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  • 2010
    • Prenuptial Finances and Kids' Clothing
      On this episode of Mary Talks Money, we explore the financial dos and don'ts of prenuptial agreements and learn how to save money on your kids' clothing.
    • How Money Is Made! A Tour of the US Mint
      On this episode of Mary Talks Money, join us for a tour of the US Mint to see how money is made! Plus, learn ways to cut down on your food bill without sacrificing quality.
    • Entering Workforce after Children
      Balancing career and motherhood can be a challenge. We'll show you a company giving moms a helping hand.
    • Loaning Money and Career Success
      Do you think it's a good idea to borrow money from mom? Before you ask, we have tips when it comes to loaning money to family and friends.
    • Addicted to Shopping
      Addicted to Shopping
      Episode 08.10.10
      Is your shopping habit becoming a financial problem? Find out if you could be an emotional spender. Plus, want to save money on your next vacation? Insider tips on ways to cut costs on airfare and spot souvenirs that are worth your cash.
    • Branding Yourself
      Branding Yourself
      Episode 08.03.2010
      If you're looking to stand-out in the job market, we've got the best ways to brand yourself. Plus, keeping your money safe -- get expert tips on how to avoid a financial scam.
    • What's the Price of Privilege?
      We take a look at the great distances one mom travels to teach her daughter the value of honest work. Plus, we'll show you how to spot the jewels from the junk at the local yard sale.
    • The Benefits of Bartering!
      The Benefits of Bartering!
      Episode 07.12.2010
      Are you looking to save time and money? Bartering continues to grow in popularity in this economy. Find out how you can afford the services you need while keeping cash in your pocket.
    • The Teen Years
      The Teen Years
      Episode 05.25.10
      The teen years are some of the most crucial when it comes to fitting in, but what happens when fashion doesn't fit in the budget? Plus, a #1 bestselling author gives the secret to saying no without a major meltdown.
    • Oh, Baby!
      Oh, Baby!
      Episode 05.18.10
      Babies are a bundle of joy, but they are also a bundle of bills. Get some saving secrets when baby bargain pros sit down with Mary Caraccioli, this week on Mary Talks Money.
    • Get Dressed for Less
      Get Dressed for Less
      Episode 05.11.10
      When it comes to fashion the top style doesn't always have to be top dollar. Find out how today's fashionistas are getting dressed for less.
    • When Money and Marriage Don't Mix
      The honeymoon is over, and the bills are coming in. What happens when money problems are derailing your relationship? Get expert tips for getting back on track.
    • They're Rich, They're Famous...But Above All, They're Fathers
      Dads do the talking when we look for fatherly advice from some famous fathers.
    • Do You Have a Million Dollar Idea?
      Do you ever see a new product and think "I could have made that?" Perhaps it's time that you do! Hear real stories of how people got their big ideas out of their minds and into the marketplace!
    • Say "I Do!" to Saving Money on Your Wedding!
      Your wedding may be the biggest party you ever plan, but it can also leave you with a financial hangover. Get tips that will have you saying "I don't!" to wedding debt.
    • We're Going to the Dogs!
      We're Going to the Dogs!
      Episode 04.05.10
      We've unleashed our wallets -- not to spend money on ourselves but on our four-legged friends. Find out all the ways we're pampering our pooches and how to be ready when the money matters most.
    • Spend Smart to Look Sharp
      Spend Smart to Look Sharp
      Episode 03.21.10
      We all want to look our best, but beauty can be a budget buster. So where should you put your dollars? Find out when we go to the experts.
    • It's a Gold Rush
      It's a Gold Rush
      Episode 03.20.10
      With gold prices high, people are cashing in on their jewelry. But before you sell, see how to get the most for your treasures, even if you think they're trash.
    • The Road to Car Buying
      The Road to Car Buying
      Episode 03.13.10
      Your home and car may be your biggest investment. So buckle up as we get a quick course on buying that auto.
    • Saving for College
      Saving for College
      Episode 03.06.10
      Are you making the grade when it comes to saving for college? Whether it's for you or your kids, put yourself to the test when we cover everything from savings to loans to scholarships.
    • Upgrade Your Home Without Spending Big Bucks
      We'd all love to renovate our homes, but what can you do when you're strapped for cash? And where should you spend the money you have? Hear from experts.
    • Retirement Planning
      Retirement Planning
      Episode 02.19.10
      Do you think retirement talk is only for older folks? Meet one woman who has been facing retirement problems since she was a kid! Then find out what you can do to keep it from happening to you.
    • How to Slash Your Spending Without Sacrificing!
      On this episode of Mary Talks Money, we all love 'found money.' We're going to show you ways you can find money in your OWN budget. Get the secrets to cutting your spending, without sacrificing the things you love.
    • What to do After You Lose Your Job
      On this episode of Mary Talks Money, it can be tough to invest in yourself after you lose your job, but that may be the time you need it most. Hear strategies for finding that next career move and landing new work.
    • Inside the Minds of Financial Planners
      On this episode of Mary Talks Money, they tell you what to do with your money. But ever wonder where financial planners are putting their own money? We're turning the tables to find out!
    • So Young and So In Debt!
      So Young and So In Debt!
      Episode 01.10.10
      Do you think only people in their 30's, 40's and 50's are in debt? You'd be surprised how many 20-somethings are drowning in it. Find out how it happens and what they can do about it.
    • Is a Man Your Financial Plan?
      Whether you're single and looking for love or married with children, there are still plenty of women who leave the big financial decisions to the man in their life. Is that a recipe for disaster? Find out what can happen if a man is your financial plan.
    • Are You Teaching Your Kids to be Financial Failures?
      We all want our children to make smart money decisions when they grow up. But are we accidentally teaching them to be financial failures? Learn the biggest money mistakes parents make.
    • Living off the Grid!
      Living off the Grid!
      Episode 01.09.10
      Get the power company to pay you!