Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

(ended 1977)





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  • I will never understand why people thought this show was funny.

    I know good TV situation comedy and this isn't it. While this show aired my friends would get to watch this crap. They loved it. The gags never hit it for me. I saw how they were trying to be funny but it didn't work. They tried to be controversial but you have to make me laugh first.

    The actors were very forgettable in their performances. Louise only had the fact she was Woodys girlfriend. She didn't really bring the humor.

    I thought i would try it again when the DVD came out. I rented it and it still stinks like it did when i saw it in the 70's. I only made it through the first two episodes. There's an hour i wish i could get back. Please people don't waste you time by reading these revisionist posts. The show stunk then and it still stinks.
  • One of the most neurotic shows ever to be aired on television. Louise Lasser was the housewife of a total loser. Her friends were all very dysfunctional people and she had a total crazy mother.

    One of the most cleverly written comedies to air. Unfortunately it was under-rated because of it's subject matter and content. Who else had a TV evangelist neighbor who's son died in a bathtub electrocution. A Zanny mother who was the queen of neuroticism and complete worrier over everyday matters not her son-in-laws infidelity. A young hillbilly country singer neighbor who married a man 25 years older than her.
  • Iloved mary hartman she had the dry sense of humor her family was really wacky and crazy

    I miss the show havent seen it in years im 43 now but its a show that's hard to describe you have to really watch it just like any other soap but it is funny as heck and would love to see the show again. I can rember me and friends setting around late at night watching mary hartman mary hartman seems like it wasnt on for to long but thats cause it was so long ago. But i have 4 kids now that i would love for them to see the show and see what i would watch late at night. Just miss it
  • Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman was one of my all time favorite shows & I would LOVE to watch all the shows again somehow!!!

    I LOVED this show!! Always felt the writers knew me somehow, because every time I'd do something or like something, Mary would then do it on the show! Everyone who knew me then called me Mary Hartman. Braids, humor and all. The show was way ahead of its time! Its a shame the series doesn't run again for all of who miss it & for those who would also appreciate it now!!!