Season 9 Episode 6

A War for all Seasons

Aired Unknown Dec 29, 1980 on CBS

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  • A great episode, even if it messes with the MASH timeline a bit...

    A good story is more important than good continuity, but I always find myself wishing that Maclean Stevenson had been asked to do a cameo at the start of this ep, doing the 1951-2 New Year's toast, maybe with Burghoff and Rogers chiming in. No matter how well you stretch and twist the MASH timeline, no way in Sweet Fanny's Horse Hocky was Potter there for New Year's 1952. Double Ditto for Charles.

    That aside, A Year In The Life Of The 4077th proceeds well, having high spots and low spots, the funniest of the low spots being Igor's infamous creaming of Father Mulcahy's corn. We see Margaret playing the field with her usual luck, the Doctors improvising their hearts out for want of a kidney machine, and just plain getting through a war that chops up more than just young men. While creative as hell, the ep still has those historical holes, and falls just short of being perfect as a result.
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