress talk.
    • Episode 042
      Episode 042
      Episode 42
      Mary finds a match made in heaven, in her own kitchen. Roberta hopes Grandpa can forget. Mary finds new meaning in her life.
    • Episode 043
      Episode 043
      Episode 43
      Leroy is worried sick. Mae talks to Tom about Mary. Leroy Fedders gets into his last bowl of chicken soup.
    • Episode 044
      Episode 044
      Episode 44
      Mary's chicken soup makes the evening news. The time has come for Steve to gesture goodbye. Mary's guilt gets Leroy a Cadillac.
    • Episode 045
      Episode 045
      Episode 45
      George gets a "visitor" and then a "surprise." The Hartmans get a call from Tom's ex's ex. George returns home in a panic.
    • Episode 046
      Episode 046
      Episode 46
      Mary plays hostess to a funeral and eulogizes the late Leroy Fedders. Tom and Mary make plans for the hypothetical. Tom has a surprise for Mae.
    • Episode 047
      Episode 047
      Episode 47
      Mae's reunion is a big headache for Tom and it's all Mary's fault. Loretta and Charlie get some not so friendly news. Loretta makes a spectacular comeback, in more ways than one
    • Episode 048
    • Episode 049
    • Episode 050
    • Episode 051
    • Episode 052
    • Episode 053
    • Episode 054
    • Episode 055
    • Episode 056
    • Episode 057
    • Episode 058
    • Episode 059
    • Episode 060
    • Episode 061
    • Episode 062
    • Episode 063
    • Episode 064
    • Episode 065
    • Episode 066
    • Episode 067
    • Episode 068
    • Episode 069
    • Episode 070
    • Episode 071
    • Episode 072
    • Episode 073
    • Episode 074
    • Episode 075
    • Episode 076
    • Episode 077
    • Episode 078
    • Episode 079
    • Episode 080
    • Episode 081
    • Episode 082
    • Episode 083
    • Episode 084
    • Episode 085
    • Episode 086
    • Episode 087
    • Episode 088
    • Episode 089
    • Episode 090
    • Episode 091
    • Episode 092
    • Episode 093
    • Episode 094
    • Episode 095
    • Episode 096
    • Episode 097
    • Episode 098
    • Episode 099
    • Episode 100
      Episode 100
      Episode 100
    • Episode 101
      Episode 101
      Episode 101
    • Episode 102
      Episode 102
      Episode 102
    • Episode 103
      Episode 103
      Episode 103
    • Episode 104
      Episode 104
      Episode 104
    • Episode 105
      Episode 105
      Episode 105
    • Episode 106
    • Episode 107
    • Episode 108
    • Episode 109
    • Episode 110
    • Episode 111
    • Episode 112
    • Episode 113
      Episode 113
      Episode 113
    • Episode 114
      Episode 114
      Episode 114
    • Episode 115
      Episode 115
      Episode 115
    • Episode 116
      Episode 116
      Episode 116
    • Episode 117
      Episode 117
      Episode 117
    • Episode 118
      Episode 118
      Episode 118
    • Episode 119
      Episode 119
      Episode 119
    • Episode 120
      Episode 120
      Episode 120
    • Episode 121
      Episode 121
      Episode 121
    • Episode 122
      Episode 122
      Episode 122
    • Episode 123
      Episode 123
      Episode 123
    • Episode 124
      Episode 124
      Episode 124
    • Episode 125
      Episode 125
      Episode 125
    • Episode 126
      Episode 126
      Episode 126
    • Episode 127
      Episode 127
      Episode 127
    • Episode 128
    • Episode 129
    • Episode 130
  • Season 2
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