Season 9 Episode 6

A War for all Seasons

Aired Unknown Dec 29, 1980 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Finally Igor's incompetence even makes Father Mulcahy to lose his temper. On the Fourth Of July everybody looked for eating corn on the cob that Mulcahy grew but Igor creamed it.

    • Winchester told Klinger "how do you think my family amassed our huge family fortune" after trying to get people to bet more money. This probably means that his family got their fortune by gambling.

    • When Winchester hears "The Giants win the pennant," he drops the Dodger cap he had in his hand onto the ground, then the scene switches. When we cut back, he appears to have fainted, but he's holding cap on his chest like a funeral lily. Although it's technically possible that he picked it up in the interim, why would a devastated man do this?

    • The start of the episode shows the 4077 bringing in 1951, but in the third season finale, "Abyssinia Henry," Radar's gift to Henry has the year 1952 inscribed in it. Also according to the episode where Potter enters the unit, the date is September 19, 1952.

  • Quotes

    • (As the baseball starts to wind down, Winchester confronts Klinger about the state of the Brooklyn Dodgers.)
      Winchester: I'm warning you, Klinger. I've been reading the sports pages and I do not like what I'm reading.
      Klinger: Not to worry, sir. The Dodgers are still up by eight and a half games. They can't possibly blow that in a month.
      Winchester: I can't believe you actually talked me into giving away my hard-earned money to a bunch of grown men named Nook, Duke and Pee-Wee!

    • (At the Fourth Of July picnic, everyone is waiting to try Father Mulcahy's corn on the cob. When Igor is about to give it to them, though...)
      Mulcahy: Where's the corn?
      (Igor points to a huge pan of creamed corn.)
      Igor: You're looking at it. The creamy stuff.
      (Everybody is shocked and angry.)
      Mulcahy: You...you...creamed it! You NINNY!
      Igor: Hey, I was trying to helpful! Next time, you can eat it on the COB for all I care!

    • B.J.: You should send to Sears for a man. It is a male-order catalog.
      Hawkeye: That's it!
      B.J.: Don't be ridiculous, Hawk, she can't order a man. By the time he got here he'd be stale.

    • (Winchester is trying to get people to raise the amount they are betting on baseball)
      Klinger: Major, we stand to win alot of loot. Let us not be piggish.
      Winchester: This is not piggish Klinger, this is bullish. How do you think we Winchesters amassed our huge family fortune?

    • (Hawkeye and BJ are huddling near their new electric fire place wrapped in blankets)
      Hawkeye: The numbness is leaving my toes.
      BJ: Yeah. Mine are all wiggly again.
      Hawkeye: Boy. There is nothing like a real fake fire.
      BJ: Thanks to this, now it's like summer in here.
      (Winchester sits up in his cot wearing summer clothes)
      Winchester: Gentlemen, the snow pageant is fatuous and unamusing. It serves only as a reminder that it is hot.
      (Hawkeye and BJ take the blankets off and move away from the fire)
      Hawkeye: You know, he's right. It doesn't work without the plastic marshmallows.

    • (The entire camp is listening to a baseball game)
      Father Mulcahy: KILL THE UMP!!! (Everyone stares at him) God rest his soul.

    • Radio: R-a-g-g-m-o-p-p-m, I say m.
      Winchester: I can not stand this! The world has gone truly mad. Those people can neither sing nor spell!
      Hawkeye: Hey daddy-o, if you don't dig our new radi-o, get off our pati-o.
      B.J.: Fatty-o.

    • Winchester: (after watching the baseball team he was betting on lose) WHERE IS THAT LEBANESE MONGOOSE!?

    • B.J.: Go get 'em, Bobby!
      Hawkeye: Come on, Thompson!
      Klinger: Thompson, hell! Come on, Branca!

    • Potter: Here's to The New Year. May she be a damn sight better than the old one, and may we all be home before she's over.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The baseball game which Winchester and Klinger are listening to is the final game of the 1951 season between the New York Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers for the 1951 National League Pennant. The name "Bobby Thomson" is mentioned at least once; this is the real name of the player who, in the ninth inning of the game, hit a three-run homer to win the game and the pennant for the Giants. This event is commonly referred to by sports fans as "The Shot Heard Round the World."