Season 3 Episode 11

Adam's Ribs

Aired Unknown Nov 26, 1974 on CBS
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Adam's Ribs
Sick and tired of having liver and fish for an 11-day stretch, Hawkeye, driven near to insanity, starts a riot in the mess tent. He and Trapper then orders spare ribs and sauce from the best place he ever had them, in Chicago. Trapper calls a woman he spent a weekend with to pick up the ribs, and then they get choppered in. Unfortunately, right as they're sitting down to eat, wounded arrive, and Hawkeye is forced to postpone sinking his teeth into his beloved ribs.moreless

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  • disapointing epsiode.....

    One of the more boring and disapointing Doesn;t get his fact everyone else in MASH Will eat his ribbs..........................
  • Hawkeye has had it with the army's food and decides to order Ribs from Chicago. Trapper gets in contact with a woman who picks up the ribs and they get flown in. Sadly as they are about to dig in, wounded arrive and their delicious meal is delayed.moreless

    The whole camp is bored and no one knows what to do to entertain themselves. Hawkeye realises that liver or fish has been served for 11 days in a row and if it is served again he will go insane and throw a fit. To his dismay it is served again and he goes and causes a riot, causing the whole mess tent to chant, "We want something else!" After Trapper makes a joke, Hawkeye realises that he wants ribs. He wants to get them from this place in Chicago, that he went to while he was in medical school. He goes on about the ribs and the barbecue sauce and the coleslaw but is then frustrated when he can't remember the name of the place!

    Henry tells him to call the station near the shop. Later on Radar calls and gets the name - Adam's Ribs. They place an order for ribs and barbecue sauce. Shortly after hanging up Hawkeye realises he forgot to order the coleslaw. They plan to have to food flown into camp but they need someone to order them. They then are told that Klinger has an uncle in Chicago and he will help them out but only if they will sign his discharge papers. They also need Frank or another officer to sign but he doesn't and they once again need someone to pick up the tibs. Then Trapper remembers woman he had an fling with in Chicago. Hawkeye has Radar call her and Trapper asks her to pick up the ribs, saying they are medical supplies that they need to have. They get there but the clerk refuses to give them to them because of something they forgot in the address. They tell him what's in the package and it turns out he loves the ribs too. They had to give him a share and is just as frustrated as Hawkeye when he finds out he didn't order the coleslaw.

    They finally get the ribs but just as they are about to eat, wounded come and they have to drag Hawkeye away from the table to operate.moreless
  • This war has made many people do some very crazy things to get out of it or endure it but this people alone tops them! The most long distentice take out order ever in human histroy!moreless

    I saw this orgianl the first time during the Memroial day marthon. I couldn't stop laughing for three days! I love Hawkeye he is so cute! No matter how angry or depressed you watch him for even a nano sec and you be about to brust open and spill your intreanl orgains for him to clean up with his nice hands! I heard that hospital foods bad and Army food has to be worse but this is so unbeliveable! He went way out of the way to get those ribs I've never seen a man so driven to get food that he do what Hawkeye did! I mean he on another contiunet in a whole another country and he calling a city that two hours from my town for ribs? One of my favoirt foods? This is funny! But as my firend said "It such a "Burn" he didn't get to eat them as soon as they where cooked" and I said "Huh Gerry you mean no Burns because that Ass Frank wasn't even in this epsoide! Thank God" so this is very good!moreless
  • A solid episode.

    Touching on a subject that comes up often in the course of the series, Hawkeye decides that he has had enough of the food served to him at the mess tent. After pondering over what he should do, Hawkeye suddenly decides that his quest for good food can only be satisfied if he partakes in the ribs and fixings from a BBQ restaurant he once visited in Chicago. Despite the distance between Chicago and the Korean conflict and other complications, Hawkeye pulls out the stops and uses every connection, coercion and everything short of begging to get hid desired food. Unfortunately for Hawkeye, circumstances play a cruel twist just as he is about to enjoy his repast.

    I really liked this episode...some very nice scenes that play out that grow funnier as Hawkeye's ribs get closer to Korea.moreless
Alan Alda

Alan Alda

Captain Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce

Gary Burghoff

Gary Burghoff

Corporal Walter Eugene "Radar" O'Reilly (Season 1-8)

Jamie Farr

Jamie Farr

Corporal/Sergeant Maxwell Q. Klinger

McLean Stevenson

McLean Stevenson

Lt. Colonel Henry Braymore Blake (Season 1-3)

Wayne Rogers

Wayne Rogers

Captain John Francis Xavier "Trapper" McIntyre (Season 1-3)

Basil Hoffman

Basil Hoffman

Major Pfeiffer

Guest Star

Joseph Stern

Joseph Stern

Master Sergeant Tarola

Guest Star

Jeff Maxwell

Jeff Maxwell


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Why couldn't Hawkeye grab one or two ribs before he went into the operating room?

    • Even though Hawkeye forgot to mention it when he placed the order, why couldn't he ask the person who picked up the ribs to also pick up some cole slaw?

    • If Henry lived close enough to the train station to know the phone number off the top of his head, why didn't he know anyone close by who could pick up the ribs?

    • In this episode, Henry mentions that he met his wife at the Dearborn Street Station, but it 'Dear Dad ...Three', Henry mentions that he met his wife at a freshman mixer in college.

    • It's been a while since I've seen this episode, but I thought he became obsessed with Adam's Ribs when he was a medical student in Chicago. And if the ribs were as good as he claimed it wouldn't have taken long to get hooked on them.

    • Though Hawkeye was born and raised in the state of Maine, we learn something about his medical school training, as there is always that after college, and it can often be at separate schools. Clearly, he attended medical school in one of the schools in that area.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • (Hawkeye is describing the ribs to Henry and Trapper)
      Hawkeye: When the Gods on Olympus got tired of pizza they sent out for these ribs.
      Henry: I think he's going to have an accident.
      Trapper: Just get him the ribs, Henry.
      Hawkeye: I just don't want any ribs. I want those ribs!
      Henry: Hey, if there's one thing that won't get you ahead, it's acting like my children!

    • Klinger: How can you eat this slop?
      Radar: My mouth is tone-deaf.

    • (Trapper and Hawkeye find out that Master Sergeant Tarola is as addicted to Adam's Ribs as Hawkeye is)
      Trapper: (To Hawkeye) He's one of you.

    • (Klinger tells Hawkeye about his uncle from Chicago)
      Hawkeye: Does he like you? Would he do you a favor?
      Klinger: Favor? He'd kill for me! He'd kill for you. For $100 he'd kill for anybody.
      Trapper: Why don't you put out a contract on the spareribs?
      Hawkeye: Would your uncle handle a package for me?
      Klinger: Sure. For a price.
      Hawkeye: He doesn't have to kill the package, just pick it up and deliver it to the airport in Chicago.

    • PA Announcement: Attention, all personnel. Due to conditions beyond our control, we regret to announce that lunch is now being served.
      Trapper: They got a lot of guts.
      Hawkeye: And they keep serving them. You realize this is an anniversary? They've given us liver or fish ten straight days in a row.
      Trapper: Eleven.
      Hawkeye: If they try to serve that to us one more time today, I'm gonna throw a fit.
      Trapper: You won't throw a fit.
      Hawkeye: All right, then I'll throw a berserk, with a strong resemblance to a fit.

    • Hawkeye: (to Klinger) Don't you come from Chicago?
      Radar: No, he's from Toledo.
      Klinger: But I get my lingerie from Chicago.
      Trapper: And it's beautiful.
      (Hawkeye, Radar and Klinger all stare at him)
      Trapper: I hear...

    • Trapper (at show-end as ribs are being served): Should we say grace?
      Hawkeye: Praise the Lord, and pass the sauce.

    • Igor: We have liver or fish.
      Hawkeye: I didn't hear you say that, because it isn't possible. It's inhuman to serve the same food day after day! The Geneva Convention prohibits the killing of our taste buds!
      Trapper: Easy...
      Hawkeye:I simply cannot eat the same food every day! Fish, liver, day after day! I've eaten a river of liver and an ocean of fish! I've eaten so much fish, I'm ready to grow gills! I've eaten so much liver, I can only make love if I'm smothered in bacon and onions! Are we gonna stand for this?! Are we gonna let them do this to us?! NO! I say, NO!! WE'RE NOT GONNA EAT THIS DRECK ANYMORE!! WE WANT SOMETHING ELSE!!!
      [Everyone else in the mess tent is chanting, "WE WANT SOMETHING ELSE!!!"]

  • NOTES (2)


    • When speaking to the operator at the Dearborn Street Station, Hawkeye introduces himself as Cranston Lamont. This is a reversal of the name "Lamont Cranston" of the famed radio program, The Shadow.

    • The name of the restaurant, and subsequent name of the episode, 'Adam's Ribs', is a biblical reference to the creation of Eve, whom according to the Bible, was created from one of Adam's ribs.

    • Hawkeye's line, "Praise the Lord and pass the sauce," is a parody of a prayer that was famously uttered during the attack on Pearl Harbor - - "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition."