Season 10 Episode 13

A Holy Mess

Aired Unknown Feb 01, 1982 on CBS

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  • This is a well written episode. I liked the lines from Father Mulcahy when Gillis pointed the rifle at him.

    Breakfast at 4077 th, and this Sunday breakfast will feature fresh real eggs! Unfortunately Private Nick Gillis has found his way the 4077. BJ and Hawkeye talk with Nick for quite some time. Private Gillis admits to being AWOL from his unit. He explains to BJ and Hawkeye the reason he needs to get back home. After a night at the Swamp, BJ and Hawkeye goes with Gillis to mass at the mess tent. Lt Spears showed up at the mess tent in an attempt to take Gillis back to his unit.
    At that moment Gillis seeks sanctuary in the mess, and Father Mulcahy prevents Lt Spears and the MPs from taking Gillis. In the meantime the camp personnel are all looking forward to having real eggs for a change.
    This is a well written episode and its worth viewing twice….