Edited episodes on the Sony DVD's

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    I used to watch Mary Hartman when it was originally on during the 70's. I liked the show a lot, it was unique. Now since 30 years have passed my memory is a little fuzzy and I don't remember these episodes in vivid detail, but I think it can be said with a reasonable degree of certainty that Sony put edited/cut versions of the episodes on the DVD's. When these episodes were made, each one ran about 25 minutes long and that is how they were originally shown. But when the episodes were sold later on to other TV stations, the reruns were chopped down to about 22 minutes each episode. Those are the versions they put on the DVD's, so each episode is missing about 3 minutes of footage. I don't know if the uncut episodes still exist, if they do Sony apparently didn't want to go through the added expense of restoring the complete episodes for the DVD's. That's too bad. Paramount had the same problem with The Brady Bunch, but they went all out and restored the uncut episodes for the DVD's. Too bad that Mary Hartman didn't get the same and proper respect from Sony. As much as I like Mary Hartman and would love to see the episodes again, I will not buy the DVD's unless they do the right thing and release the uncut episodes. If the complete episodes do indeed still exist, that's what they should release instead of this chopped up, edited junk. But it's all about the bottom line. Companies are cheap. Sony probably figures there are only a certain number of people interested in Mary Hartman and willing to buy the DVD's. So the limited sales of the sets don't translate to spending the extra bucks required to restore the uncut episodes for the DVD's. But it's never good to short change the fans, no matter how many or few there are.
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    been 33 years now..... i to watched MH back then and wish i could remember some episodes.... companies are cheap... all about the money

    "grannnnpaaaaa, where are your pants?"....Well, Mary, Sony took em!"

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