Season 3 Episode 19

Aid Station

Aired Unknown Feb 11, 1975 on CBS

Episode Recap

After breakfast, where everyone complained about the food, Henry held a meeting in his office where he told the surgical staff that a nearby aid station has had a surgeon killed and they need a surgeon, a scrub nurse, and a corpsman to help them until new personnel arrive. Henry first asks for volunteers, and Margaret does, but when he asks for a doctor, they all hesitate. Henry suggests drawing straws, but there are none, so Radar gives him sausages from breakfast; the short sausage goes. When Trapper and Frank get the long ones, Hawkeye volunteers. For the corpsman, Henry has Father Mulcahy draws from the personnel cards and comes up with Klinger. He tells Radar to give away his dresses if he doesn't come back. Margaret says she forgives Frank for not volunteering, and if he fools around with another nurse, she will be upset. Hawkeye tells Trapper to give everything of his to the Benjamin Franklin Pierce Memorial Brothel. When they get a flat tire on the road, Margaret changes the tire so Hawkeye can save his hands. When they arrive, they find that most everything is outside because of shelling that is surrounding it. They have to use alcohol to sterilize their hands because they have no gloves. During a break, Klinger calls the camp and gives a report to Radar, and almost gets hit by mortar fire. They do have a roof, but when the shells hit, they have to cover the patients so the dust does not get in their wounds. Klinger has to put pressure on a bleeding wound while Hawkeye goes to help Margaret with another patient. Back at camp, Frank is still complaining, and using too much thread for surgery. At one point, Margaret has to cut open a patient to prep him for surgery. Frank yells at Henry about Trapper's 'harrassing' him. Later, Radar comes in because he's lonely and Trapper says he can sleep in Hawkeye's bunk. Henry then comes in worried about Hawkeye, Margaret, and Klinger. At the aid station, they go to sleep, exhausted from all the action. The next day, Radar tells Henry that they are on their way back, since the aid station has their replacements back. When they approach camp. Hawkeye and Klinger both tell Margaret that she did a great job. Klinger then puts one of his flowered hats on as they get back to camp and they sing 'When The Caissons Go Rolling Along.' Hawkeye tells Trapper that Margaret was great to work with; Trapper thinks that he got some action with her. Frank is jealous of Margaret's report on how good Hawkeye was as a surgeon; when he tries to get affectionate, she says that he has a headache and he leaves in a huff. Klinger is upset with Radar because he gave away all his dresses. Later, in the mess tent, Hawkeye and Margaret raise their coffee cups to each other as Frank and Trapper complain about the food.